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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 195: As The Gears Begin To Spin Bahasa Indonesia

At the real orc camp far away from Blake’s base, the sounds of cheering could be heard. “Today, brothers, we shall show this new world that we orcs are not to be looked down upon. We shall rise up and take over the lands of those around us and expand our territory. The men we capture will be turned into slaves, and their women will become our breeding horses. We will build our orc empire back to its original glory before the great war!”

“Yurrahhhhh!” A loud cheer came from the thousands of orcs that were all gathered together within a large camp.

“So, brothers, pick up your weapons! We will move out as one and take the world!” The orc chief watched as his people cheered and picked up their weapons. With things as they are, they would not move out and rebuild their orc clan. After suffering heavy losses during the last battle within the void, it was not going to be easy to rebuild. They would need to first begin birthing more orcs and rebuild their population once they reached the millions once more. Then, they could begin truly conquering the world. So their goal at this time was to start small and quickly advance from there. Luckily orc babies, no matter which race they are birthed with, would always grow quickly. One month for giving birth and another month to be as big as a ten year old. After three months more of training, they would have more soldiers. This was only the beginning.

In another place, Grace Townsend lifted her head and looked at the human camp that had slowly begun being built up around her. She was being hailed as the next messiah due to her ability with magic. Her powers may be strong, but she never thought of herself as some messiah. But what she felt and what people wished to believe were much different.

She had no idea how it happened, but word seemed to have spread amongst the humans in the area, and now hundreds of them had traveled here and began building up a small town. The trees were slowly being cleared out, and even scavenging groups were forming. And for some reason, she was seen as their leader.

It seemed those who wished to be protected would go out of their way to suck up to the one person with the most power, and that person at this time was her. This was all because she had wiped out a goblin den by herself while trying to save a friend of hers. But sadly, she was too late. She could only relieve her friend of her misery by giving her death. When she saw her friend lying there naked on the ground with lifeless eyes as a goblin rammed her without restraint, she knew that her friend was long gone. She had become a shell. A shell that had no way of returning back to being human. Even after she had killed the goblin and tried to speak to her friend to get her to come back to her, her friend just stared lifelessly at the rocky cave ceiling without responding at all.

Because of that incident, though that had spread by word of mouth, the humans began to look up to her as some kind of goddess. But This incident also made her realize something as well. She did not want to give up the land that had been stolen from them by all these monsters and new races that came out of nowhere. She wanted to make them all disappear and go back to the life she once had. Even if magic and monsters still existed, she still wanted to get close to her old way of life where she could work and have a few beers here and there without worrying about dying left and right.

“Lady Grace! Can you please say a few words?” A man respectfully bowed to Grace as he asked this. It was as if he was standing in front of a real live goddess. He was afraid if he looked at her for too long, he would taint her.

“I-I guess…” Grace sighed as she walked over to the large group that had been gathering for a while now. This was something that had been happening for the past few days since the group began growing larger. A nightly meeting to go over what had been accomplished and what still needed to be done. As for Grace, she felt like she had nothing to do since no one would allow her to do anything. So she spent most of her time working on her magic. She was slowly growing to understand how it works and how she could alter it at will.

She stood in front of the crowd and smiled at those looking at her. “Once again, we had another day with no deaths. More people continue to show up, and our little group has now turned into a colony. We, as humans, are not meant to hide away. We are a race that has overcome many odds and are now standing here today even after our world has been taken away from us. We are alive. We are standing here and are working hard to create a new place for us. But I feel we should think big. We should take back what was rightfully ours. We should be able to take back everything that once belonged to us. We will make the other races and the monsters of this new world fear us. We will fight for what is ours.”

“Lady Grace!” The people below her yelled out her name. Their eyes filled with reverence. She was sure that if she told them to commit suicide, they would do it. This was how much they worshiped her at this point. And sadly, she wanted to make use of their belief in her and begin reclaiming what was once theirs, to begin with.


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