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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 200.2: First Dungeon Boss! Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

–An) Only three chapters tonight. Will be back to four a day again tomorrow.–


The massive orc boss stood up from his sitting position on the floor and let out a maniacal laugh. He looked at the puny beings that appeared before it as if they were nothing more than a snack. “You puny beings! You dare enter my domain!? You will all die here!”

Not waiting for anyone to say anything back, the orc boss began swinging around his four huge tree trunks, smacking them into the beams, destroying them, and sending the debris flying every which way. Blake did not hesitate to toss out a barrier around him, and the girls as the chunks of stone flew through the air and crashed into the ground around him.

“Girls, once the debris stops, you two will split up and attack from different sides while I attack from the front. Just remember to stay on your toes and watch out for magic. I put barriers on you both, but it might not be enough.” Blake wanted to try to keep the boss looking at him, which was why he was having the girls split up. They were quick and strong, so if they could land a quick attack while he had the boss’s attention, it would be a heavy blow to the boss.

The only thing Blake did not get was why did this boss seem less like an orc and more like a fantasy-style orc with his size and the four arms. He wondered if Lillia did this just for the unexpected. Not that he was complaining because he would prefer to be ready for anything.

“Go!” As soon as the flying debris cleared up, Blake signaled for the attack. He ran straight up the middle and shot multiple fireballs, once after the other, at the boss orc’s face to block its vision. He was not expecting to kill the boss with these fireballs, but he at least wanted to blind it long enough for the girls to charge in from the flanks.

“Ahhh! Puny beings, you dare try to go against me!?” The boss orc yelled out as it got hit in the face with multiple fireballs. “You can all die!”

The boss orc lifted its massive clubs, and before Blake or the girls could do a thing, the boss orc slammed it on the floor, sending wave after wave of earth spikes in all directions. Blake was not even able to defend. He blinked, and he found himself in the base’s medical bay with both Mona and Moha sitting on top of him.

“Blake?” The girls were really confused as to what had just happened. Blake, on the other hand, was looking down at himself in shock because his entire body had been impaled in the dungeon, but there was not even a single mark on him now. Even Moha and Mona were unharmed.

“Lord! I see you got to test out the new automatic healing function Madam Lillia and Madam Noa inputted into the training zone. To be honest, I am very glad they upgraded it to have automatic instant healing because people were almost on the verge of death half the time. Trying to save them with my weak magic is no fun.” Dr. Stanley walked over with a smile.

“Well, shit…” Blake sighed as he laid back. “I never thought we would die so quickly!” Blake complained. He really thought they had a chance. But who would have thought the whole room would be filled with earth spikes that rose up out of the ground in almost an instant?

“You tried out the new dungeons?” Dr. Stanley asked. He was quite curious about these dungeons.

“Yeah. We got to the first boss and were killed in its first magic attack. It was so fast we couldn’t even react. But I swear, if we are able to take it out, our reflexes will rise by many times. So Doc, I hope you do not mind watching over the three of us when we arrive here. You will be seeing a lot of us over the next month.” Blake answered as he looked up at the ceiling.

“Haha! I will be here. But try to be careful. Bret sliced his arm up pretty good before the new healing system was added, so there is no telling what might happen.” Dr. Stanley was one of those people who preferred to be more safe than sorry.

“Don’t worry. We always have barriers on so we can at least keep the damage from taking our lives.” Blake forgot that unless an attack is going to kill you, it will not teleport you to the medical bay.

And so a few days later. “Damn it!” Blake and the girls once more found themselves in the medical bay. Another few days later… Then another few days later. Dr. Stanley looked at the man who was gloomily walking away and shook his head. “The Lord is a very hard worker….”

Three weeks into his training and only a few days left before his month of training was up. Blake flew through the air as Mona and Moha used their hammers to smash the rib cage of the boss orc. “Ahhhh! Puny Humans di….”

Blake sliced down with his sword using mana to extend the blade with a thin vibrating blade of mana extending from the metal blade and sliced it through the boss orc, slicing it in two. Blake fell to the ground as blood began to pool on the ground with sweat and his own blood dripping from his body. Moha and Mona looked as if they also had a tough battle. They only had underwear left on while Blake was missing his shirt, and his pants were shredded to the point that they now looked like ripped shorts.

“What a hell of a fight. Who knew it could cast earth spike on the walls, ceiling, and the floor? So unfair!” Blake found a clean spot and sat down. He was quickly joined by the mookin girls. “We will call it a day here and leave the dungeon. I am sure you girls want to bathe.”

“Hehe! How about you milk us while we rinse off, then we will give you a proper cleaning?” Mona asked with eyes beaming with ulterior motives.


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