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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 222.1: Purgatory Flames Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

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A few hours later, Blake stood up and snorted. The slime girl was barely able to hold her body together as laid on the floor, completely passed out. Blake looked at the two girls who had been doing each other as they watched Blake and grabbed them, and pinned them to the ground. Before long, Lillia and Noa were punished in the most sensual way ever.

Another few hours later, Blake walked out of the lab in a fresh set of clothes and made his way back to Thardra to finish helping with the work there. It was only an hour later that Lillia and Noa’s eyes opened again. They looked at each other and then at the still sleeping slime girl and snickered. “Success!”

“MMm… My hips do not hurt as much, and I only needed an hour’s nap this can be considered a win!” Noa agreed.

“Let’s get cleaned up and then figure out what to do with her. Hopefully, she will not stick to me anymore.”

“Where the fuck is she!? Where is that slut of a sister of mine!? I need her dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!” The elven prince yelled out as he slammed his mug of eleven wine down on the table, cracking the table.

“Your highness, please keep your voice down!” The woman at his side was scared. If they heard the prince say these things, their very lives could be taken.

“Bitch shut up!” The elven prince balled up his fist and hit the woman next to him, sending her flying. “Yinsol! Get in here!”

“Your highness!?” A man in armor quickly entered the room.

“Mobilize our troops. Roam this land and find my sister and then kill the bitch. I want her head in front of me in a year’s time.” The prince’s cheeks were red from both anger and drinking too much. He was very drunk at this time.

“As you command.” The man in armor did not dare not to do as he was told and quickly exited the room.

The prince slowly started to calm down. But he still couldn’t help but worry. For some reason, the damn dragonic never returned. He wondered if his sister had gotten stronger since coming to this new world.

In another area, two dragonic were sitting on a rock with depressed faces. “How the hell are we supposed to find them!?”

“This is our job! We can only go by scent! Didn’t His Highness give us an item from Princess’s room?” The other dragonic answered.

“But Triana, what if the princess is dead? What if we can’t find that trash and the damned human!?” The dragonic girl sat with her feet pressed together in front of her. She looked down at the forest below and snorted. “Ahhh! I want to be free from all this shit! But not until I kill that damned trash!”

“Darla, calm down. We are basically looking for a pebble in the sand. It’s there, but it would take forever to find.” Triana tried to calm her friend down.

Darla kicked her feet in frustration. “I know! It’s not like the trash would suddenly show up out of nowhe…..” Darla’s voice got caught in her throat as she looked at the small dragonic girl who was walking towards them. “She’s there!”

Faana, who was out and about trying to find a means of growing older, suddenly heard a shout to look up to see two women she did not wish to meet. What was worse about this situation was they were actually so close to their base! “What do you want!?” Faana immediately went on guard. After so many years, she had forgotten about these two dragonic bitches.

“Hehe…. Little trash, tell me where the human is!” Darla sneered as she jumped down from the tree, her arms turning into huge claws. Faana’s arms also turned into claws as she looked at the

Faana had also been strengthened by a lot, so she was no longer scared of these two weaklings in front of her. Clance had also been training her carefully, teaching her the ways of a dragonic and how to fight properly. Faana sucked it all in so she could be of use Blake. “If all you do is wag your tongue, then what is the point of confronting me? If you are going to fight, then bring it!”

“Darla, be careful…. She might not be such an easy opponent.” Triana was getting a staring feeling from the current Fana.

Darla snorted as she said: “Watch me take this little trash to the ground!” With these words, she shot towards Faana, swiping her claws down in an X shape.

Faana shook her head as she opened her mouth. “Darla! She is using breath dodge!”

“Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Faana let out a mighty roar followed by a breath of pure white flames that turned everything they touched to ash. This was Faana’s special trait. She had the hottest flames. Clance called them the Purgatory Flames. Only one of their great ancestors of their past ever had such flames. It could be considered a godly flame, and her little sister, who everyone shunned, had it. When Clance first saw it, she was completely shocked.

About a year and a half ago….

“Faana, how come you never use your breath?” Clance asked.

“I….. My flame is weird compared to everyone else’s….” Faana lowered her head. Her flame was white and not the orange or purple flames she would commonly see from her bother and sisters.

Clance froze upon hearing this. She looked at Faana in complete amazement and envoy. She couldn’t hide her excitement as she said: “Faana, quickly fire it off! Let me see… If it is what I think it is, then…. I think the entire dragonic clan will wish they never treated you the way they did.”

Faana was confused, but she still listened to Clance. She opened her mouth and let out a roar as her breath flew out, turning everything into ash. Clance stood there. Her hair flapped in the breeze of the wind that was building up due to the immense heat of the flames. Pure white. So hot it would turn the land to ash without leaving anything behind. She fell to her knees. Her whole body shook. Her little sister that she had picked on was actually a rare treasure! “Hahaha! These flames! Purgatory Flames! My little sister is a rare treasure! Hahaha! I am so glad I made up with her.”

“Big Sister?”


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