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–AN) Having power problems due to a mega storm. So only an extra long chapter tonight. I still own a bonus chapter for the 1k power stones. I will try to give it tomorrow if things are back to normal. If not, it will be done on Sunday!—

With things settled with the orcs. Onz and his men gathered their comrades and piled them up to send them off. Blake, his wives, the people of Destiny City, and even the dwarves attended. While there was still some hatred due to what had happened, the orcs pressed the hatred down due to the contract. Since their general submitted to Blake, they had had no choice but to follow.

Once the send off was complete, Onz took his men and went back to their camp to prepare for the next day’s trip. As for Blake, he was currently standing in front of three elder dwarves. “You three turned your back on your kind for what?”

“Humph! An outsider doesn’t need to know anything!” The elder who had been pointed out by Onz replied with a snort.

“This is where you are wrong, Yodan. Blake is not only my grandson in law but also our new leader. He now leads us, dwarves.” Josline’s Grandfather, Hardford, replied. He looked at the old dwarf in front of him in disgust. He then turned to Blake and said: “You can do as you please with him.”

“Traitors always have one outcome, and that is death,” Blake said as he looked at the three old me. He let out a long sigh as he turned to Bret. “Bring them outside and have them killed. Toss them to join the orcs who are being sent off.”

“Alright.” Bret nodded and took the lead chain that was used to bind the elders, and pulled them along. Currently, all their powers were sealed by Clance. Bret did not like dirty jobs like this, but this time, he was quite angry. Betraying those who trust you is not something he can think highly of. He felt these three definitely deserved death.

“Grandfather, I will be returning for the night. We will be setting out in the morning so try to have things ready by then.” After saying this, Blake left to go to the room that was prepared for them.


When he walked in, he found his wives had already changed the room a lot. They added a huge bath which was filled with hot water, and the bed was made to be much bigger and already made for them. Josline, Mona, and Moha, all quickly ran over and began helping him undress while Noa, Tina, and Clance prepared to help him wash up. Mina just flew about, trying to figure out what she should do, while Yui stood at the side quietly. Erica and Sam grabbed Mina and helped her undress as they planned to assist with other things while Blake was being washed by the others.

Blake was already used to this kind of treatment as he allowed the girls to take his clothes off. He stood there in the buff with his dick standing at attention. Tina, Noa, and Clance began washing his body as he walked over to the tub and sat at the edge. “Today was a long day….”

“You worked hard,” Tina replied with a smile. Each of the girls was now in the nude and attending to him. Blake leaned back to find a set of huge breasts to rest his head on. He looked up to see Mona looking down at him and smiled.

The girls washed him from head to toe. And before he was to enter the bath, Sam and Erica picked Mina up after getting her ready and slid her body down onto Blake’s shaft. Blake leaned back as each of the girls began kissing his body and sucking on it, leaving love bites here and there. Mina was moaning loudly as she was bounced up and down by Erica and Sam.

Clance moved her hair to the side as she bent down and exposed her neck for Blake. Blake quickly bit into it and began sucking her sweet blood. Noa was being mean and teasing Clance’s clit while she was already under the influence of Blake’s bite. Once Noa began pumping her finger in and out of her pussy she was a lost cause as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Josline and Moha were lying on the floor in a sixty nine, making sure they were good and ready for what was to come. Tina held one hand between her legs, and her face stuck between Erica’s legs as she licked Erica’s already hard clit. Yui’s tail swished back and forth now that she was able to join in as she stood in front of Sam’s face while Sam’s tongue dove deep inside her. The sounds of moaning filled the room until Blake finally released his first load into the little fairy. Erica picked the little fairy off and, with feet first, dipped her into her mouth and began using her tongue to slurp up the milk that was oozing out of the little fairy’s pussy.

“Josline. You are next.” Tina said as she motioned for everyone to move to the water. Josline’s cheeks were bright red as she slowly got into the bath and straddled Blake, and lowered her body down onto his dick. Mona, who had been the only one who did not get any, quickly joined and sat in front of Josline. As soon as her pussy pressed up against Josline’s, Blake’s dick split and inserted itself into Mona, causing her to cry out. Josline found her face filled with tits and quickly began sucking on one of them.

While the two girls were busy riding Blake, Mina was being passed around like a snack. Her moans from the girls’ tongues filled the room as they all sucked Blake’s milk out of her. Tina took up the job of feeding Blake while Clance joined the other girls playing in the water. This was basically their nightly routine. After the bath, it was a free for all on the bed as Blake would stack three of them and do them all at the same time. No one was left out, and everyone got their fair share. Those who could last longer, of course, got more of the share, but the one who was winning the most was Blake!

The next morning Blake washed up and walked out of the room, letting the girls sleep as he went to the meeting room to find Hardford sitting there with the remaining three elders. “Are your preparations ready?”

“Yes, but we have quite a few. How are we going to be doing this?” Hardford asked.

“Clance will be sending you back with Josline and Yui. They will help you settle in.” Blake was sending Josline because she was Hardford’s granddaughter, and Yui because he could tell she was not up for a longer trip. He planned to continue south and try to convince the humans and elves to join him. He just hoped everything would go smoothly.

“I thank you then.” Hardford bowed his head in thanks.

A few hours later, The girls were finally up and ready. Blake had Clance send the dwarves off before getting his own people situated. He now stood in front of around one thousand orcs and five hundred of his own people. “Today, we will be heading further south. Onz will ride in one of the trucks, while the rest of the orcs will use the war elephants. Our goal is a peaceful one, but I will not tolerate anyone attacking our people. If one of you comes under attack, no matter what race you are, let us know. We are now one and will defend each other like family.”

Blake wanted to make sure that the orcs knew they were now his people. That he would not treat them differently. This was why he specified any race. Since they were now his people, he would not treat them any differently than the others. Otherwise, he would be going against his own principles.

Once everyone was ready, Blake sat on top of one of the jeeps and took the lead, making sure the road ahead was a smooth one. According to the map, to get to the human encampment, it would take almost two days. Luckily Josline and Yui were going back so they could let Lillia and the others know they would be gone for a little longer due to heading further south.

If it was not for Clance, Blake would be afraid he would need to ride all the way to the mountain with the trucks and then all the way back before turning back around and heading south once more. While he had learned to teleport himself using space magic, he was unable to transfer anyone else by himself, and his was only a small jump. He still had a lot to learn when it came to space magic, as it was not as easy to visualize as normal attack spells were. Normally one would not be able to use it unless they were born adapted to it. But because of his race, he could use all magic without issue.

For now, Blake could only work on things slowly and hoped to reach his third evolution within a few years. How many evolutions will he need to become the strongest? Blake really did not know. But he knew he was far from reaching the top at this time. Right now, he only had a small advantage in strength, but if Clance were to go all out on him, he would definitely lose. At most, at this time, he could match up to an orc general when it came to his current powers.


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