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Blake and the orc general were fighting nonstop. The orc general and Blake were both leaving wounds on each other but because both races have high speed regeneration their wounds were quickly healing, leaving only dried blood stains behind. The battle between the two had already gone on for more than three hours. The girls were busy playing cards off to the side. “Ummmm… Josline, will the lad be okay?” Josline’s grandfather asked.

“Blake? Yeah, he will be fine. Although if he gets too big of a wound that takes too long to heal, he might enter a blood frenzy. But other than that, he will be fine. We have Sister Clance here to help with that. It will take a few barriers and a day or two before us, his wives will be able to leave the barrier with him.” Josline answered while leaving out quite a bit of information. Like why they would need barriers and while they would all need to be within it with Blake while he is in a blood frenzy. Lillia had already worked out plans with everyone in case of a blood frenzy. This way no one was sucked dry. Lillia knew that Blake, if in such a state, would not be able to control his hunger and would end up sucking someone dry if they were not careful. So things had to be done in a certain way. Safety measures had to be planned out.

Still slightly confused, Josline’s grandfather asked: “No, that but, he is fighting an orc general….”

“Don’t worry. Have you noticed that they have not used magic yet? Blake is keeping the orc general from being able to use any magic. Blake’s physical strength comes from multiple races, including dragonic and ather dragons. He is only on his second evolution, but it is enough to allow his strength to match an orc general. Once he has had his fun fighting, he will eventually begin to use magic, and unlike the orc general, Blake can continue attacking while firing off magic so the orc general will not be able to handle what is to come.” Tina answered for Josline this time as she slammed her cards on the ground and yelled out: “Full house!”

Tina smiled and went to grab the entire pot of cash in front of her when a snort came at her side as Sam put down her cards. “Humph! Straight flush! Hehe, come on, hopes! Ahhh, nothing like making a few hundred hopes on Sister Tina.” Sam held the yellow stones in her hand, tossing them up and down with a smug grin.

“You! Another round!” Tina’s cheeks were puffed out. She had lost three times now! Her hopes were being stolen!

“Sure, I am okay with taking more!” Sam grinned as they began dealing the cards again. As the girls played cards, the others stared at them in awe. Mainly at how calm they could be in this situation and at how much trust they had in their husband.

On the battlefield, both the orc general and Blake parted once more and stood there with smiles on their faces. “You are as strong as I am. If we continue like this, we will not be able to decide on an outcome. What do you say we use our best moves and call it? To be honest, as an orc, my pride tells me I need to defeat you, but at the same time, after crossing swords with you, I feel you are not a bad person to follow, so this last move of mine will be all I have. If you can block it, I will forfeit.”

Blake dug his ear and smiled. “Alright. If you can harm me with your attack to the point that I am on the verge of death, then I will allow you to take my head.”

“Haha! I knew you would say that!” The orc general had to admit in the longest time throughout all his years alive, he had always been someone who put his pride above everything else. But as orcs, there was something that held true, and that was brotherhood. His men were his brothers in name, but it’s only when you battle someone can you truly understand someone and become true brothers. For him, he could see that even though the young man in front of him had many chances to, he never struck a killing strike. Neither did he. This was out of respect for each other.

The orc general held his sword above his head and gathered all his mana. A light began to appear at the tip of his sword. A red light slowly turned orange, and then yellow with bits of white could be seen mixing in. Once the red light got to a certain size, the orc general slowly lowered it and pointed it at Blake. “Here it is, my sure kill attack, Blazing Sun!”

The orc yelled out his attack’s name, sending the ball of light shooting at Blake and an incredible speed. Everyone who was watching the fight all gasped in surprise while Blake’s wives continued playing poker at the side. “Sister Clance, you can’t cheat!”

“I am not cheating!” Clance yelled back with a pout. She really wasn’t cheating!


A massive explosion was heard, sending out a wave of energy that blew past the girls. Erica was quick and quickly covered the cards that were on the ground so they wouldn’t fly away. Clance took a peek at what was happening to see the orc general hanging his head low with his hands up in the air. “Hahahaha! You got me! Who knew you could step through space? This entire time you could have easily won….”

“It’s not that I was going easy on you. It’s just that I wanted to test my strength against an orc general. Plus, you also did not attack me head on just now. Look at the spot you fired your attack. It would have blown me away at most with nothing life threatening.” Blake, who had his sword resting on the orc general’s neck, slowly moved his blade and pointed to the point of impact. There was a small impact crater that was about a hundred feet around, but if you look at the center of the attack and where Blake was standing, it was for sure that Blake would have been blown away instead of hit on.

“Haha! You got me! I did indeed not want to kill you.” The orc general sighed as he sat on the ground. “Having crossed blades with a man like you and living how we orcs always lived by for millions of years, I understood that your way of thinking is different. Whether it is right or if we will all live to see a new future out from under dragonic rule, I do not know. I do know our current ways will change nothing. You have truly opened this old orcs eyes today.”


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