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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 221: The OP Slime Girl? Bahasa Indonesia

“Of course it’s fine. But stop standing there and help me get her off me!” Lillia felt depressed the slime girl she had invented to help control Blake’s lust suddenly attached herself to her and would not let go! She was blue and transparent and even resembled herself. Of course, she had to use her own image when creating a slime girl who Blake was going to be having sex with. But she never wanted to be its mama!

Noa smiled and went to pull the slime girl off her, but every time she tried to pull, her fingers slipped through the slime girl’s body. She was shocked because Lillia was pushing on her with all her strength, and was unable to do anything. Noa did not understand just how strong and strange this slime girl truly was. She seemed to be even stronger than Lillia! “My hand keeps going through her!”

“Why is she so strong!? Ahhhh! I only gave her a drop of my blood, yet she is stronger than me, this is shit!” Lillia yelled out.

“What should we do!?” Noa asked in a panic. It did not seem the slime girl was willing to let go of Lillia any time soon!

“Get Blake! Maybe he can affect her somehow!” Lillia cried out. She had no choice. Her husband had to come save her!

Noa nodded and quickly ran out of the room. The slime girl was busy rubbing her face back and forth on Lillia’s breasts. She did not seem to have a care in the world. But her smile was very beautiful. Her entire body was the same as Lillia’s, only a transparent blue, and her hair was more like a solid object instead of normal hair.

Fifteen minutes passed, Noa walked into the room, pulling Blake along. “What is the matter?”

When Lillia heard Blake’s voice, she immediately smiled brightly as she yelled out: “Blake, help me!”

“Huh? What is…. A slime girl!?” Blake was stunned. Was this the reason the girls had been locked down here every day!? Even he was banned from entering this room.

“Hmmm?” The slime girl noticed a new presence and turned her head when she saw Blake. Her eyes lit up. She shoved Lillia away and jumped through the air. “Husband! Let’s do it!”

“What!? Hey!” Blake cried out as he was knocked down on the ground. He didn’t even have a chance to struggle before he was stripped naked, and he felt his dick being sucked on. In his face was a blue transparent pussy and a tight butt that was swaying back and forth as the slime girl sucked his dick with joy.

Lillia, who had crashed into the wall, wiped the sweat from her brow. “Finally! She let go!”

“Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on!? Why is this slime girl who is as strong as fuck forcefully sucking my dick!?” He really had no idea what was going on!

Lillia dusted herself off and walked over to Blake, who was still pinned to the floor, and scratched her cheek as she tried to explain. “Ah…. Hehe…. Ummm…. How should I put it….. Surprise!?”

“Surprise, my ass! Why is she so strong and forcefully sucking my dick!?” Blake yelled out. He did not mind what was happening, but he wanted to know why it was happening!

“Sister Lillia and I created a means for you to control your lust. It’s just that there was a minor flaw, and the slime girl would not let go of Sister Lillia after calling her Mama. As for why she is sucking your dick, well… She is more of a golem than a normal slime. She can be considered the first of her kind. A new race artificially created by Sister Lillia and I. She is the only one and is the fruit of our hard work the past few years.” Noa explained.

“I see… so what turns her off?” Blake asked. He had things to do!

“You….” Lillia blushed as she looked away and began whistling. She did not want to say that she would only stop after being fucked for a few hours! And she was only programmed to recognize Blake as her husband and no one else.

“Lillia!” Blake was starting to get mad. “Tell me what turns her off.”

“You have to fuck her! For four hours!” Lillia stomped her feet. She liked when Blake showed his manly side, but she did not like being forced to speak!

Blake held his head. He looked at the two girls, who averted their eyes and let out a long sigh. “Fine! I will break this creation of yours.” Not caring anymore he stuffed his face into the slime girl’s pussy.

Once the slime girl felt her pussy being attacked, she cried out and began bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. It was as if she was trying to fight for dominance. But slowly but surely, her blue transparent body was turning a slight tint of red as the muffled moans coming from her mouth began to take over her head, bobbing until she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her head up and let out a long drawn out moaned as she had her first ever orgasm. She turned and smiled at Blake before spinning her body around and mounting him. Her lower half turned into three dripping wet pussies that pressed down on Blake’s dick. His dick split into three, and before long, the slime girl was bouncing up and down. Her three pussies clench hard on Blake’s three dicks. It was like a war was going on. Blake reached up and began massaging the slime girl’s breasts, which caught her off guard and sent her convulsing once more.

As the hours passed, the slime girl’s strength began to weaken, and she found herself being slammed from behind with no end insight. The room was filled with her moans. She was so sensitive that each thrust from Blake was an instant orgasm. Her eyes had long glazed over.


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