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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 233.2: The True Battle Begins Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

The battlefield had suddenly opened up with the dwarfs pushing through the center with their shielders holding the line. Hundreds of dwarves with swords and hammers were tearing apart the orcs who had been looking down on them. These young hot blooded dwarves were willing to risk it all to show them their dwarven pride. The orcs were surprised by this sudden rush, and many were slain before they even realized what was going on. But once they regained their bearing, they began attacking in full force.

The orc flanks were being stopped by the dwarven shielders clustering them all up into a crowd who could only wait for the ones in front to be slain so that they could join the fight. One would think those in the back would be happy to know they were probably not going to have to fight, but this was not the case. Those in the back wanted to show their might as well. Orcs were a warring race so having to sit by idly was not something they wanted to do. But this all changed when the sound of thunder roared toward them. Metal chariots appeared out of nowhere with a woman on top, creating a path for them. There were at least ten of these chariots of all sizes. But what caught their attention the most was the girl with the strange weapon in her hand smiling at them as she pointed it toward them.

One of the smarter orcs realized this was not good. “Attack! We are under attack! The eastern flank!”

One scream was all it took, and the orcs in the back all turned towards the newcomers, but the orc who was yelling out suddenly had his head explode out of nowhere, then another orc followed after him. Then four of them. Before they knew it, their comrades were all dropping dead as blue streaks of light were piercing through the crowd.

“You idiots spread out! Rush forward! Attack the enemies! Kill the men and bring the women back!” One of the orc leaders yelled out. This made the orcs regain their calm as they listened to the orders.

“Hahahaha! You damn dirty orcs are always looking down on us fairies!” Mina suddenly yelled out. It was truly a funny sight to see a fairy holding an RPG, but she was. She used magic to pull the trigger and sent a rocket flying into the crowd.

The backup from Destiny City had finally arrived. Tina and Bret began leading their teams out for battle. Each one had two hundred and fifty soldiers ready and willing to finally show their stuff.

On the other side of the battlefield, Blake patted Josline’s grandfather on the shoulder. “Grandfather in law, my people are here. Clance and Yui will stay here. I will go over and take a look.”

“Alright. Don’t worry about your wives. My mana has been replenished, so I will be able to fight if the general shows up. I might be old, but I can still fight him.” Josline’s grandfather did not want Blake’s wives to get hurt because of him.

“Old man, don’t worry about my sister and me. I can handle the general if needed,” Clance spoke up. She was not weak after all.

“Now, now, if that general shows his head, I will be the one to fight since I need some practice.” Blake chuckled, waved, and then flew off. Blake did not know if he was strong enough to fight an orc general or not, but he still wanted to try.

Clance watched as Blake flew off and sighed. She did worry about him. “Sister Clance….”

“Don’t worry. Sister Yui, he will be fine.” Clance rubbed Yui’s head to try to reassure the worried fox girl.

Back on Tina’s side, she was like a marksman as she marched forward, firing shot after shot at the orcs as she ran forward. Only when she got too close did she store her musket away and take out her sword. And in a flash, she disappeared. When she reappeared again, she was in the middle of a group of orcs. But not even a second later, all the orcs around her and in a straight line behind her all had their heads fall to the ground. Forty orcs all in one go. Tina had really been training hard.

“Damn it! I won’t lose to you!” Bret saw Tina’s action as a challenge and also began slaying his way through the orcs. These orcs were grunts. They were slow, but they were strong. Mina had waved her hand and sent a wave of at least one hundred orcs into the sky while Noa rained arrows down onto them. If one looked closely, each of Blake’s wives all had a strange symbol glowing on their foreheads which had appeared due to their synchronization. They were currently all keeping a strong barrier on each other to make sure none of them got hurt.

“Take that!” Erica yelled out as she did a roundhouse kick to an orc’s face before swinging her body around and slicing right through the orc’s waist, cutting him in half. This falling body part was then used by Sam as a springboard as she jumped up into the air and turned upside down with multiple black orbs forming around her. “Nightmare!” Beams of black lights shot down and pierced the orcs below like a heavy rainfall. She flipped her body once more mid hair and used compressed air to change her direction and spring back towards Erica.

On another part of the battlefield, Josline was swinging her massive hammer crushing orc after orc into meat paste with little effort. She was not alone either, as Mona and Moha were also with her. Their entire area had already turned into a massive orc meat grinder.

At the same time, an orc in black armor once again rushed into the General tent. “General Not good! A second force arrived! There are many races mixed in! I have never seen such a thing before!”


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