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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 232.1: The True Battle Begins Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

“General!” An orc in black armor ran into the tent, his face covered in sweat.

“What is this!? How dare you barge into my tent!?” The general was immediately enraged, but the man in black armor ignored him. “Sir! An unknown appeared on the battlefield. They put up a new barrier! It’s weaker than the other one, but we will still need to break it down! And another person, a man, was in the sky. He cast some strange spell and killed two hundred of our men instantly. He seemed to be just testing his spell.”

“Find out who they are and where they came from!” The general yelled out. If they were flying, he had a bad feeling. He did not wish to be dealing with the dragonic right now. “Right away!” The orc in black armor quickly ran back out of the tent.

The battlefield had once more turned into a battle of breaking the barrier. The shouts of the orcs calling those hiding behind it cowards could be heard ringing through the air. Blake landed on the ground and looked at the pale faced old man, and smiled. “Grandfather in law, I see you are doing quite well.”

“Well, my ass! Three of the damn elders hid in the back of the mountain and refused to come out. But Blake, the barrier here won’t last long. The orcs are using elemental bombs to hit the barriers. Even if she is a dragonic, it will last no more than thirty minutes.” Josline’s grandfather warned. And at that same moment, the ground shook as the bombs began to slam into the barrier once more.

“It’s fine. My people will be here soon. But I never imagined the orcs would send out so many. Did they think they were trying to topple an entire city?” Blake snorted. He knew there were not many dwarfs here. This was only part of the original clan.

“It’s because they thought we were the main clan. It’s been hell. How many people did you bring?” Josline’s grandfather asked.

“Hmmmm, five hundred. But don’t worry. The new age humans are all in their second evolution and are more than enough to kill a few hundred orcs each on their own. We also brought some new weapons to test out. But we also have many other races here as well. Including fairies and elves.” Blake answered as he knelt down and injected the old dwarf with mana.

“Your mana…. To think it would be so pure….”Josline’s grandfather could only sigh. The drakani were indeed a special breed.

“Ah, it’s because I got lucky and found some decent stuff. Anyway, we need to get ready to defend. My people will still be longer than thirty minutes. And I need your people to distract them. Do not worry about their mages. Clance and I will protect the people here. Your front line just needs to hold the line.” Blake wanted to do a surprise attack on the rear with Tina and Bret leading the way. This was the best method.

“That’s fine. We dwarfs are a sturdy bunch! But just knowing you are here and with more people to back us up is good enough.”

Currently, inside a small palace that is now under construction, Trien was sitting there slowly stripping Iseles of her clothes, trying his best to peel the cloth away from the burns on her skin. “Sister, I will find the bastard who set this up and skin him alive and allow you to do with him as you please.”

“I know, brother. But I feel I will never look the same again…. Will you come to hate me?” Iseles asked. Her eyes showing a rare moment of weakness as they started to well up with tears.

“Of course not. If I were to hate you, then the gods from above would strike me down. Do not worry. Once I take the throne, you will be my empress, and we will make a family like no other.” Trien only had one weakness in the world, and that was his sister. Their love was not normal, but they did not care.


“Tina! How much further?” Bret asked. He was getting kind of antsy. His butt was also hurting from the thinly padded seats.

“We got twenty minutes. Everyone should get ready.” Tina replied. She could already hear the fighting not far off.

“Alright!” Bret’s eyes lit up! He was ready and raring to go.

“Can you not be so excited? If you die and make me a widow, I will find another man and disown our son.” Rin said coldly. Bret did not get mad and, in fact, chuckled. “If I died, you know you would feel sad. Don’t worry. This man of yours is strong, plus who was it that wanted to come along!? I asked you to stay home.”

“You are going to war. I can not let you go alone. Nellie is looking after the kids, so it’s fine.” Rin replied while pinching Bret’s side, causing his face to contort. Giggling from Blake’s wives could be heard from the side, causing Bret to blush. “Alright, get ready!”

Back on Blake’s side, Clance’s barrier had finally collapsed. She blocked a few more of the elemental bombs before they returned to using the shielders. The fighting outside had officially started. Blake watched from the sidelines as he looked at the dwarven shielders and couldn’t help but be amazed at the ability to hold strong with so few. “Your men are really amazing.”

“I would hope so. This is not the first time we have fought such a tough battle. But we also had more numbers. Right now, we are just thoroughly outnumbered.” Josline’s grandfather replied. “If we had more men, we could have fought them on our own.”

“Even still, you lasted until this moment. It is good enough. My people should be arriving any minute now.” Blake could already see the trees moving off in the distance. This meant they were right on time. Blake let out a sigh of relief. There are many monsters in the forest, and if they were to meet a strong one, it would delay them. Luckily this did not seem to be the case. “Prepare to move your forces forward. My people will be here to begin attacking their flank any minute now.”

“Alright.” The old dwarf stood up and yelled out: “Lads, it’s time to move out! Swing your swords and hammers and protect your comrades!”



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