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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 199.1: First Dungeon Boss! Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

“Blake!” Mona and Moha ran over to him and quickly inspected him for injuries.

“I am fine. It was just unexpected. Who would have thought a massive orc would appear out of nowhere and attack us as soon as we entered? But this is also good since everything outside was too weak. Mona, Moha, let’s keep going. We need to train more. Just now, you two were perfect and worked in tandem.” Blake was really impressed with the two’s reaction speed. They were able to time their attacks just right to stagger such a powerful enemy while hitting the enemy’s attack back at them. What he worried about was when magic began to appear in the dungeon. If they begin attacking with magic then the girls might suffer quite a bit.

“Hehe!” Both girls looked at each other and giggled. Their tails wagged back and forth. They were very happy to have Blake complement them.

Blake and the girls quickly made their way down the next hall. This time two massive orcs blocked their path. Blake had the girls block one while he fought the other. The massive orcs did not seem to have the ability to talk as they raised their clubs and smashed down toward the invaders. Blake was not dumb enough to try to block the attack again, so he used the moment the massive orc swung down at him to dodge and run up its arm, decapitating it instantly.

Moha used her insanely high strength to block the attack while Mona charged in and slammed her hammer off the massive orc’s kneecap shattering it instantly and causing the massive orc to fall to the ground where Moha was waiting, already high in the air with her hammer slamming down on its head.


The ground shook as the massive orcs head turned into mush. Both girls stood on top of the massive orc’s body with smug looks on their faces as their breasts heaved up and down. They just used their everything to defeat the massive orc. All their energy was spent trying to take such a massive monster down in a few shots.

Blake walked over and hopped up over to them and pulled them into a hug, and kissed both of them on the head. “You two are really amazing.” They had no magic. Only the physical strength that came with their race and they were able to take down such a massive orc by themselves.

“Blake…. Can you reward us….” Mona asked bashfully as she reached out towards his crotch.

Blake wondered who was the one to get the reward, him or them. But he did not say no. He walked towards a clear section where it was clean and began stripping both girls right then and there. He pushed them both against the wall so that they were facing each other and stuck it into them without a care.

Three hours later, both girls were walking slightly funny with big smiles on their faces. To them getting their bull to mate with them was the biggest reward ever. So they were quite happy to have taken in his seed multiple times. They followed him into the next room, ready to fight even if their hips were slightly sore.

In the frozen tundra of the training area, the rest of Blake’s wives were all sitting chest high in the snow in their bathing suits. Not a single one of them looked cold at all. They were sitting cross legged with their eyes closed as they synchronized with one another. The snow around them was actually melting. This was because they were using an area heating spell that affected each of them in tandem, using less magic per person because they were all contributing to the same spell.

Lillia opened her eyes and looked at her sisters, and smiled. “Very good! Now we will split up into three teams: support, defense, and attack. Tina, Sam, Erica, and Clance will be on the attack team. Myself and Josline will be on the defense team while Noa and Mina will be on support. We will split up and begin synchronizing spells, but at the same time, all of us will stay synchronized with the heating spell. This is all part of our training. The first person to fail will not get to have sex with Blake for a night!”

“What no fair!”All the girls yelled out while Princess Josline, or now just Josline, blushed from ear to ear. She also wanted to join in on this sex thing with Blake, but she had to wait still, sadly.

“Enough! We are doing this for training, so failure brings punishment. That is just how it is. It will help with concentration!” Lillia shouted, causing all of them to lower their heads. But now they really had to work hard or else they would be left out!

Each one of them now had a flash of determination in their eyes. They each looked at each other and nodded their heads before standing up and doing their best not to break concentration. The goal of this training was to make it so that synchronization was second nature to them. They did not even need to think about what they were doing. They would just maintain whatever magic they decided on.

As the girls worked hard, Blake found himself in a large room. He looked at how the room was set up and could only sigh. He wondered what books Lillia read to create a stereotypical boss room. There were pillars spaced out all over and a large boss with four arms that held four massive tree trunks. On the massive boss’s head were two horns that came out and curled around towards the back of the head. This boss even had a massive amount of mana which made it seem like they were going to be in for a very tough battle.

“Mona, Moha, be careful and watch out for any use of magic. Retreat immediately if you feel anything off.” Blake warned. The two mookin girls nodded their heads and readied their hammers. They were ready for battle!


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