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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 201.1: Dwarf Girls Are Sturdy Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Xmas event coming up where you will get an extra chapter on the 17th of this month and then the 3rd of next month.–


Blake had finally finished his training. After spending a few days resting up, it was finally time to make Josline official. While Josline was shorter than the other girls, minus Mina since she was a fairy, she had slightly bigger bones, but it did not make her look fat at all. In fact, she looked like a normal beautiful girl.

Blake had already bathed and was waiting in the room. He was wearing a bathrobe to make things easier. This way Josline would not need to undress completely and could just pull the belt to get to his manly parts.

Blake lay on the bed waiting for his new wife to come in. but when the door opened, he saw Noa peeking in. “Blake….. Sister Josline is nervous and asked me to come with her.”

“Okay.” Blake did not mind at all. “You can join if she is okay with it.”

“Then we are coming in.” Noa smiled and walked in with a bathrobe on as well. Behind her being led in by Noa was Josline who had her head lowered with red cheeks. She had asked Noa to come with her because she really did not know if she could do this alone! She was excited yet scared. Happy yet nervous. When she saw the man lying on the bed with a playful smile on his face, Josline’s body began to heat up.

She almost wanted to run away, but before she could, Noa pulled her to the front and pushed her onto the bed. “No chickening out.”

Josline wanted to die! She wanted to know why Noa had to say it out loud! Noa just smiled as she climbed on the bed and pushed Josline along. When the two came to be sitting in front of Blake, Noa reached around Josline’s waist and pulled the belt on her bathrobe, and pulled it down over her shoulders revealing the slender soft white flesh underneath. Her small yet perky mounds stood in the air with her two cherries sticking out, waiting to be teased.

Josline wanted to cover up, but when she thought of how she was doing this to be with Blake, she could only bite her lip and shyly lower her head as she let Noa pull the bathrobe away. Blake looked at the shy girl and had to say he was quite turned on by her timidness. It made him want to conquer her even more now. But instead, he decided to allow the two girls to have some fun first. “Noa, help her get ready.”

“Mmm!” Noa smiled and quickly got rid of her bathrobe as he made her way in front of Josline. Josline looked at Noa and closed her eyes since she already knew what was coming. She felt a soft pair of lips on hers and two sets of hands gently squeezing her breasts, causing her body to grow even hotter. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing Noa to invade it, and began trying to match what Noa was doing. The two girls’ tongues intertwined, and their saliva began to mix together.

Before Josline knew it, she was already starting to get wet. Just from a simple kiss, she was getting turned on, and it was from a girl, no less! Josline began to lose herself in the kiss when she suddenly felt a hand slip between her legs, causing her to open her eyes wide, but she did not refuse it. She spread her legs apart and allowed Noa better access. She then felt Noa’s hands gently caress her pussy, causing her to let out a moan of pleasure.

Noa did not enter her, only gently teased the outside. Blake would be the one to take her virginity, so Noa was sure not to make any mistakes. As the two girls made out in front of him, Blake undid his robes and exposed his manhood for all to see. He got up on his knees and moved over to the two girls, and pushed his dick in between their two mouths. Soon his dick split in two, one entering each girl’s mouth.

Josline felt the new invader and already knew what it was, but she did not refuse it as she began circling her tongue around the tip. Blake held both girls’ heads and moved his head back and forth, and used both girls’ mouths as a pussy. Their saliva dribbled out of their mouths as he quickly came to a climax and shoved his dick deep into their mouths, releasing his milk down their throats.

“Cough! Blake! Mean!” Noa complained as she gagged on the cum that filled her mouth, but Josline, on the other hand, was taking it like it was nothing and even jerked him off as his dick went down her throat. She allowed everything to slip right down into her stomach without issue.

When Blake pulled his dick from her mouth, Noa quickly plugged Josline’s mouth back up and swapped the cum she had in her mouth into Josline’s. The two girls once more began kissing again.

Blake smiled as he saw this as he began playing with their bodies. To him seeing his girls making love was an amazing thing. They really got into it, and the look of lust that they gave each other as they did was a turn on for him. Blake leaned down and bit into Josline’s neck, causing her to instantly squirt as she had an orgasm. Her juices sprayed all over Noa’s pussy which was pressed up against hers.

After drinking a bit of Josline’s blood, Blake watched as the girl suddenly broke her kiss with Noa and turned towards him, and began kissing him with everything she had. Noa leaned back and ground her pussy against Josline’s. Josline reacted in kind. Their juices were flooding out like crazy, and Noa knew That Josline was ready.


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