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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 208.2: Liquid Mana Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Mina and Yui both watched as Blake took out a small bowl from his pouch. It was filled to the brim and had a radiant hue to it as he placed it on the table in front of him. Mina was the first to react as she flew over to the bowel and then looked at Blake. “Where did you get this!?”

“You know what it is? I figured it was liquid mana.” Blake was unsure, so he could only hope he was right.

“Not just any liquid mana! This is like the holy grail of liquid mana! If you were to even drink a small portion of this, you would be able to expand your mana pool and boost your strength by leaps and bounds! This stuff is…. Is this all you have!?” Mina’s eyes were brimming with excitement.

“No, I have quite a bit.” Blake began pulling container after container out of his space pouch and placed it on the table. Mina’s eyes almost fell out of her head, seeing so much liquid mana.

“This…. What the hell!? Where did you get all of this!?” Mina cried out. She was shocked to see so much.

“Uh. Well, when I had everyone stay inside the base just now, that was because there was a huge thing in the sky. I thought it was an argona, but it turned out to be a golden carp. It was surrounded by dark clouds full of liquid mana.” Blake replied.

“This…. This…. Quickly take this bottle here and split it up into smaller portions using the vials here. Then hand them out to everyone in the base. It will strengthen every race by at least ten times! No, wait, I will do it. We will make sure this is done evenly.” Mina was going crazy. They needed to strengthen their people, and now they had a way of doing it!

“Okay, I will leave it to you. I will go get more since the thing has not flown away all the way yet. I will go fill more buckets, even a few bathtubs if this stuff is that good.” Blake did even get to turn around on his own when a gust of wind swirled around him, forcefully turning him around, and then shoved him out the door. He only heard a little voice yell out. “Hurry up and get as much as you can!”

Blake did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard Mina giving him orders. He quickly did as he was told, though. He had everyone in the base bring him as many containers as they could find. Small or large, it did not matter.

Hour after hour went by, and Blake was filling container after container. One after the other. He literally had about thirty bathtubs full of this liquid mana now. It was enough to boost the strength of a few million people.

Eight hours later, when he was finally done filling every container, he noticed the clouds had diminished a lot. He had no idea how long it would take for the mana to be regenerated, but he was sure it would someday regain its strength. He just wondered if he would ever see this monster again.

Blake returned back to the base and went back down to the lab where Mina was. She was still carefully adjusting each portion out for people. “Three drops should be enough for little Hope…. Destiny will need half a vial for now…..”

Blake smiled and leaned over and kissed the little fairy’s cheek. “My little wife is working hard.”

“Of course I am! This is essential to all of our survival! If we do not grow stronger fast, we will be eaten by the bigger clans. We need enough power to even fend off the elven clan or dragonic clan as quickly as possible. This is also good for our babies. Our children will be affected by the excess mana and will be born with more mana than an average person. You can say this is the rarest, most precious substance on this planet at this time.” Mina said as she continued her task.

“Then I guess we will have enough to last a while since I filled every empty container in the base with this stuff.” Blake wondered just how he was going to deal with it all.

“I will ask Sister Lillia tonight to make a special container tonight that you can store it all in and then stick it in your space pouch. Even now, I quickly put all of this back. I only need this little bit to finish portioning it out to everyone. This should allow everyone to reach their second evolution and maybe even allow a few of the races to evolve as well.” Mina explained as she put down the vial in front of her. She was using magic to move things around, or else she could never do this work.

“Alright.” Blake began putting things away. When he was done, Mina flew up and kissed his cheek. “You have really outdone yourself this time.”

“Yui wants to kiss Blake too!” Yui, who had been standing there watching this entire time, jumped on Blake and began kissing him with passion. The fox girl’s tail was wagging like crazy as she licked every inch of the inside of Blake’s mouth.

“You would think this girl would be tired after being pounded from the back every night.” Mina shook her head as she flew down and unzipped Blake’s pants. Since the mouth was taken, she would take the lower half!

An hour later, Mina was drenched in Blake’s milk with a proud smile on her face while Yui stripped her and licked her clean. Mina had no issues with being licked clean, especially when Yui stuck her half in her mouth and really went to town on her body. While she still felt sticky after the feeling of having a tongue swirl around her body like that really turned Mina on. She wondered if she was a glutton for punishment.

Blake helped Mina wash before taking out a spare set of clothes for her. Only then did Mina say: “Blake, this container is for you. You should drink a full cup while using the rest to bathe in. Bathing in this will hurt, unlike drinking it, but it is the most effective way to do things like this.”


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