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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 207.1: Liquid Mana Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake landed back on the ground and walked out of the darkness to the base entrance. When Bret and Mike saw him, they both let out sighs of relief. “How was it?”

“A golden carp,” Blake replied with a huge smile.

“No really, how was it?” Bret asked again, rolling his eyes at Blake.

“And I am serious it’s a fucking golden carp. A massive one! While it sends shivers down my spine when I am near it, I could fly all the way up to it and was able to discern it has no tentacles, at least I think. If it suddenly starts shooting things down, we will know for sure. But for now, until it passes, no one is to leave the base. I will be flying back up to keep an eye on it just to be safe. You guys stay here and watch the door. If you hear me shout, go in, then head in and seal the base up. I will not be able to come back in time. I will have to fend for myself at that time. But I must go back up. That cloud is filled with liquid mana.” Blake had to get this liquid mana no matter what.

“Liquid mana?” Both Mike and Bret looked at each other. They did not know what it was used for, but they figured it must be good to have a bunch of liquid mana. At this thought, Mike suddenly thought of something. “Let me grab some rags so you can have them float in the air and soak up the mana. Then you can just ring them out. It would be better than waving a bucket around or something stupid like that.”

Blake’s face fell. He was doing just that! But Mike’s idea did make sense…. He wondered why he did not think of this! “No need to grab anything. I have a few towels in my space bag. I will get going. “

Seeing Blake flying off with a bit of anger in his voice, Mike felt very confused. Bret however was chuckling to himself. “I think you hit the nail on the head. I can picture Blake doing something stupid like waving a pot around to catch the droplets.”

“Ah…. Hahaha! No wonder he was pissed!” Mike finally realized why Blake was mad. But now that he knew, he could not help but laugh. “This…. Bret, stay here I need to go find a few pots for when he gets back we can wave them around.”

“Bahahaha!” Bret curled up as he held his stomach. “Go! Quickly before he gets back!”

While Blake was being plotted against, he was up in the air wringing out towel after towel. The towels were soaking up that moist air and were holding in a lot of the liquid mana. Each time he wrung one out, he would toss it back into the air to suck up some more while he wrung another one out. He had four towels going at a time which seemed to be the right number. By the time one was wrung out, another was already ready, so he could keep this workflow going without issue. The only problem was he did not have many containers. He was filling everything he had, from empty bottles to pots and pans. He was already down to his last container, a wooden wash basin that he felt might come in handy one day. It was about two feet wide and half a foot deep, but it was still better than nothing.

He spent a good hour filling it up and was just about to store it away when a white light suddenly flashed out of him and jumped into the wash basin. Snow submerged herself in the liquid and began drinking it crazily. “Snow, what are you doing!?” Blake wanted to stop her, but the little fox clung to the wash basin with her paws and continued to gulp down the liquid inside. Only when it was almost all gone, and her little belly was swollen, did she make a sound at Blake and flashback into his body.

Blake quickly checked on her to find out she had passed right out with a content look on her face. Seeing this, he let out a sigh of relief, but he still couldn’t help but worry. He would definitely need to talk to Lillia and the others about this.

Blake quickly filled up the wash basin and headed back to the base. The shadow was starting to let up by now, and light was beginning to shine back down over the base. What he thought was going to be a huge disaster turned out to be a golden carp. While he did not know why he felt so much danger from the very docile looking monster, he figured that if he actually tried to attack it, he would probably end up being instantly killed with his current strength.

As he arrived at the base, he saw two men standing outside with buckets in their hands, waving them around. Blake’s face fell once more as he waved his hand and sent out a burst of wind, making the two idiots fly through the air and smash into the ground, with the buckets landing on their heads. With a snort, he walked into the base, not wanting to look at the two idiots.

Blake went back to the palace and looked for the girls but found no one but Mina. “Mina, can you come with me to look at something? I need you to look at something.”

“Okay!” Mina happily landed on Blake’s head, and before he knew it, Yui had appeared out of nowhere and was hugging his arm.

The three walked over to one of the lab rooms, where Blake put up a barrier around the room just in case. “Alright, so I am not sure how good this is, but if it is what I think it is, I think I might be able to evolve again sooner rather than later.”


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