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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 196.1: A Raid? Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

-An) One more on the way!–

In another area, a group of dragonic were currently gathered together deep inside a mountain range far from the prying eyes of the royal family. “Is everyone here?”

“Yes, Lord. Everyone has arrived and are awaiting your speech.” A young dragonic replied.

“Good!” The young man smiled as he lifted his head arrogantly. He had worked hard to get to this point. He wanted to show the world that the dragonic imperial family was nothing, that he, Rize was the one who should be ruling the world.

He walked out in front of the one hundred or so youthful dragonic, looking down at them as if he was the god of the world, and raised his hands slightly, signaling for them to clap. He looked back and forth proudly, and after about a minute, he lowered his hands, and the cave they were in quieted down. “My brothers and sisters, we will begin a new story in our race’s life. A story where we are the kings. We will take over this world and show the world who are the real dragonic to be feared. My brothers and sisters, are you all with me!?”

“Rize! Rize! Rize!” The youthful dragonic began chanting. Rize looked at them, all his eyes scanning the crowd until they landed on a pretty young dragonic and pointed at her. “You will come serve me tonight.” The draconic youth blushed and nodded her head. She walked towards Rize with stares of jealousy plastered all over her body. But she felt like she had just risen to a new level and became the first empress of the new dragonic imperial line.

The thoughts of many races were starting to change. Now with such a huge world, they would be able to do as they pleased. Claim an area for themselves and become kings, queens, emperors, and empresses once again. After many years of being stuck in a small void with limited space, they could now fan out and, just like the times of old, have many kingdoms and empires that were all from the same races without issue. But the key to all of this was to first grow stronger, build up a massive army, and then claim the land they wanted.

This was not just the other races and Grace’s group that were preparing for such a scenario. Not far from Blake’s base, a group of humans were banding together. “Jack, is what you say true? There is a huge base with many women and resources?”

“I wouldn’t lie. I saw it with my own eyes. I got in close enough to see the outpost they already had set up. I could not see inside the base because of the high walls, but I am sure there are many girls inside. I even heard a few laughing and joking around. The resources are more important, so even if there are girls, if they get in our way, kill them.” Jack replied.

“Heh, I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they are suddenly surrounded. How big is the base?” One of the men asked.

“It’s…. I think it would be best to focus on getting in. the walls got around for a mile in all directions. Even the outposts are one mile out. So we only need to get in and grab what we can.” Jack knew this was risky, but they were on the bare minimum. If they did not do something now, they would not have any way of sustaining themselves.

The group of men who counted around seventy altogether all had different expressions. “Alright! I know you are worried, but we have no choice. Gear up! We will be moving out in an hour. We have no choice but to take what we can and rush out.”


Back inside the dungeon, Blake was currently enjoying the two tongues that were swirling around his dick. Mona and Moha were extending their extra long tongues and wrapping them around his dick as they used them to jerk him off. They moaned softly as Blake used his fingers to dig into their pussies, making sure they were good and wet.

Only when they were dripping and looking at him, begging for it. He had the two girls lying on top of each other. His dick split in two and slipped into their flooding holes and sending them over the moon. Mona and Moha held each other and kissed while they were both fucked at the same time. This was the two girls’ favorite position as they got to feel their bull inside them at the same time while being able to kiss each other and press their breasts together and release their warm milk all over their bodies. The only thing they fought for was who would be on top so they could get their tail pulled.

All of this was being done on a large rock surrounded by a huge burnt out crater after Blake had used his spell. Because of his weakened state, he had become very hungry and began sucking the two girls’ blood which resulted in his lust taking over, which led to the current situation. This session lasted almost five hours before Blake finally released two loads at the same time in both girls which made the girls both let out long mooing sounds as they tried their best to drain every drop from Blake. They both seemed quite serious about trying to become pregnant.

After another two hours of rest and Blake giving the girls a good milking, they were once more ready for battle. What lay before them was a broken palace wall and a few guards standing by the palace entrance. Even after destroying their huge force, no one came out to brother them. This was because the orcs were not created to move past certain points.

“Alright, when we get into the palace, things will become even more difficult. There will be traps and other dangers inside, and this is not including the enemies we will also have to face. So remember what I said before. If you are in trouble, yell out.”


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