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The gruesome scene inside the tent was supervised by Noa and Blake. Even Bret stayed outside. The remains from the pot and the torsos of the orc soldiers were all gathered and put on a cart that the orcs used. It was impossible to know who was who any longer, so everything would be buried in a mass grave in Destiny City’s graveyard.

“Finally done, I see!” Blake tossed the last leg to the side before slapping the orc leader in the face, putting his bottom jaw back into place. “Remember, if you mess with my people or the land that I have claimed, I will destroy you and your entire race. Now go back and tell your leaders what I just said.”

“You!” The orc leader dare not say any more. His stomach was starting to turn. He glared at Blake and slowly stood up. While he was glad that he still had his life, his pride had been smashed, and for an orc, pride was everything. “I will be sure to feast on your limbs one day!”

“Haha! “Blake let out a laugh before his expression turned cold as he sneered: “I dare you to come.”

He held out his hand to Noa, who gladly took it and led her out of the tent. “We are leaving. Let’s go!”

With Bret taking the lead, Noa and Blake stayed back to make sure the orc leader did not try to do some kind of sneak attack. The barrier had already been put down. Noa had searched the entire tent but found no items that could have broken Rin’s barrier, so this mystery was still unsolved.

Back inside the tent, a black smokey figure suddenly appeared behind the orc leader: “You really are a failure!”

“What can I do!? You did not help me out! I can not fight both of them!” The orc leader’s face was turning paler as he held his stomach and hunched over. Not even a second later, he was emptying his stomach on the floor.

“Humph! You wouldn’t have even broken the barrier on that tree house if it were not for me. Your arrogance is what caused your failure. I will find a new host when we go back. I can no longer sit in the body of an idiot.” The black smokey figure yelled out. The orc leader wanted to say something but dared not to. The entity inside him could kill him with just a thought. He did not wish to die just yet. But this humiliation will not be left off easily. He would need to talk to his elders and see if they can mobilize some of his family’s elite men. He will have them destroy this place called Destiny City, and then he will force that man to watch as he fucked the elven princess in front of him. Without saying another word, the orc leader left the tent and headed back to his clan.

Blake and his group returned back to the city by nightfall. Blake instructed them to bring the remains to an empty plot of land and bury them. He also had one of the soldiers good at earth magic to create a big monument on top of the grave. He would then personally engrave their names into the stone after it was done. He felt he had to do this himself since he was their ruler. And as a ruler, he was partly responsible for their deaths.

“You okay?” Noa asked as she interlocked her fingers with Blake’s.

“Yeah, it just never dawned on me that losing people for the first time would affect me like this. Each one of these people are my people. They count on me for so much, and I could not even protect them.” Blake let out a long sigh as he watched the remains being hauled off.

“You can not be there for them all the time. If you hold their hands, they will not grow. Then you will really lose them if we were ever to come under a serious attack. Times like these are always hard. Even my father would feel down when his people died. It comes with being a ruler.” Noa knew best what it was like to lose people. She had seen many soldiers die over the course of time. It was never easy.

“I know, but it is still hard. Noa, do me a favor and send word that we will be hosting a mass funeral tomorrow morning. We shall all honor our fallen comrades.” Blake took one last glance at the cart being hauled away before turning, flapping his wings, and flying off. Noa stood there looking up at his figure flying off and felt as if she was unable to do anything for him.

“Don’t worry. That man is strong.” Bret walked to Noa’s side. “We have all been lucky so far. But now he truly had lost people under his command. He will get used to it. We all have to, myself included. Let’s go back. We will have a lot to prepare for tomorrow.”

Noa nodded and walked back towards the palace. Bret walked much slower as he let out a sigh. Three of the people who died had been his brothers since before the apocalypse. He felt it just as much as Blake did.

Blake flew to the rock he always went to when he wanted to look up at the stars. He sat there staring at the sky blankly, lost in thought. He wondered what he could have done differently. While he knew one day, he would end up losing people. He never thought it would hit him like this. He could kill without issue if it was his enemies, but for those who are his allies, to have them die was different. It was the one thing that reminded him that he used to be human. He still felt saddened by the deaths of those close to him and angered by those who did such a thing.

He would not find fault with the entire orc tribe, but if they dared to attack him or his people again, he would not let them off. Blake sat there in silence when a thought came to mind that actually made him chuckle. “I originally wanted to try out that new spell, but I guess I can’t now.”


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