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“Good then please have the list ready for when this is over and do a headcount. For those who have left and have not come back, we will talk with their families and see what they wish to do.” Blake did not want to make assumptions that someone was dead if they had gone out further from the base and would take time to get back. But if a certain amount of time passed and the person who left did not return then they could only assume they were dead.

Thus far, Blake had been lucky and had not lost a single person from his base due to scouting or for even just exiting the base to take a look around. The area around the base was fairly safe as the scouts, and everyone in the base were highly trained now after so long. Even the elderly could kill a few goblins at once if they needed to.

But this was different. This was something that even the elves, dragonic, and even ather dragons had to be wary of if it was to heading toward a populated area. Even with barriers and the ability to block some of the argona’s tentacles, it would still result in a huge loss of life.

“Blake, how sure are you that this thing is one of those monsters?” Mike asked.

“About one percent sure. I only know this thing is massive and has a semi whale shape. From the shadow. But I could be wrong, and it could just be a new kind of monster we do not know about yet. But whatever it is, I felt danger from it to the depths of my bones. This much I know.” Blake explained. “I just want to be safe. I do not want the people here to get hurt and or killed for no reason. I can only do so much, so let’s hope this is enough.”

“I think you made the right decision. Either way, whatever that thing is it is fucking huge!” Bret could only stare up into the sky and try to see what it was that was blocking the sunlight.

“Mike, keep people from going outside. I plan to go out and try to take a look at what this thing is.” Blake knew that this might be a mistake, but he had to know what he was dealing with for himself.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Mike did not think Blake going outside to take a look at anything was a good idea.

“Nope! But I still need to know what this is in case it is not what we think it is. What if it is just some huge chicken? Or some giant flying girl with big tits? My instincts tell me it’s dangerous, but my curiosity to know what it is overwriting that.” Blake grinned as he patted Mike’s shoulder and ran into the darkness.

It was truly dark. Blake could only see around him due to his race. But most races wouldn’t be able to see in this darkness. He flapped his wings and flew back towards the clouds above. He was doing his best to fight off the impending fear he was feeling in order to get a good look at this thing. As he penetrated into the clouds, the cold, moist air hit his face dampening it. But this was not water that was hitting his face but liquid mana. The clouds were actually made of liquid mana!

“This… ” Blake took out a container and began waving it around like a madman as he tried to gather up as much liquid mana as he could. He was not getting much, but it was starting to pool together in the large pot that he was waving around.

As long as he could get enough, he might be able to drink it and get a boost to his mana pool. He was unsure about this and would need one of the girls from the old world to take a look at it, but if it was truly liquid mana, he would drink it all in a single gulp! Although he did not think he could get all that much.

After he got a few tablespoons full, he poured it into a plastic bottle and put the pot away. He wanted to check out the monster, and if he could, he would follow it for a while to grab as much liquid mana as he could before retreating back to the base. When he finally broke through the cloud bank, what he was met with was not exactly what he was expecting. This was no whale like monster but a golden carp. A giant golden carp was swimming through the air. It seemed to not have noticed him at all. It was just floating there, swaying back and forth slowly, seemingly without a care in the world.

Blake really did not know if he could call this thing dangerous or not. But his instincts were telling him this was a terrifying monster. Blake hovered around a bit to see if it would attack, but it did not seem to care that he was there. It was about fifty miles long and only about five miles wide. While it was very big, it did not seem to have any tentacles, so Blake could finally breathe a sigh of relief. He could even fly up close to it, and it did not seem to want to attack. Blake did not dare try to touch it just in case, but he did know that this was definitely not something he would want to anger.

Since it was flying slowly, Blake decided to let everyone know that it did not seem to be too dangerous, but he still wanted everyone inside until it moved along. Sadly this thing was moving a few feet a second. So it would still be a while before it moved on. He wanted to take this chance to continue gathering the liquid mana in the air and keep an eye on the monster until it left his area.


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