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Blake had been looking for someone with expertise in the government. And from how this man had been trying to keep his small group alive all this time, Blake knew he was trustworthy. Although it wouldn’t matter when it came to a contract anyway, but it was good to know a person’s character from the start.

“Umm… May I know how you knew so much about this world before it was changed?” Josh asked, he was very curious about this.

“Ah… I used to be human.” Blake replied honestly.

“What!?” Clance, who was sitting nearby, looked at Blake in surprise. To once be human and look like this was not unheard of, but the power he has is not that of what a new age human should have!

“Clance, quiet down.” Blake looked over at the dragonic girl. He knew she would act like this, but it was too late for her now.

But Clance was at a loss for a second before she suddenly started laughing out loud. “Hahaha! Master, you are really something. I heard that my little sister protected a human man and was assisted by the elven princess in pushing back two dragonics. I never thought that person was you…. My eyes have been opened, and I can say I have good eyes.”

Blake felt a shiver run down his spine as he turned and looked at Clance, whose eyes were filled with passion and held his head. Mina flew over and sat on his shoulder and grumbled: “Princess Picker!”

“Haha!” Josh could help but laugh. He found this quite amusing. It seemed this man who used to be human had a way with women. “I am glad it was you and your people we ran into.”

“Don’t think too much about it. My current race is something of an oddity and has a very powerful charm effect. Just think of it as me causing problems unwillingly.” Blake explained lightly.

“It doesn’t matter how it starts it is how you end it that matters.” Josh gave a knowing wink to Blake with a big grin. He was nervous at first but seeing how down-to-earth Blake was and how he interacted with the people around him. Josh felt he could be at ease which allowed his normal personality to come out. He was always a wise ass and liked to joke around, so Blake’s personality really meshed well with his own.

“Don’t give him any ideas! He has so many wives as it is, and the group will only grow bigger! He just added a new one the other day as well!” Mina snorted, but her words caught the attention of many of the men there.

“Wives!?” Josh asked curiously.

“Yes, wives. It is not that I am pushing this concept, but the way humans are now on the verge of extinction, the age of women being able to marry is reduced by a few years in my community, and the ability to have multiple wives is also possible. Humans are no longer at the point where we can keep things at the old status quo. It will take time for many people to adjust to this fact, but this is just how it is. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, and we need to rebuild our race’s population. But nothing is allowed to be done against a person’s will. This is also a reason why contracts exist in my community. But seeing is believing.” Blake replied with a smile and handed a thick chunk of meat to Josh.

Josh nodded and took a bite out of the wyvern meat in his hands. The sensation of meat juices in his mouth after not eating for so long made his taste buds hurt.

Clance looked at Blake with pursed lips. She wondered just what she had to do to make this man look her way. She had already become his slave willingly. Even if she wished to break the slave contract, she couldn’t without his permission, and because she used a full subordination contract, she was unable to force him into doing anything! She wished she had made a clause where he would need to fall for her…. But as they say, those who fall first have it the hardest.

Princess Josline, on the other hand, felt a little hope for herself. If Blake was taking in wives, she just might end up joining the list. But she had to get Blake to notice her more as well. She only seemed to be in the friend zone at this time. She needed to get past this hurdle, but sadly she did not know much about how to make herself more known to men.

With many thoughts running around, Blake and his group successfully made it back to the base. At least Blake thought it was his base. He stood about half a mile away and looked at the massive towering wall that towered up into the sky that was made out of metal and also covered in a strong barrier in confusion. “Uh…. Mina….. Was our base wall always this tall?”

“No….. I suspect Sister Lillia had done this.” Mina replied.

“I see….. Well… Let’s find the next entrance.” Blake led the group around the wall until he came to the entrance. But as soon as he appeared, a figure dropped down in front of him and began swearing.

“What the fuck!” Bret yelled out. He looked at the fox girl on Blake’s back, smiling away as she nuzzled into his neck. The dragonic girl who was standing at this side on the other side of Mona and the dwarf girl who was on Blake’s other side smiling happily as well. “You leave for a short time, and you are already bringing home more!? Brother, can’t you give me a break!?”

Blake looked at Bret and chuckled. “It’s not my fault.”

“Yes, it is!” Mina snorted.

“Okay, maybe a little, but still. That is besides the point. Bret, explain to me what the hell is going on?” Blake finally asked as he looked at the new massive gate.

“Ah… right… Your wife decided to expand the base a mile out. The outposts have also been moved another mile out. Well, just come in and take a look.” Bret explained lightly before turning to have at the people up top. “By the way. We have many more people now as well. A few groups of humans showed up.”

“Alright, well, we got more to add as well. Foxkin, dwarfs, and humans.” Blake answered as he walked into to see a small town in the process of springing up. Such a sight made him smile. The trees had been cleared out and were all stacked off in the distance. It seemed a lumber mill was being built to process them. Things had begun to move quite quickly since he had been gone.

“This is much more than I ever expected.” Blake’s lips curled up into a smile. He was very satisfied.

“It was much smaller, but a short while ago, the other humans showed up. After the contract, they all decided to begin work on a town, saying they wished to live outside, and well now, as you can see, it is well underway.” Bret explained.

“It truly is nice seeing so much progre….” Blake’s words were interrupted as he felt a figure rushing towards him at a high speed. He thought they were aiming for him, but when he saw a shift in the path, he knew right away that they were aiming for Clance.”

Blake disappeared and reappeared in front of Clance as a small fist appeared in front of him, stopping just short of his chest. “Why did you stop me!?”

“Faana…..” Blake saw the aggrieved look on Faana’s face and raised his hand, and gently patted her head. “There is a time and place for everything. I just returned. You can deal with her in a little bit.”

“But….” Faana looked at Clance with eyes filled with Killing intent as she hugged Blake’s arm. Blake was hers!

“Let’s go in first, and then we will bring Clance to the training grounds. All the heartache and anguish you suffered…. Let it all out at that time.” Blake gently stroked the top of Faana’s head, causing her to nod slowly. But she still refused to let go of Blake.

“Blake!” A voice came from above. This voice caused everyone to look up and Clance to suddenly collapsed to the ground.

“Ath-Ather dragon!?” Clance began to shiver. An ather dragon was beyond her expectations. Her whole body began to shiver as it instantly became soaked in sweat. It was as if a bucket of cold water had just been dumped on her.

“Oh? Another dragonic princess?” Lillia asked with a frown.

“She is under a submission slave contract she implemented herself. So she is of no harm as of now. The normal contract will come in when Faana and her talk it out.” Blake did not want the normal contract being put on Clance just yet. Otherwise, Faana could not beat her up as she pleased.

“Mmm… She won’t be able to break a slave contract on her own. So this works. But she will need a special contract for her just as Faana did.” Lillia still did not wish to take risks.

“That’s fine. Lillia, I must say…. You have outdone yourself this time….” Blake looked at the new base setup and was very happy.

“Hehe… I knew you would like it.”

“Papa!” Another figure came out of nowhere and jumped into Blake’s arms, pushing everyone out of the way. No one dared to stop her as she was one of the little princesses.

“Destiny!” Blake smiled and hugged his daughter. Not long later, Noa, Tina, and the other girls showed up. Tina had Hope in her arms as she walked over with a big smile. “It’s about time you returned.”

“Papa!” Hope suddenly yelled out while reaching her arms out toward Blake. Blake smiled and took Hope from Tina. Both his kids were growing up so quickly. “My baby girl has become chunky!”

“Blake!” Tina yelled out. “Don’t say that about your daughter!”

“But I am telling the truth look at her big chubby cheeks!” Blake teased as he kissed Hope on the cheeks causing her to giggle.

“No, fair me too! Me too!” Destiny was feeling left out. Blake chuckled and leaned down and kissed her cheeks as well, causing her to giggle.

As for Clance, who was having a heart attack seeing a young Ather dragon calling Blake papa was already enough for her to faint. One was already hard to imagine, but now a second one had shown up. Clance was starting to think she truly made the right choice to submit to Blake! Or else her future would be bleak if her kind decided to attack Blake and his people!

Not caring for the drowned rat of a dragon girl’s thoughts, Blake waved his hand and said: “Alright, before you go any further, everyone needs to be put under contract. Lillia, if you would….”


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