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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 203: A Small Push Bahasa Indonesia

Bret pondered for a moment and shook his head. “I thought of that too. But when I see her and her cuteness, I just, my dick has a mind of its own, and my balls seem to be able to build up a new bout of baby fluid. Luckily I can restrain myself to a certain point, but if I were to kiss her man my dam will break loose, and I will never be able to hear the end of it.”

“Hahaha!” Blake let out a laugh. “Then I do not know what to tell ya, buddy. I can keep going all day and night. I mean, I just spent two days with my new wife, so yeah….”

“Just rub it in! Not everyone has a magic dick, alright! Plus, I really like Rin. I do not know what she thinks about men with multiple wives, but I will only pick one up if she is okay with it after… well, I should say if we ever get to a point where I can ask her to marry me. Even when she is cold as ice to me, I can’t help but look her way and find her as cute as a button. Hic!” Bret was starting to get drunk as he began speaking sentimentally.

Blake nodded. “Yeah, girls will do that to ya. When I first met Lillia, I thought it would be just me and her against the world. But then Tina showed up, and from there, things began to fall into place, one girl after the other. And now I have eleven wives and probably will have many more. But I can say I care about each of them and will protect them no matter what. So you wanting to get together with Rin first and taking things from there is a smart way of doing things. Just take your time and keep pushing. Maybe one day she will let you hold her in your arms.”

“Mmmm… Maybe…. I will not give up! That is the only thing I got going for me is that I am persistent. Once I set my mind on something, I will keep chasing it. And Rin is the only girl in my heart. But even if things progress and she allows me to have another wife or two, I will try to do what you do and keep it harmonious.” Bret raised his glass, and the two men toasted each other.

Standing not too far away with a lunchbox in her hands, Rin leaned against the tree she was hiding behind and closed her eyes. She had to admit she was touched by his words. He would only have more wives if she okayed it. This, for her, was enough to smile. That is because the races all had more than one wife and would not care about the others when they got a new one. She had seen the actions between her Princess and Blake’s other wives. They were playful and did things together and were all happy and harmonious because they were all treated the same. While they would complain sometimes, Blake would be sure to fix any mistakes he made and pamper them all as evenly as possible.

“So….. Are you going to give him a chance?” A voice came out of nowhere and made Rin jump into the air. She turned to see her princess standing there with a teasing smile on her face. “Princess…. I….”

“Bret is a good man. Goofy at times, but I can tell he truly loves you. I see no reason for you not to let him in. You can be with the man you love. And do not say I am mistaken because I know you better than anyone. You are someone who does not play around. You are more devoted to him than you think. That lunchbox in your hands is proof of it. You have long been in love with the big oaf, but you are scared of being hurt.” Noa walked over and pulled Rin into a hug. “You do not need to worry about me either. I got my sisters and my husband to look out for me. So you can work normal hours, and at night I can handle myself. So Rin, go ahead and follow your heart for once.”

Rin watched as Noa pulled back and smiled at her before walking past her toward the guys. “Blake! I need your help with something. Can you help me?”

“Hmm? Sure?” Blake stood up. He swayed a little but still walked over to Noa, who then whispered into his ear. He smiled and turned to Bret. “Bret, stay here. I will be back in a bit.”

Bret nodded and took another swig of his drink. “Alright! I will be here, brother!”

After Noa pulled Blake away, Rin bit her lip and took a deep breath. “Princess gave me this chance…. I will not screw it up.”

She walked out from behind the tree and walked over to Bret, who was staring off into space. “Idiot!”

“Hmmm? Rin?” Bret turned and smiled warmly at the elf girl in front of him. “I was just thinking about you.”

Rin blushed from ear to ear. She wondered why he was always such a smooth talker when he was drunk. She rushed over and pushed the lunch box into his hands. “Eat and sober up some.”

Bret was never one to argue when Rin told him to do something. He happily opened the lunch box and picked up the fork. He was about to dig in when his vision grew dark, and something warm pressed against his lips. He watched as the elf girl’s face came back into view as she looked at him with a warm smile. “Quickly eat while it’s still warm.”

“Huh? Ah… Right….” Bret was in a daze as he ate. He did not even remember finishing the food, he only remembered the soft touch of Rin’s lips and the fruity smell that came off her body.

“Was it good?” Rin asked.

“Mmm…. As always, it was delicious.” Bret replied.

“Good….” Rin sat there rocking back and forth for a second before turning to Brett and saying. “If you are willing. I will….” Before she finished, Bret pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips. Rin was shocked at first but slowly got lost in the frantic kiss of this man.


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