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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 17.2: Taking Action Before The Apocalypse Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

As the crowd of students watched Blake drag David away. They all stood there stunned at what they had just witnessed. “Was that Blake Harris!?”

“Couldn’t be! There is no way that that was Blake Harris. He would never act in such a way ….”

“That was definitely him, and he took David away! Quick follow, what if he decides to kill him!?”

When the crowd of students heard those words, they quickly gave chase to see what was going to happen. But when they turned the corner and looked down the hallway, Blake and David were nowhere to be seen.

Up on the rooftop of a tall building within the city, Blake stood in front of David, who was lying on the ground, shaking in fear. “Who are you!? You are not Blake Harris! You’re some kind of demon, right!?”

“A demon, huh? Well, maybe….” Blake smiled as he suddenly leaned forward while stepping on David’s ankle.

“Ahhh! Why are you doing this!?” David yelled out. He had no idea why he was being treated in such a manner.

“Why? Are you fucking kidding me!? How much did you fucking make my life a living hell? And you ask why I am doing this? I had planned only to take care of Dylan and Darrel, but you had to come walking right up to me. David Fellings. Number three on the list of people who made my life a living hell for no reason. This works out well. I’ll tell you what. I promise not to kill you if you tell me where both Dylan and Darrel are going to be tonight.”

“K-kill!? Are you insane!? Do you think you can get away with it!?” David yelled out. He did not really think Blake had it in him to kill anyone.

“Hahahaha! You really are fucking stupid.” Blake pulled out one of his guns and pointed it David’s left leg.


“Ah! Shit!” David yelled out. He looked at his leg, which was now bleeding, then back up at Blake with fear in his eyes. He then turned his gaze to Lillia. His eyes slowly showed a sign of hope.

“You girl! Why are you just standing there like none of this matters to you!? Do you not care if someone gets killed in front of your eyes!?” David shouted out, his voice trembling.

“Huh? Why should I care about you? All that matters to me is Blake. You stinky humans can go die for all I care. Especially people like you.” Lillia snorted as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared at David. “If it was me, I would have already ripped you limb from limb, but Blake wants to deal with you himself. If you cherish your life, I would speak up and quickly.”

David shivered as he felt a surge of killing intent flow over him. He looked back and forth between the man and the woman and realized one major thing. They were both crazy! He did not wish to betray his friends, but he also did not wish to die. “Saint Johnson’s Hospital, VIP room number 8. Darrel can be found there. And as for Dylan, he usually stays in his penthouse on Eighth street Mason Plaza Building top floor. It’s the only one there.”

“Hmm… Thanks. As I said, I will not kill you. So …. Frutia Sazban!” As Blake said these words, a magic circle formed in front of him. Seconds later, a small fireball appeared and floated over to David. “Do your best to stay alive….”

“What!? You said you would not kill me if I told you! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” David’s body became engulfed in flames as Blake stood there watching him burn. His eyes held no emotion. Such as thing as killing a fellow human was nothing to him. he had done it many times already.

“Are you ready?” Lillia asked, ignoring the stench coming from the flames.

“Mmm… Thank you for teaching me the incantation for fireball. It truly is a useful spell. The sun is starting to go down, so let’s take a walk and say hi to a friend who is in the hospital.” Blake said as he turned and looked at Lillia with a smile.

“Hehe. Sounds like fun!” Lillia hooked her arm with Blakes and flew up into the air before finding a quiet spot to land inside an alley. From there, they slowly walked back out onto the main street.

On top of the building, the fire on the roof slowly began to expand from David’s body to other parts of the roof.

The two walked the streets of the city without a care in the world. The cops were nowhere to be seen as most were too busy chasing after Blake golems. By the time they reached the hospital, the sun had already gone down. The reason they walked was so that they could easily kill time and also have more time to just talk about themselves.

“We are here. Let’s go finish things with Darrel, shall we?” Blake grabbed Lillia’s hand and pulled her along. He went straight to the front desk. Smiling, he looked at the older woman behind the desk and asked: “Excuse me, my friend is staying in the hospital here in VIP room 8. Can you tell me which floor that is on?”

“VIP room 8? It is on the tenth floor.” The woman replied with a smile. She did not find it strange at all that Blake was asking such a thing since he knew the room number. Not to mention when there was such a beautiful girl standing next to him, she did not see any reason to need to check up on things.

“Thanks.” Blake smiled and thanked the woman before going to the elevator. He pressed the button going up and waited patiently for the doors to open. “I wonder how surprised Darrel will be to see us. I wonder if you will be happy.”

Lillia did her best to hold her laughter back. Blake had already said he was going to be putting on a play when he entered the hospital, and it seemed he was really into it. “Hehe… I am sure he will be delighted. After all, you two have been friends for soooo long.”

“You’re right!” Blake smiled as the elevator door dinged and opened. Both Lillia and Blake walked on. After hitting the button for the tenth floor, the doors closed, and the elevator began rising toward the tenth floor.

Inside VIP room 8, Darrel was staring at the tv on the wall with a bored expression. The more he thought about that day, the more he wished he had killed the bastard known as Blake Harris. But what he did not understand was that girl. She was strong and fast. “What is a girl like that doing with that prick?”

“Are you questioning the reason why my Lillia wants to be with me?” A cold chilling voice entered Darrel’s ears. He quickly turned his head to see the prick he was just thinking about standing there with a cold expression. “You! What are you doing here!? Get the fuck out!”

Darrel went to reach for the call button, but before he could, a flame suddenly appeared in front of his face. Causing him to jump back. “Ahhhh! What the fuck is this!?”

Blake smiled as he sat on the edge of the bed. Waved his hand, causing the fireball to slowly float back over to him. “You see, this world will change soon. The dawn of a new age will begin at midnight tonight but sadly. Darrel Palmer, your sad little life will end here. If you wish to curse anyone, curse the fact that you did Dylan’s bidding.”

After saying these words, not giving Darrel a chance to reply, he threw the flame at Darrel. It instantly ignited and engulfed his body, causing him to scream out in pain. Lillia looked at the man who was burning alive with a cold expression. She had already wanted to kill this guy the first time she met him. “Ganitia Famen!”

With a wave of her hand, a barrier suddenly formed around Darrel. His screams of pain were muted, and any smoke rising was concealed within it. “Are we off to take care of the last person?”

“Mmm… As for Dylan, a simple death is not enough. Do you have any means of making him wish he was dead without killing him right away? It would be nice if he lasted until this city comes under attack.”

“Mmm… I know a curse that will make him feel so much pain he would wish he was dead while his body slowly rots. It should kill him within that time.” Lillia answered.

Blake nodded his head. It seemed this would definitely be a good way to fully take revenge. “Then we should get going. His place is two hours from here.”

In a certain penthouse….

“Huh? David was dragged out of the college!? How the fuck did that happen!? First Darrel, now David!? Where the fuck is David?” Dylan yelled into the phone. His face was once again red with anger. He couldn’t understand this change in Blake Harris. It was as if he had become a new person altogether. “Find David! I do not care what you do. Just find him!”

After saying this, he hung up his phone and threw it on the table before leaving forward and tapping his finger off of it for a few seconds, He then picked up his phone once more and made a call. “It’s me…. Tighten the guard.”


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