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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 183: Blood Lust Bahasa Indonesia

–An) One more to come!—

This had been their toughest enemy yet. It did not act with rationale. It used a massive wide area attack without care which meant it did not care who lived or died. Tina, Tel, and Ged, along with Dave and Gerad, cast healing magic on everyone. It was just that none of them were very efficient with healing spells, so they could only heal everyone up enough to move. They would need to finish healing when they returned. Noa was basically out of mana. She had used everything she had to protect everyone. Now she had to save what she had left just in case.

The group quickly made their way back toward the base. They had to ask Clance to help them locate Blake.

Far away, a few hundreds of miles away, a crashing sound was heard in the middle of a rocky canyon. A small human-shaped crater was formed, and within it was a young man who was riddled with burn marks. His chest rose and fell, showing that he was still alive, but he had nothing on. He was completely naked, lying there in the rocky landscape with a flickering blue barrier around him.

The sounds of flapping wings could be heard overhead as a flock of wyverns circled overhead. The loud explosion of the young man hitting the ground had caused all the monsters in the area to come take a look. Most of which were dragons of many types. From drakes to earth dragons, many were cautiously looking at the small crater.

“Cough!” The young man suddenly opened his eyes and began coughing. He had choked on air as he raised his head and looked around. “Shit…”

“Kewh!” A white light shot out of the young man’s chest. A white little fox stood next to the young man, who was none other than Blake, and licked at his wounds.

“I’m fine, Snow…. But where the hell am I?” Blake looked around and frowned. “Figures I would be surrounded….”

He looked down at his body and saw that his wounds were slowly healing and let out a sigh of relief. He could even feel the few bones that had cracked were starting to mend themselves back together. If he was a normal human, he would have probably died on impact. But his main problem was he had no clothes! The only thing that was not gone was the space pouch that Lillia gave him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he put up a stronger barrier around him and began digging for a spare set of clothes. When he found some, he stuck them on and pulled out a sword.

“Luckily, I still have this, or I would be showing everyone how big I truly am. I really do not want to make every man in the world my enemy….” Blake snorted at his own joke as he looked down at the dragons that had gathered. He took a deep breath and yelled out: “Fuck off!”

His words seemed to hold a strange power to them because as soon as he yelled, the dragons that had come to see what was going on all scattered like chickens, not daring to get near the scary-looking being.

“Now, where the fuck am I?” Blake frowned once more. He was completely lost! He could only assume the direction he needed to head in based on the crater’s location. But when he moved away from it, it would be hard to know if he was still on the right course or not. And he was not even sure if he had flown in a straight line or not!

“I guess I will have no choice but to try to find my way home. I can not let my family worry about me now, can I?” Blake sighed and made Snow return to her space as he flapped his wings and flew up into the air. The wyverns who were in the sky quickly made way for him. They all seemed to be scared of him. There was something about his current aura that made them fear him.

With a flap of his wings, he flew out over the canyon that seemed to go for miles on end in two directions. He could see the ruins of a few cities below sticking out of a sandy desert that sat at the edge of the canyon. He planned to ignore the cities and just try to fly home, but he suddenly felt his head sway. He had sustained so much damage that his body seemed to be running on empty. He had no choice but to quickly land back on the ground. “So hungry!” Blake held his head. He could see his vision going blood red, which meant he was about to lose himself in his blood lust.

As he stumbled in his steps, he realized why those dragons were so quick to escape. Drakanis release a strange aura when they are about to lose themselves in blood lust. This aura was different for monsters and was more of a warning for them to stay away. But for his prey, they would become more easily turned on.

Blake continued forward as he held his head. He stumbled up a path in the canyon towards the top where a city should be located, from what he saw earlier. His steps were slow, and he had almost fallen a few times on the narrow path, but after thirty minutes, he had reached the top. The city was half submerged in sand and rested at the edge of the canyon but stretched out into what looked like an endless desert.

Blake looked around. His vision was so red he was having a hard time seeing, but as he scanned the city, he saw human-shaped bodies hiding within the submerged buildings. Blake scanned the area until he found one with only a single person in it. He suddenly felt a burst of blood lust as his vision blurred, and the next thing he knew, he was biting into the neck of an unexpecting young woman.

The young woman did not even have time to scream as she fell into a state of lust. Blake did nothing but suck her blood, but her pants had already become soaked from her cumming due to having her blood sucked. The girl felt nothing but ecstasy as Blake uncontrollably sucked her blood until she turned into a dried husk. She died in a euphoric state of mind.


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