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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 204: Seven More!? Bahasa Indonesia

The next morning Blake knocked on Bret’s door since the man had not attended the morning meeting. “What the hell is he….”

Blake’s words got stuck in his throat as a certain elf girl opened the door wearing the same clothes as yesterday with a slight blush on her face. “Bret is still sleeping…..”

“The…. You…. are you two?” Blake was trying to find words. Didn’t things progress a little too quickly yesterday!?

“We are now married. And because I had been waiting a long time. I kind of went overboard last night. So please, pardon him for today….” Rin’s face was very flushed as she spoke, but she did not want Bret to get in trouble because she forced him to work hard all night long.

“I see…. Yeah… You two have the day off…. Hell, take a week off. I will have someone else look over things. And congrats. I am glad you two are together.” Blake kept scratching his head as he turned around and walked away. Rin quickly closed the door and mumbled to herself: “One week…. Seems like I can wake him back up….”

Blake made his way through the base, still feeling quite surprised. When he saw Noa walking towards him, he walked right up to her and grabbed her hand, and spun her around. “Rin will be taking a week off. She is on her honeymoon.”

“Honeymoon? What is that?” Noa asked in confusion.

“It is what happens when a man and a woman get married and spend some time together alone afterward. The length depends on the couple, though.” Blake answered.

“I see…, so Rin is on her hone….” As her brain began to turn, Noa’s eyes went wide as she turned to Blake and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt: “Rin and that oaf!?”

“Yep, they are now official,” Blake replied with a smile.

Noa let Blake go and let out a sigh. “I only gave her a small push, and the girl leaped right in. I guess she loved him more than I thought. But this is good. Rin deserves to be happy. Because if he ever hurts her, I will turn him into a woman and shove him into a pit of goblins.”

“Knowing the two are finally together Is a good thing. I thought they would never get together with how slow they were going. But since they are now married, I hope he can produce more babies. We need our community to grow more. Our population is quite low.” Blake really needed to figure out how to make his base grow quicker.

“I do not think the population will have too much of a problem. I was coming to find you to bring you with me. ” Noa smiled and grabbed Blake by the hand, and pulled him along.

Blake was brought to the palace to one of the side rooms to find a big banner that said congratulations. Seeing the banner, Blake became even more confused: “Noa, what is goi…”

“Congratulations! You are soon to be a dad!” Lillia and the other girls all let their party poppers go off as confetti sprayed everywhere.

“Hmmm? Who is pregnant this time!?” Blake asked, his eyes lighting up.

“It’s not who but how many. Mona, Moha, Sam, Erica, Mina, Clance and….. Noa herself….” Lillia announced smugly. She was proud of her man! He was doing his job right!

“This….” Blake looked at the girls, who were all looking back at him with big smiles. This was truly a huge surprise. He was going to have seven kids at once! He wondered which one was going to be a son. He thought about it, and he would not mind having three sons and the rest daughters! “This is truly amazing!”

While Blake was getting good news that his family was about to grow much bigger, deep in a dim dark cave a human monster with a huge stomach screamed at the top of its lungs. The stomach was so big it did not look like a stomach of a normal pregnancy but one of someone who was holding a five year old child in their belly.

The screams echoed throughout the cave and out into the night, scaring away any monsters nearby. A massive pressure was also excluded out of the cave as if some godly being was about to be born.

The pregnant human monster lay on the ground, thrashing around as a hand suddenly shot through its belly. A black hand that was darker than the darkest of nights. The hand ripped the stomach open all the way, causing blood to flow like a river as a small human shaped being that was completely black climbed out. Its long slender black tail swung around as the small humanoid looked around. “Hmmm….? Mama? You want me to eat you? Okay.”

The small genderless figure bent over and began ripping the human monster apart. Chunks of flesh were ripped off and eaten by the small figure who did not even care for the horrid screams coming from what should have been its mother. This was the birth of a new powerful race that would later be named shadows…..

After eating the entire body bones and all the figure stood up now as tall as a teenage boy. Within the darkness, it was hard to see the figure who was standing there. Its elongated fingers and spiked back were all that could be really made out beside the yellow eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. “It seems I need to eat more if I wish to become stronger. The more I eat, the more I can create more of myself…..”

The figure cocked its head and looked towards the exit. “I wonder what good things I will find…..”

A scientist once said time travel would be a bad idea. Mainly because if they did travel back in time and you accidentally changed something in the past, it would cause the timeline to divert, and the things that should have happened did not happen. In Blake’s previous life, there were no new humanoid monsters such as the one born on this day….


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