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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 225: Friend Against Friend! Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Extra Chapter due to the Super Gift. Thank you for the support! Also Check out Alantina Online: The Greatest Sword Mage Reborn As A Weak NPC—

Darla quickly arrived in front of Triana and struck out. Triana had no choice but to put up a barrier and jump back. She could no longer maintain the binding spell she was using to keep Faana bound with. The white strands disappeared, allowing Faana to once more be able to talk. “Blake!” Faana cried out. Her tears were uncontrollable as they rolled down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry. I am here.” Blake casually walked over to Faana and ripped the fire binding spell off of her so that Faana could finally move. He then picked Faana up into his arms and flew over to a nearby rock that had been wedged into the ground from the attack earlier. After washing it and drying it, he sat down and put Faana in his lap. “All we have to do is watch the show.”

“Mmmm….” Faana could care less about the show going on. She rested her head on Blake’s chest and took in his scent. This comforting, soothing scent that always made her feel safe.

Next to Blake, a figure suddenly appeared and sat down next to him. “So it’s these two idiots.”

“You came?” Blake turned and looked at Clance, who was sitting there. Petting Faana’s head.

“Of course. Did you think I wouldn’t notice a dragonic transformation? Only a few people in Destiny City could force a dragonic to transform. And only Faana left earlier today to roam around outside.” Clance replied with pursed lips.

“True enough. She did a good job. If it was not for the binding spell, she would have killed them both.” Blake was not lying. He could tell that Faana had the upper hand.

“Yeah, Triana has been practicing binding spells since young. She comes from a family who specializes in it. But what is going on here? Why is Darla attacking Triana in such a frenzy.” Clance was confused. Normally those two would bicker, but they were as close as sisters.

“I drank her blood. She is now obedient to me. Kind of like a zombie. I did not have sex with her, so she is basically in a limbo state. My every word is like the word of a god to her.” Blake explained lightly. Clance nodded her head in understanding. “What do you plan to do when one of them dies?”

“Well, whoever lives, get’s to bring the head back and toss it to the person who sent down the order.” Blake’s lips curled up into a smile as he said this.

Clance could only chuckle as she said: “They will die, you know.”

“And? What does that have to do with me? I will not stick my dick in just anything. Only my wives and future wives are allowed to be stuck with it!” Blake replied righteously. Faana’s cheeks were bright red as she kept her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.

“Wasn’t it you who suddenly found a new toy?” Clance remembered the story Lillia told her about how Blake was pinned down by Me, the slime girl. The new addition to the sisters, who was nothing but a sex toy for Blake.

“This… You can blame your good sisters for that! They created something very extraordinary.” Blake snorted. He still gets trapped by that damn slime every night. He has gone through so many clothes because she won’t even allow him to get undressed first before destroying them. He has told Lillia many times to fix her! But he had to say it was definitely a very interesting experience. It was always very warm and wet, and the way she was able to make his dick split into fours and fives was quite amazing.

“Don’t worry. They are working on it…. Oh! Darla seems to be winning. I always thought Triana was the stronger of the two.” Clance yelled out in surprise.

“It’s because the Triana girl you talk about is still trying to talk sense into her and is not using any powerful magic. But Darla is desperate to be fucked, which means she has a fierce determination to accomplish the task I gave her. She really wants my dick.” Blake’s proud look made Clance snort. “I will kill her before she even gets to see it.”

“Now now….” Blake chuckled as he hooked his arm around Clance’s waist.

On Darla and Triana’s side, the two were in a brutal battle. Both were covered in blood from their claws slicing each other up. “Darla, snap out of it!”

“Only after you give me your heart! It only requires this little task. Didn’t you say we will always be friends and we will help each other out when needed? Why are you not helping now!? I just want your heart! ” Darla did not stop her onslaught. At this point, Triana’s clothes, which were made of scales, were destroyed on her chest. Her D-cup breasts were bouncing up and down as she tried to dodge. She could care less about her appearance at this time because her life was on the line. She was desperately trying to come up with a way to stop Darla without hurting her too much.

“I just need to use that binding!” Triana could only try to bind Darla and figure out a way to escape with her. She quickly cast the spell, but just as it was about to take effect, the spell was broken! “What!?”

“No cheating! Fight fair!” Clance’s voice rang out.

Triana’s expression sank. She did not know why this princess was here. She was a space mage and a dragonic! But now she was sitting there resting her head on the mysterious man’s shoulder! With Her binding spells blocked, she could only resort to higher tear magic. “Darla, sorry, but I can no longer hold back. Greater Infinity!”

A magic circle suddenly appeared overhead. Seconds later, a light of rain fell from the sky, all targeting Darla. Greater infinity was a spell that was light based, but it was also a dangerous spell that could destroy everything in its path on a wide scale. Darla did not even care about the spell in the sky. She tossed up a barrier and slashed out with her claws cutting deep into Triana’s shoulder. “Do you really think your little spell can stop me? I will have your heart today!”


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