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The next morning almost everyone gathered around the newly constructed monument that stood on top of the grave of the ten fallen soldiers. Blake was using his finger to magically engrave the names of the fallen into the stone. When he was done, he turned and looked at the people all gathered around and lowered his head. “It is a custom of humans to say a prayer to the dead, so that they may pass on. I may not be human any longer, but I once was, and even if they were not human, I would still do the same. Today we are here to regretfully see off our fallen comrades. They died protecting Destiny City. They are heroes who died unjustly. But they can go off to the other world in peace because we have taken revenge and killed the ones who took their lives.

“I know this will also not be the last time we will be sending off our own people. But I do wish it would be the last. Let us all have a moment of silence to say our goodbyes to the brave men and women, who lost their lives protecting our way of life.” Blake lowered his head, and so did the people attending the funeral.

Once the moment of silence was over, everyone was allowed to lay a flower down. Blake did his first, followed by his wives. This was followed by Mike, Bret, and Rin. Thousands of flowers were laid in front of the monument that towered high so that everyone could see it and remember this day.

For the families that lost loved ones, they were given remuneration. Blake could only offer so much. The new currency was created due to the rise in local businesses and was called the Hope Dollar, named by Lillia once more. Although it was named this, it was nothing like a dollar bill or coin. It was shiny stones mined from deep below the original base. They had no other use besides being used for currency. There were four colors. Blue, red, green, and yellow. The blue was only worth one hope dollar, while the red was worth ten, the green was worth fifty, and the yellow was worth one hundred. There were no pennies or cents. It was all straight denomination. Nothing could cost less than the blue hope dollar, or Blue Hope for short.

This could be considered the first legal currency in the new world. Blake was happy things were progressing as they were. While he was still down due to the loss of ten of his people, he still had to keep focus on his goals. Making a place for all races to live freely.

One thing that Blake did not realize was that his actions with the monument hit home with the people of Destiny City and put him on an even higher pedestal as their leader. They respected him even more for his actions and hoped he would continue leading them to a brighter future.


Blake lay in bed while two girls were going to town on his dicks. Sam and Erica were crotch to crotch while Blake’s dicks were inside them, kissing and playing with each other’s breasts. It was a mid day snack for Blake, and it was the two girls’ turn to help him. They, of course, would not miss this chance to make love to their husband. Blake sat back and watched the show as the two girls moved their hips up and down while trying their best to pleasure each other at the same time. Their muffled moans echoed through the room.

Erica had a habit of nibbling at Sam’s lips while using her fingers to tease Sam’s clit. In turn, Sam liked to slide her finger inside Erica while Blake’s dick was sliding in and out of her, pressing her finger on the g-spot inside and massaging it. So not only did Erica have a dick hitting her womb, but her g-spot was also being teased at the same time, sending her into convulsions as she orgasmed.

As for Blake, he found the show to be very hot. Two sexy sisters doing each other while bouncing on his dick was always an amazing sight. As he watched, he noticed a small figure sneaking into the room. Mina flew over and looked at the girls and bit her bottom lip. She looked over at Blake, who smiled and waved her over. Mina quickly stripped her clothes off and flew over and sat on Blake’s mouth. She waited for Blake to slide his tongue inside her before slipping her body into his mouth. She found she really liked having her entire body being teased in this fashion. She held onto Blake’s lips as he worked his tongue inside her, causing her to cry out almost instantly.

Sam and Erica both looked over at the small fairy and rolled their eyes. The little fairy seemed to like to join in on every session. They ignored her and continued what they were doing. The sounds of three girls’ moans filled the room while Blake watched the show while taking care of Mina, who seemed to love being slobbered all over.

A few hours later, a fair lay on Blake’s chest while the sisters curled up on each side of him. Erica looked at the exhausted fairy and shook her head. “Sister Mina, you keep sneaking in for every session lately..”

“I can’t help it! Fairies also have a time once a year when they want to do nothing but have sex. You know this. It has happened every year since I came here and lost my virginity to Blake.” Mina explained.

“Ah! Now that I think about it. You really have. For like two weeks or so, right?” Sam asked.

“Yes, it is normally around half a month. I just can’t stop myself. If Blake is not around, I have to go to one of you girls. But that only suppresses it. I need my husband to make me cum….” Mina pouted. She knew all about this before but never experienced it until recently due to losing her virginity. Only when a fairy lost their virginity would they experience a season of lust.

“Then hop on, I will fill your belly until you can’t take any more.” Blake teased. But surprisingly, Mina slowly got up and walked over to his dick and began sucking on it until it got hard, then hopped on and reached her arms up to Blake. “Help me!”

Erica and Sam both giggled as they watched Blake smile helplessly and took the little fairy’s hand, and began bouncing her up and down like a toy on his dick.


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