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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 194.2: Dungeon Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake wasted no time rushing forward. While he did not need to use a weapon, he was still trying his best to perfect his swordsmanship. He had no master, and Lillia could only teach him so much as she was also not a master at the sword, but he was slowly getting comfortable with a sword.

With smooth movements, he sped into the group of four orcs that were currently pacing back and forth and swung his sword out. One plop, two plops, four plops altogether, blood sprayed from the orc’s necks as their heads rolled across the ground. At such a scene Blake could only sigh. “Still too easy…”

With a bit of disappointment, Blake continued on, followed by Mona and Moha. He was working hard to quickly clear the dungeon. If it were a game, he would be gaining experience points and items with each kill. While he was gaining experience it was not experience points but weapon experience. He was slowly sinking into a kind of strange state as he rampaged over the first zone of the dungeon.

He was not letting a single orc go. As soon as they appeared in his vision, they died. He was working on his speed and how quickly he could execute an enemy. With each stroke, a head was relieved of its body and a burst of blood would spray into the air raining down as if it was a spring rain.

Moha and Mona could only stand back and watch as he killed orc after orc. It was not until a few hours later that Blake stopped and took a small break. He had already cleared the first area of the dungeon out. He was quite satisfied with the results of testing his speed. “Blake, you were amazing!” Moha clapped her hands, her breasts bouncing up and down as she did. With her breast wrapped in nothing more than a strap that bound them together and covered her nipples, it looked as if, at any moment Moha’s breasts would be fully revealed.

“Yep! Blake was truly amazing!” Mona added as she sat in front of Blake and began wiping his sweat.

“In the next area, I will be bringing some of the orcs over for you two to practice on. But be careful because their normal instincts of wanting to mate are active in this dungeon. So never let them touch you inappropriately.” Blake wanted the girls to get some practice in as well.

After a small break, Blake and the girls stepped into the second zone that was part of siege warfare. In front of him was a massive army of orcs, and weapons such as ballistas and other crude weapons were set up. Blake did not rush in, instead, he had the girls hide before flying into the sky to see any places he could pull a few orcs for the girls to practice on. After finding a spot with only a few orcs, he quickly flew down and pulled them, and in a very game like manner, only the orcs around the one he aggroed actually followed him. He pulled four in total. He would keep two busy while the girls each took one of the either orcs

“Incoming!” Blake yelled out. As he flew towards the girls. When he was almost there, he flew down and picked up two of the orcs and carried them away to fight on his own.

Mona and Moha both readied their large hammers. As soon as one of the orcs came near one of them, their hammers swung around and…. Well, let’s just say it was not a pretty sight. Blood splattered everywhere, and only the bottom halves remained standing. The girls stabbed their hammers into the ground and snorted. They felt proud of themselves!

Blake had long killed his orcs and was quite surprised at the girl’s strength. It was quite scary when he thought about it. If the girls had at any time attacked him when he was weaker, he might have died!

But this showed that even these orcs were too weak for the girls to really train on. As such, Blake decided to use one of his high level magic spells he learned when he became a Drakani. Blake closed his eyes and ran through his memories before pulling out a spell that seemed like it would do the job. “Mona, Moha.” Blake flew down and grabbed both girls by the waist and flew into the air. “Hold on to me.”

The girls nodded, and both hugged him like a koala. They held on tightly as they watched Blake raise his hands into the air and without a word a large magic circle formed over the massive orc army in front of him. “Dragons Rain!” He did not need to call out the name of the magic, but Blake felt the name was kind of cool, and since he was already doing the whole demon lord looking pose up in the air, he decided to fly with it.

But seconds later, his eyes were filled with shock. A massive fire dragon made of pure fire flew out of the magic circle that spread out over the entire area. The artificial sun in the sky was drowned out by the fiery red flames as it smashed into the massive orc army. The world shook, and the ground seemed to vaporize under the extreme heat of the attack. Only the sound of orcs crying out in pain from being too close to the pillar of fire that was once shaped like a dragon. The entire area, including a large portion of the palace walls, was completely destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Blake suddenly felt weak as his mana drained out of him. He flapped his wings and landed further away from the impact zone before collapsing into Moha’s chest, feeling very weak. “That was much more than I expected. And probably not something I will be able to cast as I wish until I evolve a few more times.”


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