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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 234: Determine Who Is King Bahasa Indonesia

“What!?” The orc general knew about the appearance of an unknown, but he did not know another force had suddenly appeared. “I need to take a look myself!” The orc general quickly rushed out of his tent and got on his war elephant, and made his way toward the direction the orc in black armor was pointing to him.

On the new front, hundreds of dead orcs lay on the ground. Orc blood flowed like rivers. Blake stood in the sky and was healing all those who were getting even the smallest of injuries. Luckily his wives had practiced synchronization magic which produced individual barriers around the battlefield for all the soldiers. The only problem was once the barrier was hit once it would take a few seconds to refresh, which allowed some attacks to get through.

But one thing Blake was impressed about was the modern tactics being used on the battlefield, which outclassed the tactics of the orcs who were just rushing in just to be killed. This showed the difference between modern warfare and ancient warfare. His wives were really making him proud as well with how easily they were cutting down their foes. Tina, out of all of them, was doing the most damage since she was highly adapted to speed in her attacks. Sometimes she would kill many with her sword, while others she would pull out her musket and shoot down with pinpoint accuracy. This just showed how much she was adapting to the new world and how hard she had been working.

Lillia had mentioned she had been working extra hard so that he would let her play around outside. While Lillia was perfectly fine hanging around the city and doing this and that, Tina had been wanting to see the world more. But her long years of training had finally paid off. It did have to be said that the one training her was a demon. Lillia would not go easy on her, which was how Tina had become adapted to speed and used wind magic to further boost her abilities. If she did not speed up, she would have been beaten into a ragdoll by Lillia, who did not know the meaning of holding back.

But just from seeing the change on the battlefield, Blake knew this war would soon end. There were only around two thousand five hundred orcs. With the combined forces fighting on two fronts with battle tactics that the orcs were not used to, there was no way for them to adapt fast enough.

As the battle raged on, the orcs had been split into two groups. The orc general raced towards the front line but stopped halfway there when he saw the slaughter at hand. “Humans, fairies, elves, dwarves, even beastkins! How can this be? Why are they all gathered together?”

The orc general’s eyes went skyward, and stared at the figure standing in the sky. “A demon…. It has to be! Only they would have the power to bring so many together.” He had heard of a race that once roamed this land in the ancient past. They were immensely powerful. People called them demons because their true name would cause people to shiver in fear, the drakani….

“To think they would show up now…. Does this mean the age of the dragonic is over? Will the demons really rule the world once again?” The orc general shivered at his own thoughts. He did not know for sure if the man in the air was a drakani or not. If he was, then he would need to hurry back and tell his king. If he was not, then the man dared to go against his orc clan and needed to die! As the orc general was contemplating on what to do next, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. “Oh? You look important? You wouldn’t happen to be in charge here, would you?”

“Huh? What!?” The orc general slipped off the back of his war elephant and slammed into the ground on his side. The sudden shock of the one being he did not want to mess with suddenly appearing in front of him made his soul almost jump out of his body. She slowly got up off the ground and stared at the man who was softly landing on the ground. He had his hands in his pockets as he looked orc general with a friendly smile on his face. “You okay? You took quite the spill.”

“You! Who are you!?” The orc general finally composed himself. He dared not make a move since he did not know what race this man was yet. “Why are you attacking the orc clan?”

“Hmmm? Because your orc clan attacked my wife’s family. Do you think you can just go around attacking who you please? If you have so much energy, go attack the dragonic. Why are you picking on a few hundred dwarves? They did not go anywhere near your territory. Whether you want to show your might or not, this is not the place to be doing it. So I will give you two options. Be wiped out until the very last one….. Or you can tell your men to surrender and join me.”

Blake would not give up this chance to pick up more meat shields….. Soldiers for this city. If they were willing to surrender, he would make them form a temporary contract before returning to Destiny City.

“What?” The orc general had sweat rolling down his cheek. He never thought he would be asked to join him. The orc general was unsure of what he should answer at this time as he looked at the young man in front of him. He took a deep breath and asked: “Are you a drakani?”

“Hmmm? You know my race?” Blake asked, still smiling as he did when he first landed on the ground.

The orc general took another deep breath as he tried to hide his fear. He then said: “If you wish to make me and my men submit, you will need to fight this orc general.”

“Oh? I just so happened to want to fight an orc general. I have yet to test my strength against anyone really strong yet, so this is perfect. But…. you will need to tell your men to stop fighting here and now. Our battle will determine who is king.”


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