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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 224: Faana Captured Bahasa Indonesia

Faana had tears flowing from her eyes. She did not wish to become anyone’s tool! She feared that she would be forced to attack the man she loved. Luckily the contract on her would allow her to die before that happened. But she did not wish for it to ever come to pass. She could only stand there and cry. She felt helpless. She was once again a useless being who could only suffer under the hands of her own people….

“Hmmm? Does anyone want to tell me why my wife is tied up like this and crying? Faana who bullied you?” A very familiar voice entered Faana’s ears. When she heard this voice, she wanted to turn her head and look at the man she loved so much, but she was unable to! She could not do anything. She wanted to tell him to run, to run away and never come back. To not allow these dragonics to get ahold of him!

“Who are you!?” Darla did not recognize the scent of this man. But he smelled very dangerous.

“Hmmm? Oh! If it isn’t the girl, who got stuck in a mud pit. Hahaha! I remember now. And…..” Blake looked at the other dragonic girl, who was slowly backing up, and gave her a meaningful smile. “I see… so you both teamed up on my little wife? I see how it is…”

Blake’s aura suddenly turned cold as a massive bloody killing intent burst out of him. “Do you know what happens when people dare to harm my people? Especially when it comes to those who are my family?”

Triana’s instincts were telling her to run, but she did not dare let go of the binding spell. “Darla, we need to work together! This man is dangerous.” After saying this, she looked at Blake and said: “I do not know who you are, but this is a clan matter with the dragonic clan. If you do not wish to become enemies with the dragonic, then I suggest you leave.” Yes, she was being cowardly by making threats like this but she had no other choice!

“The dragonic!? Enemies!? Ahahahahaha! You dare spout your bullshit in front of me!? Of course, I am enemies of the dragonic! Those who dare to come to my territory and start throwing their weight around are my enemies! You dare to capture my wife, so now I must capture you and send the dragonic a little message.”

Blake took a step forward. He finally entered the range where his charm would start to take effect. In a sense, for both Darla and Triana, they made two very big mistakes. First, they attacked Faana who Blake truly cared for, and second was that they let him get close to them.

Darla and Triana’s bodies began to heat up. They did not know what was coming over them all of a sudden. They felt like they wanted to obey the man in front of them and get on his good side. Triana was the first to react. She quickly jumped back in fear. When she got out of Blake’s charm range she suddenly felt the heat in her body begin to dissipate. “Darla, get away from him! He is using some kind of charm!” She quickly recognized what was happening.

“Get out? Who the fuck said you could leave?” Blake waved his hand, and a massive stone wall suddenly surrounded them on all sides. The wall rushed skyward and enclosed, making a dome around them. A barrier formed on the outside and inside, reinforcing the entire thing. Blake then sent out a few light balls and grinned at the two dragonic girls. “You see, on this day, I will punish two bitches who dare to mess with my family. Blake paused for a second before smiling and saying: “Right… by the way, the human you are looking for is me.”

Blake had been watching this entire time as soon as he felt two strong presences near Faana. She was not alone while she walked around outside. He had been secretly tailing her just in case something happened. And that something did happen.

“No! There is no way!” Triana yelled out. She did not understand how that human suddenly transformed into this terrifying being! “Darla, come o….” Darla was too close. Blake had already walked over to her and grabbed her chin. The poor dragonic girl was unable to see anything else but Blake. Blake smiled and opened his mouth. The next thing Darla knew was that she felt a pinch in her neck. And then her lower secret garden became soaked, and strange noises were coming out of her mouth.

Triana, who was watching this face, paled. She became even more scared. To have Darla submit so easily and make her moan like that was beyond Triana’s expectations. But what happened next was even more surprising. As Blake stopped sucking Darla’s blood he said: “If you go and kill that girl over there and bring me her heart, I might just stick it in.”

“Really!?” Darla’s eyes lit up as she bit her lip, looking at Blake, hoping he would say yes.

“Mmhmmm… You just need to rip her heart out and bring it to me.” Blake replied with a smile.

“Okay!” Darla was like a young girl in love. She listened to Blake’s words and turned around. Her eyes suddenly became cold as she looked at Triana. Darla was now absolutely obedient to Blake. If he told her to take her life, she would. The side effects of being bitten and having their blood drunk without mating.

Darla’s hands turned into claws as she shot toward Triana. “Triana, we have been friends for a long time, so loan me your heart for a little while, okay?”

“Darla, are you crazy!?” Triana shouted back. She quickly went on the defense. She never thought this would ever happen. She did not know what kind of spell this man put on her long-time friend, but it seemed to be very powerful!


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