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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 205.1: Dark Skies Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

“My jaw hurts…” Sam complained as she rubbed her cheek. “Blake, get it away from my face! I can’t take it anymore. My jaw is about to snap off!”

“Yeah, us too! You are so rough!” Erica and Mina both pouted as they two rubbed their jaws.

“Sister Lillia, Sister Tina, Sister Yui, and Sister Josline are all worn out. They can barely move, what do we do?” Noa asked as she shook and moved her jaw about, trying to relieve the soreness.

“Mo-Mona can still goooooo onn ouch!” Mona had tears forming in her eyes. She thought she could take it fine, but after a few hours, her mouth felt like it was about to break.

“I think he needs another wife…. That is sturdy enough to handle him. While Sister Josline was able to last a while after days of punishment, it seems even she will be worn out after a while.” Lillia who slowly sat up looked at the scene that did not look like a sex scene but a war zone. Everyone was holding their jaws in pain, while a few were so worn out that their hips would fall off if they continued, but Blake was still standing there with his rod standing tall.

“What kind of wife will be able to join during this time? They would need to be strong and sturdy but also rejuvenate quickly.” Tina asked as she struggled to get up.

Lillia frowned slightly before saying: “I will think of something. Noa, I will need your help later. For now….” Lillia cast a healing spell on her and got ready for the next round. While her pain was gone, her fatigue was still high, but she gritted her teeth and pulled Blake towards her…..

From that day on, Lillia and Noa locked themselves up in a special room deep inside the base. What they were doing, no one knew. The only thing the people of the base knew was that many slimes were being asked to be brought in in abundance. These slimes were blue gelatins that really had no form. But they had two big eyes and a core in the middle of them. They were created from mana and were monsters who slid across the ground, eating dead things left behind.

It was strange how they could move through the grass without issue and without dissolving anything, but when they went over a body of a once-living being, they would slowly dissolve it to feed themselves. They were natural trash collectors.

Blake did not ask as he continued his training. He still wished to grow stronger, but he was far from his third evolution. While they are able to cultivate mana cleaning herbs with ease now, this was not something that would work on him again. He would need another kind of herb, much more powerful than the mana cleansing herb, to be able to expand his mana pool rapidly. That is, if he could even find such a herb. Lillia said in the old world, many kinds of herbs existed that would expand one’s mana pool. There were even small pools of mana that did not condense but worked the same as these herbs, which would also help expand one’s mana pool quickly.

“I need to do something…..” Blake frowned as he walked out of the base and looked up at the darkening sky. This made Blake frown as he stared at the dark clouds. “Rain?” Blake did not know why but he felt something was seriously wrong.

Blake jumped up into the sky and flapped his wings. He hovered just under the clouds and was about to reach up and touch it when he felt something very wrong and quickly retreated back under the barrier around the base.

A massive dark shadow appeared in the air. Just seeing the shadow that looked to be miles long made Blake feel fear. He did not waste time as he amplified his voice using magic and yelled out. “Everyone take cover! All men at the outposts and scout teams that can hear me take cover! Hide where ever you can.”

“Blake, what is happening!?” Bret was the first to come running out of the base along with Mike.

“There is a kind of monster that can match the colossus we saw. It was something that should not be in the new world. At least I never heard of one but now…. It seems I just never ran into one. I believe the thing in the sky is an argona. They are whale-like monsters that shoot down tentacles and pull up whatever they can grab to eat.” Blake explained before yelling out once more for people to take cover. Everyone outside under the barrier was told to go inside. He did not wish for anyone to get hurt.

Only he, Bret, and now Mike stood outside. “Blake, what happens if the tentacles things break through the barrier?”

“We will need to do a lot of cleaning up, is what happens. We should go in as well. We will stick by the entrance of the base, just in case. We can’t have any accidents.” Blake was worried that the tentacles did not just grab whatever they first touched when they dropped down but actually searched for it. Which means they might drop down and then slither about trying to dig out what they can.

The three all gazed up at the sky as the dark figure within the clouds slowly began to cast a shadow over the area below. Within ten minutes, the whole area around the base was shrouded in pitch-black darkness. You couldn’t see anything without a flashlight. Blake could only hope that his people who were on the outside heard his voice and were not in hiding. Or else if this thing in the sky decides to attack, they might be caught and pulled up to feed it. This was not the outcome he wanted for any of his people. “Bret, there is a list of names of all people who left the base, correct?”

“Yeah, there is a register for those leaving at the gate and the paths to the outposts.”


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