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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 197.2: A Raid? Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Seven in the evening, Bret was sitting currently taking a shift at one of the outposts. He did this every so often when he wanted a change in scenery. He looked out over the darkening sky and wondered just how long it would be before they truly began making a mark in this new world.

“Hey stupid, I brought you some food.” A delicate yet sarcastic voice rang from behind Bret. He turned to see a cute elf girl staring daggers at him as she walked over with a box full of food that she had personally made herself. She may look like she did not care for the man in front of her much, but in truth, she had really been enjoying his company. Although she would never tell that to the man himself.

“Rinrin brought me food!?” Bret smiled as he called out sweetly to her causing her to make a disgusted face and roll her eyes as she pushed the food into his arms. “I made quite a few failures, and instead of wasting precious resources I decided to feed it to the dog.”

Bret ignored her words as he took the box and opened it to see neatly added dishes, all cooked to perfection inside. He looked up to see Rin looking away with a small blush on her cheeks. She looked very cute when she tried to hide her true feelings. He would never call her out on it, though, since she still seemed to draw a fine line on things but he did not mind waiting for her to open up to him. He could feel he was slowly progressing to the point that she would finally really let him in.

Bret dug right into the food while Rin sat next to him and poured him some water. She looked like a wife taking care of her husband. Well, she would if it was not for the indifferent look she had on her face.

The two sat there in quiet, with the only sounds being Bret woofing down the food he was given. At this point, even if all he got was a slab of bark from a tree from Rin, he would eat it. But luckily, the girl’s attitude only stopped short of the way she acted when in front of him. When she was cooking the food, she was humming an elven song with a smile on her face, thinking of all the things Bret liked.

While the two enjoyed one of their few peaceful moments together, a group of men were slowly walking towards Bret’s position. Their gear was not all much different from those of Bret and his men. Jack, the one in the lead, raised his hand and clenched his fist to signal for everyone to stop and crouch down. “Outpost spotted. We will raid it first to test their abilities.”

The men behind him nodded and readied their weapons. While some could use magic, they were not very good at it, and it was not as useful as a gun still. This was because they really had no idea how to wield magic efficiently yet.

Jack waved his hand, and his men began to move in. But as soon as they moved out, a clicking sound was heard, and Jack’s face paled. “Retreat!”


A landmine went off, and the two men, one of which had stepped on the landmine, blew apart into chunks of bone and flesh. Blood rained down on the group as they witnessed the scene. Jack gritted his teeth as he yelled out. “They know we are here. Use grenades to test for landmine positions. Only step on the areas you blasted! We came too far to give up now!”

The men behind him heard his order and gritted their teeth as he did as they were told. They were hungry and tired. If they turned away now, they were sure to die of hunger. With no other options and the thought of food and women, their eyes turned bloodshot as they began hurling grenades left and right.

Sounds of explosions were going off all around. In the outpost, Bret happily ate his meal, unconcerned about the sounds around him, mainly because each outpost was now protected by a shield from the base of the tree up to the top of it. So bullets and explosions were no threat to him.

As the sounds of war continued, Zack and his men finally found a path toward the outpost. They ducked behind one of the large trees only fifty feet away from the tree the outpost was in. “Zack, something seems off. Why are they not attacking?”

“Maybe they don’t have anyone in the outpost?” Bandit number one asked.

“No, I see one. He is sitting up there eating!” Bandit number two, who was in the tree, pointed out. He could clearly see Bret but not Rin.

“He’s eating!? Is he looking down on us!? Quickly shoot his ass!” Bandit number three roared in anger. He did not like the fact that after all that noise, the asshole in the outpost was eating like what they heard was fireworks!

Bandit number two raised his gun and fired a few shots. But it was as if those bullets were never fired at all, as they did not seem to hit anything. Because of the darkness, he did not see them hitting the shield and falling to the ground since it never made any sound as it hit the shield. “Nothing!” Bandit number two tried again and again, but none of his bullets were hitting the man. “What the hell is going on!?”

In the outpost, Bret finally finished his food and was happily rubbing his stomach. “My cute Rinrin really outdid herself this time.”

Rin’s cheeks turned red all the up to the point of her pointy ears when she heard Bret call her cute. She turned her head away as she said: “Humph! At least your trash can mouth is useful for something. Now, what do you plan to do about those humans down there?”

“Hmmm? Humans? What humans?”


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