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The battle between the two girls became even fiercer. Bloody wounds began to appear all over their body. Triana was the one who was hurt the most because she was still holding back. “Darla, don’t make me kill you!”

“Kill me!? Do it after you hand over your heart!” Darla yelled out. Her eyes were glazed over. She needed nothing more than to be poked by the man who was watching her, the heat in her body was becoming unbearable. She could only hurry up and finish her task!

“Then, I am sorry!” Triana no longer cared as she began casting high level magic. She was in mid chant when she suddenly felt a sting in her mind causing her to lose concentration. It was at the same time that she felt a sudden pain in her chest. She looked down to see Darla’s eyes glowing with a purple light. “You…. You used your mind interruption….”

“Hehe…. I said: let me borrow your heart.” A tearing sound could be heard as Darla ripped out a golden heart that was still beating. A golden blood began dripping from it. It was then that Blake appeared next to Darla, rubbed her head, and healed her wounds. Darla’s eyes grew excited as she smiled beautifully at him.

“You did well. Now I have one more task for you.” Blake leaned in and nibbled on Darla’s ear, causing her to wet her shorts once more before whispering something into her ear. Darla nodded her head and passed the heart over to Blake. She then walked over to Triana, who had been slain and ripped off her head. With a wave of his hand, the barrier and earth wall he set up disappeared, allowing Darla to fly away.

With the heart in hand, Blake walked back over to Faana, who was in Clance’s arms, and put the heart under her nose. Faana’s eyes popped open and suddenly devoured the heart within seconds. Faana’s body suddenly began to glow. This glow began to get brighter and brighter before engulfing her entire body. The size of the glow also began to get bigger. Minutes passed before Clance felt that the body sitting on her was getting heavier by the second. Only after ten minutes did the light begin to dim, and Faana’s body slowly began to become visible again, but this time it was not the small little girl but one that looked much older, around sixteen to seventeen years of age.

Clance stared at the girl, who was now sound asleep in her arms in shock. She did not understand what had just happened. “This!? What is this!?”

“I myself did not think it would work. I was only giving it a try. But when I saw the golden heart, an ancient memory from my bloodline popped into my mind. Faana is a special kind of dragonic. She is what is called a devourer. In truth, she is probably the only one in the entire current dragonic race that I would fear. She grows much stronger by devouring the hearts of others. But there is a key thing about her body. It will not grow in age past a certain point unless she consumes the hearts of other dragonics. Luckily she is older, so this time her boost was big, or else she would have needed much more. Sadly I once again did not get to use my spell….” Blake pursed his lips before leaning down and kissing Faana’s head. She was almost ripe to be eaten. While he could do it now without issue, he wanted her to first get used to her new grown up body first.

Clance smiled as she gently wiped the golden blood from Faana’s lips. “She is such a treasure. All the torment she went through was probably fate so she could meet you. I, as her older sister, have failed. I can only slowly try to make up for it as time goes by.”

“It’s fine as long as you are willing. Come on, let’s go home.” Blake said as he gently took Faana from Clance and squatted down. Clance smiled and got on Blake’s back. With a flap of his wings, the three soared into the sky.

“By the way, what did you tell, Darla? She looked extremely happy as she carried Triana’s head away.” Clance was very curious about this. Black mischievously smiled as he said: “Let’s just say I sent the dragonic clan a big gift.”

These words made Clance even more curious, but she held her tongue. She did not wish to be booted off Blake’s back. The two quickly returned to the city where Blake’s other wives were waiting. When they saw Clance and Blake coming back unharmed, they all let out a sigh of relief but what stunned them was the beauty in Blake’s arms.

Lillia was the first to come forward. When she recognized the young woman in his arms, her eyes went wide. “Faana!?”

“Yeah, surprising, huh?” Blake smiled as he looked at the girl in his arms. “My ancient memories from my bloodline popped into my head, and it seems our little Faana is more special than we thought. She is a devourer.” Blake explained.

“I see! Why did I not think of that!” Lillia sighed. She had heard of such a rare type of dragonic. Only one would be born in a million years. “The dragonic clan really gave us a gem. If they knew about this, the elders would probably all die from anger. I wish I could see those old fools’ faces when they find out about this.”

“Well… First, they will need to deal with the present I sent them…. A first strike. ” Blake’s smile could not be hidden. He really wished he could see it for himself. This could be considered a first strike. Just thinking about it made him feel happy. But he also knew retaliation would not be far behind.

“First strike?” Lillia was a bit confused. But she knew it was something good when she saw Blake’s smile. She poked him in the side a few times, trying to get him to tell her. Only after a few minutes of holding out did he finally say: “Alright, I will tell you, but all stories need to be done over ale and snacks! We need to celebrate! Today is a celebration!”


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