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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 18.1: As The Clock Bells Toll Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Mason Plaza Building….

“Hmmm… Fancier than I thought it would be….” Blake looked at the building that stood before him that was many stories tall. How many, he did not know, nor did he care. He only came here for one thing, and that was to take care of Dylan Morgan.

“I do not see what is so fancy about it?” Lillia looked at the building, which looked no different from the other buildings around her, in confusion. She did not understand why Blake said it was fancy.

“The inside, not the outside. Look at the decor inside…. Nevermind.” Blake chuckled. He realized that as a dragon from ancient times, she had probably seen more majestic buildings than this.

“Hehe… It is quite fancy on the inside. I will give you that.” Lillia replied while trying to help hide Blake’s embarrassment.

The couple walked through the glass doors and into the main hall. They did not go to the front desk and walked straight to the elevator. As they entered and Blake went to press the top floor button when he noticed something off. “Hmm? Need’s a key?” Frowning, Blake pressed the highest floor number he could and decided to use the stairs to get to the top floor.

They got off at the seventeenth floor and walked over to the stairs but were met with a large metal door blocking the path up. “I will deal with it.” Lillia said as she went to step forward and break the door open, but Blake quickly pulled her back.

“No, don’t. These doors are all set up with alarms. Our only option is to go in from the roof. That is if you do not mind flying us up there.” Blake hated the fact that he was relying so much on Lillia, but this was something that he had to do in order to bypass security.

“No problem! Leave it to me!” Lillia said with a smile as she turned and walked back out of the staircase, Blake following behind her. They headed down the hall near the elevators, where a set of windows stood.

What they didn’t realize was that there was a hidden camera in the stairwell by the door to the penthouse staircase. Dylan sat on his couch staring at the security cameras with his knee bouncing up and down. He did not understand it. The person he could easily walk all over was now standing on his doorstep. Although Blake had left the stairwell, he felt that this was not going to be the end. He picked up his phone and made a quick call. “There is an intruder in the building who is trying to get into the penthouse. A young man named Blake Harris and a blonde headed girl. You need to hurry up and have them taken out of here.”

Dylan was worried. Very worried. He had already received a call saying that Darrel had died by burning to death inside the hospital. They couldn’t even get to his body as there was some kind of invisible wall blocking them from touching it. There was also a mysterious fire that spread on the rooftop of a building near the college. While it did not cause too much of an incident, they did find some blood and a bullet along with some skeletal remains. And Dylan had a hunch that the bones belonged to David.

All of this happened in a single day, and all of it pointed to one person. Blake. The kid he tormented and wanted dead more than anything. He looked at the gun on the table and picked it up. He checked the safety and the clip to make sure everything was working before making another call. “Get people to the rooftop. Keep an eye out for anything strange. If you see Blake Harris or the blonde headed girl, shoot to kill!”

Dylan was not going to risk it. Even if he had the protection of his father, that did not mean someone would not be able to walk in and take him out. If he was lax, he could easily end up dead. And this was what Dylan feared the most. He had no idea what happened, but the weak Blake Harris that he knew was now a different person, someone who did not fear repercussions. He seemed to be after only one thing, and that was revenge. It was while Dylan was lost in thought that something truly strange happened. The walls and the windows all of a sudden had a bluish glow to them. Even the doorway also had a bluish glow.

“What is this!?” Dylan stood up and held his gun in his hand, ready for anything. He walked over to the door and tried to open it, but he found his hand could not even touch the handle. His breathing started to become heavy as he began to panic. “What the fuck is going on!?”

“Oh? To think the great Dylan Morgan would actually panic over such a little thing like a barrier.” A voice that was like the voice of death came from behind him, causing Dylan to turn around and look at the person who suddenly appeared and was sitting on his couch.

“You! You fucking piece of shit, what did you do!? Huh, Blake Harris!?” Dylan yelled out, his voice trembling. He did not like this one bit. Blake was sitting on his couch with the girl with blonde hair at his side with a calm expression on his face.

“What did I do? I didn’t do this… You see, my Lillia suggested making it so you could not escape. So we put up a barrier on this room once we figured out you were in here. No one can come in or out. Well, unless it is Lillia or me.” Blake replied with a smile as he picked up the bottle of wine on the table. He undid the top and smelled it before furrowing his brow. “I never was never one to drink, and this stuff smells like piss as well. How do you even drink this? I thought you were rich. How come you are drinking this trash?”

Lillia giggled as she took out a bottle of water from her space and handed it to Blake. “Drink this instead.”

“Thank you, Lillia.” Blake replied as he undid the cap and took a sip. He then put the cap back on before looking at Dylan once more. “The high and mighty Dylan Morgan, shaking in his boots in front of the one person he so wished to destroy. Now tell me. Dylan. Why are you, so hell bent on destroying my life when I have never crossed paths with you? You made everyone believe I was a thief. You made everyone look down on me while you and your goons beat me up and robbed me every chance you got. What for? Just because I was alone? Just because I had no one!? Tell me, MR. HIGH AND MIGHTY DYLAN!”

“You… Because of you! I couldn’t have her heart!” Dylan suddenly yelled out. He couldn’t handle the stress anymore and began blurting out the reason. “Because of you, even when I fucked her by force, she still did not look my way. The fucking bicth even went to make sure she didn’t get pregnant and then skipped town. All because she fucking loved you and not me!”

“Huh?” Blake looked confused, but the girl next to him aura suddenly changed. She turned towards Blake with eyes filled with anger. “What girl is he talking about, Blake!?”

“Lillia, calm down. I have no idea what he is talking about either! You saw my room, my phone, and my laptop. I made sure to let you know all about me. If there was another girl, you would have seen signs of it already.” Blake began to sweat. While she had not started to transform yet, the aura she was emitting was enough to make him feel pressure. Luckily his words seemed to calm her down.

“Right…. That does make sense…. So this person is trying to stir up trouble….” Still angered by what she heard, her cold eyes turned toward Dylan. “You quickly tell me who this girl is!”

Dylan almost wet himself when he felt a strong killing intent suddenly slam into him. He had never felt such an aura before. When he saw the girl flip out on Blake, he planned to fan the flames a bit more, but now he felt like if he did, he would die. He was holding a gun, yet he did not even have the balls to use it. Nor did they seem to care that he was holding on. Gritting his teeth, he decided to just tell the truth. “Blake did not even know her. She had a crush on him. As for who she was, her name was Grace Townson.”

“I see… So Blake didn’t even know her. Yet she loved him, and you forced yourself upon her. And all because of her liking someone else, you decided to torture my poor Blake.” Lillia’s eyes lit up as she mumbled under her breath. A black magic circle suddenly formed under Dylan’s feet. “Since you like torture so much, let’s see how you deal with it yourself.”

“You!” Dylan felt a shiver run down his spine as if death was right in front of him. His whole body trembled, causing him to squeeze the trigger on his gun.



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