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Yui clung on to Blake as she felt like she was flying through the air. She had never felt such a sensation before in her entire life. Blake’s fingers were gently stroking her flooded garden while spreading her lips wide. Sometimes he would dip his fingers inside her. Once Blake felt she was good and wet, he made Yui get on all fours and stick her butt up toward him. He pulled her tail up and lined his dick at her entrance before stabbing it in, in one fell swoop. A little bit of blood trickled from her garden, proving that she was indeed a virgin. A soft yelp escaped Yui’s lips, but she did not try to pull away, in fact, she began moving her hips on her own right away.

The rest of the night, Yui learned what it meant to be screwed all night long. She loved it when he pulled her tail hard, causing her a bit of pain but at the same time sending jolts of pleasure through her body. When morning came, she lay naked on top of Blake, his dick still inside her as she slept soundly.

Blake was also sound asleep when a cry filled the inside of the barrier. “What the hell is this!?”

Blake opened his eyes and looked at Mina, who was looking down at him in disbelief. She was not so much as mad that he had sex with another girl but more shocked to see it was one of the fox girls! She expected this princess picker to have snatched up both princesses! “Hmmm? Mina, why are you yelling so early in the morning?”

“I am yelling because you are with a fox girl! What happened to the princesses!?” Mina was still in disbelief. She was flying awkwardly, as she normally did this early in the morning, but she still had to know what happened.

“Oh… It just kind of happened. I was not fully able to fulfill my lust and hunger last night. And Yui here had walked up to me when I was in a bad state. If I continued using you and Mona, you would have both been broken, and Mona would probably be a husk right now. Yui seemed more than willing as well. But then again, it might have just been my charm. Either way, I will not treat her badly, as you know.” Blake explained as she sat up. He felt his dick twitch which caused the girl lying on top of him to let out a soft moan. “Mina, I am going to move her, so can you help me….”

“Fine!” Mina pouted as she watched Blake’s glistening dick exit Yui’s pussy. She floated down and put her little mouth on it.

A little while later, Mona and Yui both woke up. Yui began whining about not being able to stand up, which made Blake laugh. He ended up lending her a shirt since he had ripped her clothes off her last night and helping her with a pair of pants and a belt. He had no female clothing on him except for Mona’s, which would not fit a slim-built fox girl. And because Yui was truly unable to move, Blake hoisted her up on his back and carried her out of the barrier where everyone was waiting.

He looked at the girls, who were all blushing, and then at the guards, who were giving him thumbs up. Blake could only shake his head. But he did feel two sets of eyes on him, seemingly trying to drill holes in the back of his head. He ignored them as he said: “Come on, let’s go.”

As they traveled, Princess Josline pulled herself out of her previous slump and began chatting with Blake again, while Clance and Mina were on guard duty. At night Yui, Mona, and Mina were run ragged by Blake. And outside the barrier, both Clance and Princess Josline stared at the barrier with envy. This continued for many days and nights. Besides a few wandering monsters, not many came near their group with Clance around, as her scent alone would scare most monsters off.

When Blake was a day away from the base, he ran upon a group of humans who were in tattered clothing. It looked like a few families who were traveling around. There were even some wounded. Seeing this, Blake went forward and asked: “What happened?”

“Ah! Monster!” A girl yelled out, seeing Blake’s appearance.

Blake ignored her and looked toward one of the men. “What happened?”

The man was startled for a moment but felt maybe this man could help if they asked nicely. “We ran into a group of tall green and gray-skinned men with large clubs. They attacked us on sight and dragged a few of us away. Mostly women.”

“Orcs…. So they are getting closer….” Blake frowned. He looked at the group, who were barely holding on, and sighed. “Mina, heal the wounded.”

“On it!” Mina flew off his head and began casting a spell. Blake then turned his attention back to the man who spoke to him. “If you all want, you can follow me. I have a base not far from here, which also has humans and other races in it. But I must warn you, if you dare hurt any of my people. I will kill you without hesitation.”

“Would never think to do such a thing! Sir, if you are really willing to take us in, we will follow you.” The man knew his group was on their last leg. They had been running for a few days trying to avoid monsters after they escaped the orcs. They had no food and no water.

“Josh, no! Look at them! That man even looks like a devil!” A woman yelled out. But as her eyes landed on Blake, her cheeks began to turn red. She felt something was strange about this man. Luckily she was not very close to Blake, or she might have been fully affected by his charm. But even still, she was against following Blake.

“Linda! Shut your trap! Do you know that if we continue like this that we will die of hunger and thirst!? We can’t even settle down! Every human camp we have come across wants to take the women and force the men into being slaves! You really think we can continue like this!?” Josh turned and yelled at Linda. Linda was at least in her forties and looked very ragged, with visible signs of malnourishment which meant they had been struggling for a while. Josh snorted and turned to Blake. “Sir, we will follow you. As long as you promise not to do us any harm.”

“Trust me, we will not do anything to harm you. My camp is a place for people to live freely. You are only asked to help out however you can in the community. We are about a day away. We were going to stop for lunch in an hour, but we can do it now since this is not a bad spot, and it all seems you need some fo…” As Blake was speaking, a cry came from the group of humans.

“I’m healed! It’s magic!”

Blake couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at the group and said: “Did you not hear the voice in your heads? The information you got is true. You can use magic now as well. It just takes time to practice. You will all be able to learn more once you get to the base.”

Josh and the other men’s eyes lit up. They really hoped this was true! The group was only around twenty in total, kids included. This made Blake’s group a little over two hundred pushing two hundred and fifty altogether.

As the fire blazed, Blake sat down with Josh to ask him what he had seen thus far. “You mention other human camps?”

“Yeah, but they were not pretty. They treat women like objects and the men as slaves. I never brought those who were following close to these places until I investigated thoroughly. But I must say it is like humans were tossed back into the stone age. With heavy weapons at that.” Josh explained. “It really pisses me off how humans are right now. Instead of pooling together and making a place for ourselves, they are forming small encampments here and there and are even fighting one another. It’s fucking stupid!”

Blake could feel Josh’s anger. He must have really worked hard to keep those he had with him alive. “There is no way of knowing how people will react when suffering comes. But one thing is well-known in human history, and that is greed. My community is bound by a magic contract to stop this kind of problem. No one is allowed to hurt anyone from the community. Even if a person chooses to leave for a new place, they will still not be able to harm those they left behind. We do not have many rules, but our community is thriving very well. Young and old are all over the place. You will see when you get there. It’s not a bad place to be. Josh, can I ask what you did before the apocalypse?”

“Me? I was a bureaucrat. Nothing special I worked for the town office and did some paper pushing.” Josh explained lightly.

“Not bad. Your skills will come in handy in our small council.”


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