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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 219.1: A Stroll Through Destiny City Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Mina lay on Blake’s stomach after a few rounds, belly so full of Blake’s milk that she had her stomach protruding out and a mess coming from between her legs. Blake gently rubbed Mina’s head causing her to frown and slap his hand away as she tried to sleep. With a chuckle, he lay there and closed his eyes. Both Sam and Erica had long fallen asleep.

Within the city, a young fox girl was wandering around, looking at the new majestic buildings in awe. She looked no more than fifteen years of age, but she looked very energetic and cheerful as she walked down the newly smoothed out roads that went between the buildings. These roads were also made of stone and allowed for travel to be much easier, especially during rain storms. To her, this was all new and fantastical things as she had always been held up in the forest until she followed the pack leader.

She had seen the pack leader many times and wondered how lucky one must be to be by his side. She envied their leader, who was now the wife of the pack leader. But none of that bothered her at this time as she looked around at the new and interesting things. “Oh, if it is not Chi! Come here. I got some fresh spiked boar. It was freshly caught this morning.”

“Chi! Come visit aunty when you are done walking around, I will finish teaching you how to cook.”

Chi smiled and waved at the people calling out to her. She had only visited the city a few times now, but for some reason, everyone loved to give her things and offer to help teach her new things. Like cooking, sewing, and one man even asked if he could take pictures of her, but that man was taken away by a group of people in black. Chi had become a kind of idol in Destiny City without even knowing it. Chi had a skewer of spiked boar meat in her hand and continued walking around, looking at the shops as her tail wagged back and forth.

What she did not notice was that there was a group of people behind her in black clothes, staying a distance away but making sure she was safe the entire time. These were the self proclaimed Chi protectors. And they watched over Chi to make sure no one tried to take advantage of her naivety.

One thing that could be said was that if Chi bought something, all the young women would buy it too. If she stopped at a shop that day, that shop would have many people visiting to see what they were selling.

You could say that because of Chi, the citizens of Destiny City had something fun to do, and that was to follow their Idol. At first, the other races, besides the humans, did not understand the whole idol concept, but those who were once ignorant soon were enlightened. And the cute Chi had become Destiny Cities’ first top Idol.

If a company was lucky, they could ask to take a picture of her for an ad for their stores. This picture would then be blown up and used as a billboard, but this was also heavily regulated by the community. Only one store per month was allowed to ask her. And it was up to her whether she said yes or not, although there had yet to be a time when she did say no.

But one thing Chi loved was the atmosphere of the city. Currently, knew that the new races were still being housed in the original base for safety reasons, mainly because they were too naive. The city outside was fun and ever-changing, allowing Chi to find something new every time she came out.

“Chi!” A voice came from behind Chi. She turned to see Anna running towards her. Another reason why she loved this city was because she got to become friends with so many people, and Anna was one of them. She was the pack leader’s younger sister! They may be a few years apart in age, but they have become very good friends.

“Anna! Why are you in a rush?” Chi asked curiously. She could tell Anna was in a hurry.

“Come with me! If we do not hurry, the line will be too long. Eggs and sugar are rare as it is, so to be able to eat a piece of cake is even more rare!” Anna grabbed Chi’s hand and dragged her along. The two girls ran towards the only cake shop in the city. “Nooo!”

Anna wanted to cry when she saw the long line. There were dwarves, elves, and fairies. You name it, and they were in line to grab the limited amount of cakes that got made every week. It was nothing more than a sliver of a piece, but the sweet taste was addicting. Chi smiled and patted Anna’s head as she said: “We can only hope that we will be able to get a slice.”

“I know but still. I only heard about it from one of the maids. Sometimes I hate living in the palace! I should complain to big brother later. Maybe he will find a better supply of sugar and eggs.” Anna pouted. Sadly the two girls never got to eat cake, even after waiting in line for a full hour.

Anna said her goodbyes to Chi since she decided she wanted to go train her sorrows away. Chi could only smile and continue her journey around the city. “Oh? A new section! Hmmm? Are they letting the raccoonkin move here? Does this mean us foxkin can also move here?”

“Hey Chi, long time no see.” A young raccoonkin girl walked over with a big smile. She had a birthmark looking patch over her right eye and gray and black hair.

“Hey Raka, are you and your kin moving here?” Chi asked. She couldn’t contain her curiosity.

“You didn’t hear? Lord and Madam Lillia said the new races could move out of the old base if the….. Hold on a second. I have to check it!” Raka suddenly stopped mid conversation and ran over to a dumpster by the side of one of the buildings. She did not hesitate to jump right in.


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