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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 181: Blood Magic Bahasa Indonesia

–An) Blake’s releases will not be separated into four chapters. This will also give you more Blake as well. since most daily word count is around 3.5k. So now you will be getting 4k+. Voting goals have been updated to reflect this change please check author’s note.–

“If we can’t break it we will need to figure something else out.” Blake thought for a moment before slipping back down the tree. He placed his hand on the ground, and six magic circles appeared, and at the same time, six golems made of rock rose up from the ground. They were much bigger than his previous golems by three times Blake’s height and were much sturdier. These ones were even able to regenerate if damaged.

He then cast buffing spells on them to enhance their defenses, strength, and speed. This was one of the most beneficial things about golems. You could cast enhancement magic on them to really bring out their full potential. Noa and Tina both jumped down and looked at the golems in surprise. Lillia had not taught any of them how to make golems. It was something only ather dragons should be able to create them since it was a closely guarded secret. But since Blake was her fated one, so she had taught him. This also meant that when Destiny got older, she would also learn how to make golems.

“What do you plan to do with these?” Noa asked. She suppressed the urge to ask how to make golems. She knew better than to ask such a question, and no matter how curious she was, she would not ask.

“I will be sending them in to test their reaction. Sadly I am not strong enough yet to make more than six. But I guess for just learning to use magic for about two years now, this is not a bad outcome.” Blake can be said to have only recently learned how magic worked compared to his last life and the simple spells he could cast. This was much different. In this life, he could cast many more spells. He just did not have a chance to test them out yet.

“We will see how these work. If we can kill a few of the human monsters, I can use their blood to use some blood magic.” Blake could also use his own blood for blood magic, but this was not something he wished to do. While he had Tina and Noa here to feed off of, he would rather use other people’s blood to use blood magic.

Blood magic was a magic specific to the drakani. A kind of inherent skill. No other race could use it, even the vampire race. Why this was, one could only assume. There were spells that used blood as a base but fundamentally, they were not blood magic spells but sacrificial spells.

Blood magic allowed the caster to control the blood they imbued with their mana as they saw fit. It could be used in many ways as a deadly weapon. While blood from a monster was not as powerful as their own blood, it was still quite deadly as long as it was supplied with enough mana.

“Shall I attack as well?” Noa asked. She could easily rain down arrows on the monsters.

“Not yet. Let me use this time to test a few things out. I want to see what happens when we attack. It is best to save you, Ged, and Tel as our backups in case things turn south.” Blake did not want to throw everything at them just yet in case the human monster in the middle was special somehow.

“Okay, just tell me when to attack,” Noa said as she formed a bow made of Mana. She wanted to be ready for anything.

Blake nodded and instructed everyone to get back into the tree. He needed a bird’s-eye view to see what happened. When everyone was back in place, he waved his hand and positioned the golems all around the human monsters. Once they were all in position, he sent them in.


A roar from the human monsters was heard as the golems raced in very quickly and began attacking. Blake’s main concern was the reaction of the golems as they rushed in and began killing human monsters. He was sure that his new golems were stronger than the human monsters, but he did not know how quickly they could regenerate. He had not had time to test them out.

The golems smashed the heads of the human monsters making blood spray all over. As it did, Blake was using his race’s ability to control the blood and infuse it with his mana so he could use it when needed.

Sadly his golems were slowly falling as the mass of human monsters shattered them into pieces pouncing on them one after the other making it hard for the regeneration to keep up with the damage. He had figured this would be the case, but he had killed at least sixty of them and had gathered quite a large amount of blood. With his power, he slowly had the blood get closer to the pregnant human monster, but he found as soon as it got within twenty feet of it, the blood was blocked by a barrier which made him frown. He tried to find cracks in the ground to sneak under the barrier but came up with nothing.

“I think this barrier goes underground,” Blake whispered to Noa, who nodded her head to agree. “I will change to attacking the barrier and see if I can get some kind of reaction out of the one being protected. If these human monsters begin to move toward us, you can begin attacking. Tina, do not use modern weapons. They are of no use against these.”

“I know,” Tina replied while pursing her lips. She had heard Blake’s understanding of the human monsters a few times now, so she understood that bullets would not do anything.

“Alright. On the count of three….” Blake took a deep breath as he began counting….





The human monsters all yelled out as they saw the blood from the ground rush up into the air and slam into the barrier. The barrier slightly shook from the initial attack but nothing more. Seeing this, Blake couldn’t help but click his tongue. He felt it would be a waste of time to keep attacking the barrier. He was getting no reaction from the one inside of it, so he decided to turn his attention to the ones guarding it.


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