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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 220.2: A Stroll Through Destiny City Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Only 2 chapters today. Taking a small break today. Will be back to normal output tomorrow.—

“Raka!” Chi yelled out as she chased after the raccoon girl. When she arrived, she saw not one but three raccoonkin inside.

Raka was sitting there with a pout on her lower lip as she looked at Chi. “Can you help me out?”

Chi smiled and nodded as she reached down to help pull Raka out. She also helped the other two stranded raccoon girls. “Raka, you really need to fix this trait of yours.”

“I can’t help it! It’s ingrained into my raccoon blood. To be honest, I am quite proud of it, but the boys tell me I stink all the time. Sometimes I just want to rip them to shreds. But I can’t because if I did, I would probably instantly die due to the contract.” Raka sighed as she looked around. She was feeling quite upset about this.

“Raka!” A young man’s voice could be heard from behind them. He was a blonde haired young human boy. He smiled as he walked over to Raka. “You jumped in the dumpster again, didn’t you?”

“I…. I know I stink!” Raka pouted even more, but the young man only shook his head, stepped forward, and took Raka’s hand. “When did I say you stink?”

“I….” Raka’s face began to turn bright red. Chi, who was watching, could only smile. It seemed her friend had found her mate. “I will leave you two alone. Do take care of Raka and keep her from jumping into things. Last time she got stuck in one of those small trash barrels.”

Seeing Raka’s face turn even redder than before, Chi giggled and ran off before Raka could retaliate. Raka punched the air with her free hand before looking down at the hand that was holding hers. “Do I not stink?”

“Even if you do, it does not matter. The one I like is Raka, not the air around you. Plus, it’s not like you can’t take a shower to clean up, right?” The young man asked. Raka smiled like a flower and nodded her head up and down. “Mmm! Let’s go! I will go shower. Then we can do something!”

Chi continued her stroll through the city until she reached the end, where more ground work was being done. The site of so many people working together from different races actually brought a smile to her face. She was glad that her pack had met with the Lord. Their lives would have been much different.

Thinking about the life she led before and the one she led now, where she had clean clothes, food and water, and places to go to the bathroom that was no the ground, Chi couldn’t help but be thankful for the things she has now. Chi’s smile never disappeared as she looked around. When she saw an older man struggling with some boards, she quickly ran over to help. “Let me!”

“Ugh!” Chi wanted to cry. Why couldn’t she be as strong as the mookin! Her legs shook as she tried to carry the heavy board on her shoulder. The older man who had the board taken from him chuckled as he said: “Haha! It’s the thought that counts. Chi, there is no need to hurt yourself. Leave this to an older man like me. You are still young and should be playing with your friends.”

“Humph! Who is young!? According to Destiny City law, I am old enough to get married if I wanted to!” Chi snorted. She hated being called young!

“Haha! Yes, yes, I am sorry. Chi is a big girl.” The older man smiled as he took back the board from Chi. As a human, the age still seemed too low for him. But he did not see anything wrong with the new law that was passed down since it seemed to help revitalize the human race that was on the brink of extinction, as well as some of the clans.

“That is right!” Chi lifted her proudly before blushing. “Now, if I can only get the Lord to notice me….”

“I wish you luck! The Lord is a great man.” The older man did not want to discourage the girl from her dream because with how the Lord took in wives, there was a slim chance of him picking a cute girl like Chi if she tried to express her love to him.

“Ahchoo!” Blake rubbed his nose and looked around. “Cold? Can drakani even get sick?”

“What are you talking to yourself about? Hurry up and help me, lad!” Thardra yelled out. Blake somehow got roped into helping Thardra forge a new kind of weapon. To say roped in would be lying since he gladly accepted the task when Thardra told him it was for the new automatic muskets.

Inside a lab, deep in the palace, a scream echoed throughout the room. “We did it! We finally did it! Two years of hard work, and we finally did it! One of a kind. The only one in existence, Blake’s personal lust companion! We can finally take a few nights off here and there if we want!”

Lillia’s voice rang out through the room as she smiled brightly at the blueish transparent figure in front of her. “Sister Lillia, is it okay to make something like this?”

“Huh? It only has a small consciousness. It’s enough to make her feel pleasure but at the same time not enough intelligence to really….”

“Mama?” The blue transparent figure suddenly tilted its head and looked at Lillia with curious eyes. It got off the table it was on and walked over to Lillia and hugged her. It began rubbing its face up and down on Lillia’s body before burying it in between her breasts. The figure took a deep breath and said: “Mama!”

“Mama!?” Lillia shouted out as she stared at the blue figure. She did not understand. She did not give it that much intelligence. It was only meant to be a bed warmer for Blake!

Noa shook her head and sighed as she asked once more: “Sister Lillia, I will ask you again is it really okay to be doing this?”


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