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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 20: Stealing Right Out From Under Their Noses Bahasa Indonesia

Standing outside the pharmacy, Lillia easily broke the window without making a sound allowing the two to walk straight into the store without issues. “Blake, do you want everything in here?”

“Mmm… yeah, let’s take everything.” Blak’s eyes fell on the front counter where a few boxes of rubbers were hanging, and wondered if he would ever climb the true steps of adulthood. He, of course, did not plan to push anything with Lillia. In fact, he did not plan to make any moves of that kind until he could truly stand at her side as an equal.

In a matter of seconds, the whole place lit up with magic circles. All the items were then quickly stored away into Lillia’s space. After the pharmacy, they hit many more stores along the way. Slowly but surely, they continued their lootin…. shopping spree through the city, taking everything they could.

As they walked the busy streets, Blake stopped in front of a tv display that was showing the current events. “Oh?” Lillia looked at the screen and at the dragons destroying everything. “Are those the weapons of today?”

“Mmm… Those are called fighter jets. They are weapons of war. But sadly, they are useless when it comes to dragons. Their missiles and bullets are nothing to a dragon’s scales. In a few days, they will become desperate and try to nuke the city in hopes of taking out a dragon or two.” Blake explained.

“Nooouke?” This was a new word for Lillia, so she had no idea what it meant.

“A nuke uses radioactive materials to create a bomb hundreds of times stronger than the missles you saw just now,” Blake answered, trying to simply his answer as it was hard to explain as it was. Although, he did find the way Lillia was sounding out the word ‘nuke’ to be quite cute.

“Hmmm… sounds about right. I do not think any kind of non-magic attack can affect a dragon, even the lower ones. It would be different if it was infused with magic.” Lillia’s words caught Blake’s attention.

“Wait, infuse? Do you mean you can, like say, infuse a bullet with magic and have it take on the magical properties?” Blake asked.

“The things that go into your gun? Mmm… you can. But the damage they will do is nothing to a dragon. Although if the dragons do allow the other races that they enslaved back into this world, as you said before then, they would be effective against them. But those weapons would need some modifications. We can work on them later as they need special materials which will only come once this world reverts to its natural state.” Blake hung on to each and every one of Lillia’s words. This meant that regular weapons might actually come in handy later on once modified.

“If we are modifying the weapon, can we just rebuild it from scratch with better materials? Or would that be counterproductive?” If they had to modify it anyway, there was no reason not to pull it apart and rebuild it with new materials. Earth magic can easily reform ores into any shape. He had seen it done before in his past life.

“We should be able to. In your past life, did humans not try to remodel your weapons to use magic?” Lillia was quite interested in how humans coped with the sudden change of the world. She wondered if they were just as smart as before.

“I am not sure if it was done or not, but I know, for the most part, most switched to swords, bows, and even just plain magic. It was more of taking a few steps back. Or maybe no one actually had time to work on making a magic weapon or understood the process enough yet to do such a thing.” Blake wished they did have some weapons that were magic based. It would have made many battles easier.

He remembered trudging through the trenches trying to hold the line with magic only. Because he was a physical type, he had to always be in the thick of it, fighting dragons or even other races. They could hold the line easily when it came to some of the other races but there were those who knew how to wide scale magic attacks, and even if you dug in to try to protect yourself, you were still as good as dead.

He had seen many people die in his past life. Rivers of blood from not just humans but the other races as well. Although they did succeed a few times in taking down a dragon. Those were just lower dragons and maybe even newborns at that. They were nothing compared to the higher ranked dragons.

Humans had put dragons into a list of rankings. The lowest was the one kind of dragon most people were familiar with. They were no bigger than a house and had thick scales all over their body. The middle class dragons were five times as big as the lower dragons. The higher class could easily become a mountain. And then there was the triple S class. Humanoid dragons who could destroy anything and everything.

At the time, no one knew how many different kinds of dragons there were or how powerful each kind was. They only knew that dragonic and the dragons under them were very powerful no matter what class they resided in.

“Then we will make sure to make a bunch of these kinds of weapons but upgraded,” Lillia said while hugging Blake’s arm.

“Then we should hit one more place. It’s just that it might be a bit tricky.” It was at times like this that Blake wished he lived in an area with a gun store. But that did not really matter since they could still procure what they needed from a local source. It was just that that source was the police station itself.

The two made their way to the city police station. Most of the cops on duty were already out patrolling the streets due to the events that had been going on. So when Blake and Lillia walked into the station, they were met with one person sitting behind the window at the entrance. “What can I do for you?” The police officer asked. He seemed to be only in his early twenties.

“Hmmm…. About that….” Blake looked around and frowned when he saw only one door leading out back that was probably locked.

“Hey! Either file your report or leave. This is not a place to be loitering around.” The young officer yelled out. He did not seem to be in a very good mood.

Blake leaned over and whispered to Lillia. “Any luck?”

“Mmm… The detection spell has picked up the same make and model of our current weapons one floor down. There seems to be similar objects as well. If I make a hole in the ground where we are standing, we will be right next to where they are being kept.” Lillia had cast a kind of detection spell that would allow her to set an item she wanted to search for, and it would find it for her within about a one hundred foot radius.

“Alright. I will keep him busy by filing a report while you do your thing.” Blake said before walking up to the counter blocking the view behind him. “Sir, I have to file a report of an attempted robbery.”

“An attempted robbery? Hold on.” The officer turned and began digging out the paperwork. He had no idea that as soon as Blake blocked his view that a hole opened up in the middle of the floor, and Lillia had lowered herself down. Seconds later, the hole was gone, and she was once more standing next to Blake.

“Here, fill this out.” The officer handed Blake the paper he had to fill out. Blake smiled and quickly filled it out. He put the address of the place being robbed as the police station itself and even put the police station phone number down. All of which he got from the small business cards to his side. After Blake finished filling it out he pushed the file to the police officer before turning around and pulling Lillia with him. “I do hope you catch them soon.”

“Huh? Wait! You need to sign this…..” The police officer stared at Blake’s departing back, feeling a bit confused. He then turned his eyes back to the file and began to read it. “Huh? Items that were stolen…. All your guns…. What? Wait!”

The officer shot up from his seat and suddenly ran downstairs to the store room. When he got in front of the weapons locker, he stood there in a daze. “How the hell did he do it!?” He didn’t understand they had never moved from the main entrance. So how did all of the weapons that he had just checked on an hour ago suddenly disappear!? The young officer quickly ran back upstairs to the security room to check the cameras. What he saw was a beautiful girl slowly descending from the ceiling and then waving her hand. The next thing he knew was, that the weapons disappeared in a blink of an eye.


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