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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 202.2: Dwarf Girls Are Sturdy Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Two more chapters still to come!–


“Blake, she is ready,” Noa said as she slowly got up and adjusted her position. She then pulled Josline away from Blake and laid her down. She massaged the dwarf girl’s breasts a little before sliding her hands down and spreading Josline’s legs apart. “Sister Josline, it’s time for you to officially become Blake’s wife.”

“Mmm….” Josline was already on cloud nine. She was ready for anything at this time. Her nervousness was all gone after she cummed the first time.

“Alright, I will go easy. If it hurts too much, tell me.” Blake said as he positioned himself. He leaned over and kissed Noa on the lips and said: “Line me up.”

Noa smiled and grabbed his dick, and placed it at Josline’s entrance. She then pushed it in, slightly parting the dwarf girls soaking wet lips before saying: “Ready.”

Blake smiled and pushed hard with one thrust breaking the cherry that had been waiting for him this entire time. Josline cried out slightly as she bit her bottom lip. But when she looked down and saw how she and Blake were now connected, and she was now officially his wife she couldn’t help but smile. “Are you okay?”

“Mmm… Dwarf girls are sturdy. Have your way with me. I will accept it all.” With these words Blake, of course, did not hold back. He began pumping in and out of her while playing with the dwarf girl’s clit to make her go even more crazy.

The sound of skin slapping against each other filled the room while Noa was fingering herself right over Josline’s head. Her juices dripped down over Josline’s face as she watched her husband and her new sister mate.

Josline eyes were glued to the hairless pussy above her. She reached up with her hands and pulled Noa down towards her. So that she could taste the flash of the elf. Her senses and shame were all gone as she moaned from Blake’s dick and did her best to help her sister with her tongue.

Josline’s tight pussy felt amazing to Blake. He could feel her squeezing him hard, making the pleasure for himself feel ten times better. He leaned forward and kissed Noa while he massaged Josline’s breast with one hand, and teased the dwarf girl’s clit with the other while still pumping his dick in and out of her.

While he was getting lost in his lust and was enjoying the current happenings, he did hope this would be a memory for Josline, who had been waiting all this time. When he finally felt his dick swell, he pushed deep into Josline’s baby room and released all his milk inside. Before continuing without stopping making the dwarf girl go crazy.

The hours passed, and Blake continued to ravage Josline’s pussy while sometimes Noa would join in when she was not out of energy. After so many rounds, Noa finally lay at the side, passed out. But Josline, she had her legs wrapped around Blake’s waist, not letting him go. She was currently hugging him as she bounced up and down. Her body was covered in bite marks and she looked a little pale from blood loss but she was lost in her lust to the point that she did not care what happened to her.

By the time the next morning’s light entered the window, Noa woke up to the two still going at it. Josline was on all fours while Blake did her from the back. The bed was soaked in their juices and Josline’s stomach was poking out a bit from being filled with so much cum. It was even splattering out with each thrust from Blake.

When Noa saw this scene, she couldn’t help but be amazed. She gave Josline two thumbs up! She really was sturdy! But before she could even say a word, she was also pulled into their sex session, causing her to wish she had escaped a little earlier.

Two days later, Blake walked out of the bedroom feeling very much refreshed. Josline did not end up being tired until just a few hours ago. Blake never thought he could go for two days, but it seemed he was more than able to.

“To think it would be two days! No fair!” Lillia yelled out with a huff. She felt like she was too weak! The damn dwarf girl lasted two days!

“You are not the only one surprised here! Who would have thought she was sturdy!? She wouldn’t even let me rest. I had to keep up with her myself.” Blake felt helpless. He was not complaining. The entire experience was quite amazing. But if this went on every night, he might not have time for any training!

“Humph! Serves you right! Now you know how us girls feel when we plead with you to stop, and all you do is pound us more!” Lillia stretched out her arms and slipped them around Blake’s waist, and said: “So tonight, make sure you treat me properly.”

“Mmm… I will make you plead for mercy for hours on end.” Blake teased as he took Lillia’s lips and kissed her deeply. The dragon girl squealed and smiled brightly. In truth, she loved begging her man for mercy. It showed how domineering he was!

A few hours later, Blake was sitting with Bret, who was sipping some watered down dwarven ale, and asked: “So how are you and Rin?”

“Hehe…. While you were getting busy, did you know Rin let me hold her hand for a whole ten seconds? Brother, I am finally moving up in the world!” Bret had a smug smile on his face as if he had accomplished something grande, making Blake choke on his ale. “Just holding hands!? What the hell are you being so proud about!? Well, when I think about it. Rin is probably a tough girl to crack, so I guess this is quite a bit of progress. Just don’t die when you finally get to kiss her.”

“Ahh… about that… brother, any way you can help a brother learn not to bust in his pants? If Rin ever lets me kiss her, I am afraid my little brother will become a volcano.” Bret’s cheeks turned red. He did not want Rin to think he was a quick shot.

“Uhhh…. To be honest, I do not know…. What about just beating off before you see her, so you are on empty?”


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