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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 19.2: As The Clock Bells Toll Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Dylan stared at the transparent blue shield that appeared and then at the bullet that was slowly falling to the floor. He looked at blonde headed girl with fear in his eyes. He did not understand. He did not understand why Blake was able to meet such a girl who could do such unworldly things. He was nothing. He was easily crushed under the palm of his hand. So why!? “Why are you with such a good for nothing!? Why are you helping him!? Because of him! Because of him!”

Dylan shakingly pointed the gun at Blake and pulled the trigger.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The bullets once again stopped just before hitting Blake. But what Dylan did not get was how Blake could casually sit there and yawn as if being shot at was nothing. Was he not afraid? Was he not afraid of dying?

“Dylan, do you want to know why? Do you want to know why you are ending up in such a fashion? Why you keep losing everything?” Blake suddenly stood up and began walking over to Dylan. “Well, do you?”

Blake smiled as if he had no care in the world as he raised his hands in the air and stretched. He looked up at the clock that was seconds from striking midnight and smiled even wider. “Because the world you were so used to being the king of is about to fall. The world that you thought you could do whatever you wanted in will soon be a place of death and chaos. Rivers of blood will soon flow across the lands. The cities, the countries, none of this will soon exist. All that will exist is the will to survive by doing what you need to gain a scrap of food or water. Hiding from those who wish to kill you. Every day will become a struggle, but you know what!?”

Blake pointed down at the black magic circle that still had not activated yet and laughed: “You will only know endless pain until this city is destroyed. You will be forced to watch as your body rots right before your very eyes. You will understand the pain you caused everyone. But even still, this doesn’t seem like enough. But sadly…. I do not have the time or luxury to be dragging you around just to torture you. So for the past me and the girl you ruined because of your ego and sick mind, this will have to do.”

Blake turned around, not caring for what Dylan’s face looked like. But all that came from behind him was the sounds of Dylan screaming. The magic circle activated, and now Dylan was feeling pain no human could take naturally, but no matter how painful it was, he did not seem to be able to pass out. He had already dropped to the floor and curled up into a ball. But out of the corner of his eye, he saw a smirk on the blonde headed girl’s face. Those eyes were like staring at a devil. They were cold as they gazed upon him, but as soon as they turned to the young man next to her, they turned soft and curled up as she smiled.

Even as the two figures disappeared, Dylan could only cry out in pain. He regretted everything. He regretted forcing Grace to have sex with him. He regretted making an enemy out of Blake Harris. He regretted it all, but now he could only suffer in pain due to his own deeds. He just wished…. He just wished he could die. For the first time in his life, he felt death was the best course of action. But the pain was too great. He could only scream and had no control over his own mouth, so he couldn’t even bite his own tongue.

Outside standing in the sky, Blake and Lillia looked out over the horizon as the night sky turned purple. “It has begun….”

“Mmm… I can feel thousands of dragonic flowing into this world.” Lillia could feel the magic fluctuations. They were only lower dragons, so they were no big deal, but the sheer number of them was nothing the humans of this generation could handle on their own.

“Let’s head to the store. I want to take it all.” Blake said with a smile. The power had yet to go out. It was almost time, so he had to hurry before panic truly ensued.

“Just point the way!” Lillia said with a bright smile.

New York City…..

“Hey, look at the sky.”

“Hmm? Why is it purple!?” As the people on the streets looked up into the eerie purple sky, a horrifying sound rang out through the air.


It was a sound that one could only hear if they watched a video or a video game with such things in them. A large lizard like creature with wings and a long scaly tail flew across the sky. The people on the ground did not even think it was real and thought it was some kind of event. They pulled out their phones and began filming the large lizard creature flying through the sky.

But as tens of more of these figures began to appear in the sky. Some started to become worried. And their worries were soon to come true. No one mistook them for what they were. Many had already cried out their name. But what they all forgot about these mythical creatures was one thing…..

The mouths of the dragons in the air opened up. The undersides from the middle of their belly, along the neck, and to the throat began to glow with a reddish orange light. Seconds later, the city streets of New York were filled with screams as buildings caught on fire and the people within began to cook alive. Those who were lucky were instantly turned to ash as dragon fire was something that was hotter than any flame known to man. The Buildings began to crack and cave in under the intense heat, falling down to the streets below with the people inside.

New York City, home to millions, was now nothing more than a sea of flames….

This same occurrence was happening all over the world. London, Paris, and Beijing, no matter the name of the major city, they were all turned into a sea of flames. In less than thirty minutes since the clock tolled twelve around the world, billions of people died instantly.

And while the world was going to hell, Blake and Lillia walked into a supermarket. They took a cart, acting like they were shopping. Lillia happily skipped along next to Blake with her hands behind her back, humming an ancient tune. It was soft and mellow and was comforting to the ears. It made Blake forget about all the worries he had as he leisurely walked around the store.

They had only walked around for a few minutes when the lights began to flicker. It was then that Blake’s lips curled up, and he stopped in the main water aisle. He leaned over towards Lillia and whispered: “As soon as the lights are out, make your move.”

“Mmmm… don’t worry, everything in this store will be ours as soon as they go out, even the things in people’s carts.” Lillia smiled mischievously as she clasped her hands together and cracked her knuckles. Not even a minute later, the lights finally shut off, and screams could be heard throughout the store.

“Everyone, please stay cal….” The supervisor who worked the overnight shift froze when blue lights began to appear all over the store. They were small, no wider than a football, but there were thousands of them, and they hovered over everyone’s items. And then…. They were gone. Not a single item was left in the store. Seeing Lillia’s satisfied look caused Blake to chuckle. While he was stealing items that might help people stay alive after the apocalypse, he did not care since he had no way of telling who would stay alive or not. For all, he knew, these people would all end up dead in the next few hours.

“Let’s head to the next place.” Blake replied as he pulled Lillia by the hand and left the store.

“The next place?” Lillia asked.

“There is a large clothing store not far from here. We will break in and take all the clothes we can get. We won’t be able to wash clothes properly for a while, so this is the best bet. I also want to go to the pharmacy and grab as many first aid things as I can get as well.” Blake was not planning on doing all of this, but with Lillia at his side, it would be best to do it while they still could. The more they had stocked up, the longer they could last. Because the days ahead would be bleak. With clothes and things like soap stocked up they could keep themselves clean even if they were sweating. Well at least for Blake. He couldn’t help but realize that Lillia always smelt like strawberries and never seemed to sweat either.


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