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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 182: Separated Bahasa Indonesia

–An) Two more chapters still to come!–

Blades of blood were sent out in all directions. They sliced through the neck of the human monsters, killing them one after the other. The blood that spilled turned into more blades. Blake flew into the air and hovered over the area, waving his hands back and forth as he massacred the hundreds of human monsters. His attacks were all precise and on point. Not a single attack missed. Once all of the monsters were dead, he turned all his blades onto the barrier slamming them all into it at a single point, one after the other, until a cracking sound was heard as the last blade hit the barrier.

The barrier had an obvious crack in it, but his blood magic was unable to finish it off. He had drained quite a bit of mana to control those thousands of blades of blood. As he watched the barrier healing itself, he frowned and was about to yell out for Noa to attack, but it did not seem like he needed to as he watched thousands of arrows drop from the sky all into a single point.

The pregnant human monster inside the barrier, who had just been standing still this entire time, suddenly lifted its head and let out a horrific roar that did not sound anywhere near what a normal human monster would sound like. The air trembled under its roar, causing Blake to almost fall out of the sky. As the barrier shattered under Noa’s attack, the pregnant human monster turned and looked up at Blake with pure murderous intent in its eyes.

Blake could have sworn it saw it smile as it clapped its hands together, creating a large magic circle under its feet. Blake felt something bad was about to happen and quickly flew back. “Blake, run! That is a detonation spell! It has enough power to destroy a three-mile-wide area instantly!”

Noa’s warning made Blake’s face pale as he quickly flapped his wings and tried to use his speed to escape, but he was a step too slow. The spell went off instantly, surrounding him in a white light as a loud explosion sound was heard, then everything around him vaporized. Blake could only surround himself in a barrier as he was flung out like an arrow being shot out of a bow sending him off into the distance.

“Blake!” Tina cried out and wanted to find Blake, who was engulfed in the white light but was held back by Bret, who was doing his best to withstand the burning sensation on his back as he blocked the heat from hitting Tina and Noa.

Noa had sweat dripping from her brow as she used a multilayer barrier to protect them. While it was keeping them from being vaporized, the heat from the attack was very intense. Tel and Ged were doing what they could to fight off the heat as much as possible. As the white lit disappeared, a huge three-mile-deep crater formed in the ground that was around three miles wide. Sheer cliffs surrounded the crater, and only two spots still stood within the crater. One was where Noa was protecting, while the other was where the caster of the magic, the human monster, stood. Its black scaled lips curled up into a sinister grin. It took one look at Noa and the others before suddenly hunching over and holding its stomach. Cracking sounds were heard as blood sprayed from its back. Two large wings suddenly appeared, springing forth from its back. It let out a strange growl before flying off into the distance.

Noa whipped the sweat from her brow and looked around, and frowned. “That is a high-tier spell not seen since ancient times….. How could….” Noa’s eyes began to tear up as she looked around. “Blake!? Blake! Husband!”

“He…. He didn’t die, right!? ” Tina’s words cut through the air. Her eyes showed just how panicked she was. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she grabbed Bret and began shaking him. “Why did you stop me!? I could have saved him!”

“Tina, stop! We do not know if he is dead or not! And if you went out, you would have died! How can I face my brother if I let you die!?” Bret did not care that he was being shaken. Even he did not like the current situation.

Everything happened so fast that no one had time to react. No one saw what happened to Blake. Tina took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. “Bret is right. Sister Tina, we can not just assume the worst. We need to take things as we saw it. Blake was in the air. The power of the detonation spell as it goes off might have flung him someplace. He is also a smart man, so I am sure he put a barrier around himself as well. And lastly, he is a drakani. Remember what Sister Lillia told us? Drakani are basically immortal.”

“You think he survived?” Tina asked, her lower lip quivering. She did not want to lose the first and only man she had ever loved.

“I know he did.” Noa answered truthfully. In her heart, he was alive. She knew he was. He was not a man to die so easily. After all, he was able to live and make use of the soul devouring poison.

“Noa is right. My brother would not die easily. But the strength of that attack just now, if he was flung out, probably sent him flying only god knows where….” Bret clenched his fists. He hoped Blake was okay. He still had to one-up him on wives!

“I suggest we head back to the base first. We were all injured after that attack. Princess is almost out of mana as well. Madam Lillia will be able to give us proper direction. Maybe Miss Clance can find him through their slave contract.” Tel suggested. He seemed to be the most clear-headed at this time.

“Right! Clance!” Noa never thought she would be so happy to know a dragonic!


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