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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 209.1: Faana’s Closure Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia


Blake left the lab, leaving MIna to do her thing. Still attached to his side was Yui who was nuzzling her nose into his arm. “Yui?”

“Blake…. Yui has an itch….” Yui’s upturned eyes were enough to make any man go crazy and Blake was no different. He stored away the mana liquid and picked Yui up, and carried her off to one of the bedrooms in the palace.

Blake entered the bedroom, closed the door, and walked straight to the bed. He gently laid Yui down before undressing to nothing. He then slipped Yui’s clothes off her revealing her petite body and modest mounds. “Yui is as beautiful as ever.”

“Hehe….” Yui giggled as she traced her hands up her body and spread her legs. She was in serious heat from earlier. Right now, she just wanted her pack leader to ravage her body.

Blake did not disappoint. He slipped his head down between her legs and shoved his tongue deep into her pussy, licking every inch of it and even tickling her baby room. Yui gripped the bedsheets and raised her hips as she moaned softly. She loved the feeling of Blake’s tongue swirling deep inside her, tickling every inch of her secret garden. On top of that, he would always play with her clit making the pleasurable sensation even more grand.

Once Blake got her good and wet, he turned Yui over, and she happily got on all fours and stuck her butt up in the air. Her tail was raised to allow for easier entry. Blake pulled that tail before shoving it in hard, causing her to instantly have an orgasm. After that, she could no longer speak words but moan as Blake rammed her from the back and yanked her tail at just the right time, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body.

Right now, she was just enjoying the fact that she was mating with her pack leader. She looked forward to it every night. She loved it when he would put his baby making seed deep into her belly. She wanted to have many kits.

The sounds of Yui’s moans exited the room and echoed down the hall. Faana, who was walking back after a long day of practice, heard these sounds and flushed from ear to ear. She wanted to turn around and go back outside, but she found herself drawn to the sound and ended up walking until she sat in front of the door. She was already so old, and even her sister had become Blake’s wife yet she was still waiting…. Waiting for when her body finally matured. The sounds from the room were torture to her, but she couldn’t help but still sit here and listen.

Clance made her way down the hall when she saw Faana sitting there with her head in her arms. When she heard the sounds from the room, she could only sigh. She walked over, sat down next to her, and placed her hand on Faana’s head. “Give it time. I am sure we will figure out a way. I promise I will never stop searching for a way to help you.”

Faana looked up at Clance, who was acting like a big sister and dived into her arms, crying. Her heart hurt. She was starting to hate herself more and more ever since she figured out that she loved Blake.

An hour later, Blake walked out of the room after tucking Yui in. He did not go too hard on the fox girl because it was getting close to nighttime. But when he opened the door to see Faana resting in Clance’s arms, his smile disappeared. He wanted to shoot himself for not putting up a barrier to block sound.

Clance looked up at him with worried eyes. She did not know what to do. Blake knelt down and took Faana into his arms, said nothing, and walked off with her. He could not do anything, but that did not mean he would make her feel she was unwanted. Faana, who was still asleep, got a whiff of a familiar scent and clung on to Blake. Her lips which were pouting, slowly curled up into a smile as she nuzzled her nose into Blake’s chest.

Clance watched as Blake walked away with a smile. If anyone could help Faana right now when she needed someone there for her, it was him who was the whole reason for her issue. Clance stood up and turned to the room, and walked in. Since she had to listen to all that, she would go take it out on the girl who started all of this. Poor Yui was woken up by a dragon girl who wanted to play. This time a soundproofing barrier was put up, and Yui’s delicate moans only echoed through the room. Once Clance started in on her, Yui began attacking back. And at some point, Clance ended up being the one being bullied.

A little while later, Yui walked out of the room with her chin held up high. “Humph! How dare you try to take my pack leader’s seed!”

Clance lay in bed breathing heavily, her face flushed red as she licked her lips. The sticky juices from Yui’s pussy were still fresh on her lips. She never thought that Yui would turn the tables on her! Before she knew it, the fluff had fluffed her good. She decided to pay attention to these foxkin. They were dangerous foes!

Blake entered his own bedroom, which was specially made for him, and laid Faana down on the bed. But when he tried to turn around to do his thing, He found he couldn’t move with the dragon girl hugging him tightly. Instead, he could only climb on the bed with her and allow her to hug him while she slept. “It seems the girls will get a night off tonight.” He gently stroked Faana’s head and made a decision. While he could not touch her in that way, that did not mean he could not spend more time with her and treat her equally as the other girls. Lillia already mentioned that they were trying to figure out how to fix Faana’s problem, but it will take time. At some point, he fell asleep.


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