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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 223.2: Purgatory Flames Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Faana, you have no idea, but your flames could be considered godly flames to us dragonic! Your flames are called purgatory flames, and they are the hottest flames in the entire world. Only one of our ancestors had them, and they dominated during their time. Faana, your flames can not be beaten. I need to work on a new kind of training. We need to incorporate your flames into your fighting style now!” Clance was so happy she hugged Faana and kissed her cheek. Her little sister was truly amazing. She so wished she could go back in time and slap her previous self for looking down on this cute girl!

Faana was stunned by this sudden revelation. She was suddenly so amazing? She could only stand there while Clance hugged her and rocked back and forth, talking about the future.

Back to the present….

Darla saw the white flames rushing towards her, and cold sweat began to soak her back. She never thought the little trash had purgatory flames! “Damnit, Darla!” Triana yelled out as she rushed in and used her speed to save Darla at the last second. “I fucking told you to be careful! Plans change. This is now a two on one fight. The little trash might not be so trashy anymore.”

Triana was also shocked by the sudden change in the situation. She never expected she would ever see purgatory flames in her lifetime. Every dragonic knew about the purgatory flames. Stories of the ancient past were always passed down. And the purgatory flames were flames of legend. Triana could no longer stand and watch as she flipped her body around and cast a snare spell. “Binding Flames!”

Faana was suddenly restricted, causing her to frown. She closed her eyes and calmed herself down before smiling. “Did you think I need my hands to get rid of you?” Multiple spears of lightning suddenly shot forward as Faana took another deep breath and shot out another stream of flames.

The spears of lighting spread out wide and above, closing off the escape route of the two. No matter which direction they went in to dodge, they would end up injured. Triana gritted her teeth. She hated the fact that the one she used to look down on suddenly became so powerful to the point that they needed to fight her two on one and were still having trouble. “Screw it! Darla, transform!”

“What!? You actually want me to transform!? No! It’s ugly!” Darla yelled out. She hated her dragon form! It was so ugly, not beautiful at all.

“Do it! You have the strongest scales! If you don’t do it and do it now, I will toss you into that white flame!” Triana yelled out they had no time to sit here and argue!

Darla gritted her teeth before suddenly pushing off of Triana and turning into a massive dragon whose body spanned many tens of miles. Destroying part of the forest under feet. This was the true form of a dragonic. A massive dragon that ruled the land. One step could easily cause an earthquake.

“Roar!!!!!!!!” The sky shook as Darla let out a roar. Triana quickly flew up onto Darla’s head and said: “Use your breath and fire it at the ground. It should stop her current attacks!”

“Got it!” Darla opened her mouth, and a massive wall of fire shot forth, slamming into the ground, causing the earth to shake and a huge crater to form.

Faana’s breath burnt up the debris flying towards her, but it was slowly weakening as she could not keep it going forever. Dragons who breathed fire needed a few seconds to a few minutes to recharge each breath attack. This was the one flaw of their breath.

Faana’s breath began to dissipate as she stopped sending out lightning spears. She looked up at the massive dragon in front of her and narrowed her eyes. She never thought they would be smart enough to use the debris around them to block her flames as well as multiple barriers.

“Are we done?” Faana asked coldly. She was still very much on guard.

“Heh… not even close. Seven ways binding!” A massive magic circle suddenly appeared under Faana’s feet, and strands of white light encircled Faana starting from her feet all the way up to her head, wrapping around her mouth so she could no longer use her breath. Faana was now bound by two different binding spells. This white light had magic ruins imprinted on them, making it impossible for Faana to move. Faana’s eyes were still unwavering as she formed five ice spears and sent them flying backward at Triana, who had somehow gotten behind her.

Triana only snorted as she put up a barrier and easily blocked the attack. She could tell it was hard for Faana to use her wordless magic. It seemed she was not used to it yet. This was very true. Faana still had yet to fully master it, so casting mid scale magic and high level magic was still beyond her when silent casting. She never thought she would end up like this, which made tears come to her eyes. She wondered if she caused the man she loved trouble. She wondered if he would miss her if she were gone. Since she was captured, the last thing she wanted was for Blake to get caught up in some trap. They still seemed to want him. With this thought in mind, Faana blinked away her tears and began to release her magic power. She planned to condense it and explode completely!

“Shit, this idiot! Darla, help me control the flow of her mana!” Triana called out. Darla transformed back to her humanoid form and landed in front of Faana, and placed her hand on her head. She then said a few ancient words, and the flow of mana inside Faana began to steady out. “Hehe… You can’t die unless we let you die. I must say though you even forced me to transform, this is a bit of a shocker…. But it still seems you ended up in our hands. Luckily though the plans changed, we will bring you back and let the prince decide what to do with you. You will probably end up his puppet and use those white flames for him and only him.”


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