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–AN) Shorter than normal second chapter today. Need to wake up early so yeah! If you want more to read check out my Fantasy Carnival Entry: Alantina Online: The Greatest Sword Mage Reborn As A Weak NPC–

That night a large bonfire was erected and the flames shot up into the sky as Blake’s return was being celebrated by everyone in the base. Blake was sitting with his wives when three men came over. “Lord Blake, My name is Greg.” “Mine is Henry.” “Mine is Ming.”

The three men were the leaders of the groups of humans who had shown up. They had all met up along the way when they spotted one of the outposts by chance and found out about the settlement.

“It’s a pleasure. I hope you can make a home for yourself within our base. But be warned, all men and women must undergo proper training to learn magic and combat against the other races. This is not just for the base but for yourselves as well.” Blake greeted them politely but also gave them a fair warning that not everything is fun and games.

“Don’t worry, Madam Lillia has told us everything, and we have already begun our training. We actually welcome such a thing as we do not wish to be dragon food or any race food for that matter.” Henry replied with a smile.

“That is good to hear. Other than that, I only want everyone to live freely as they wish. Our community is growing, which means more work will need to get done. But with free room and board, I am sure most will not complain. There is no free meal after all.” Blake siped the watered-down dwarven ale that Thardra made and smiled. He really liked calm moments like this.

“This is a given! Surprisingly enough, the three of us were all men who did construction. Ming is actually an architect. We are working hard to build a new town within the base.” Greg replied while slamming his fist on his chest. It seemed he was proud of what he was doing.

“I really appreciate your hard work. I really do. We need more talented people so we can get to a spot where we have a proper colony growing. Once we can have a full-fledged city, we will be close to where humanity was before everything was destroyed. You will all become the cornerstones of this new era. So I will leave the construction to you all.” Blake really had to thank these men for showing up, or they would still be lacking in these fields. He had people who knew some things but building an actual building was no easy task. But these men already had a few buildings already built up, which was quite an amazing feat in such a short time.

“You can count on us! Please enjoy. We will no longer bother you.” The three men saluted and walked back over to the group not far away. Blake looked at the humans and the other races enjoying food and drink together and smiled. He wished this could have been how things worked in his past life. Why did humans feel the need to push everyone away? They saw everyone as threats. This made the reclamation of any land hard. While they did take back some, it was not an easy task, especially in the next few months.

“Lillia, we will need to begin fortifying our defenses soon.” Blake’s words stunned everyone standing around him.

“Why is that?” Lillia asked in confusion.

“War will soon break out as humans begin to congregate more, forming bigger settlements. Once this happens, they will come in contact with other races as they try to expand their territories. The races are all interconnected, even if they are split. If one is wiped out, the others will seek revenge. Not to mention the dragonic will also begin to expand as well. You can call this current time of peace a calm before the bigger storm. We have a decent force now, but it is only going to be enough to fight off small groups. We need to fortify our own defenses and hope we do not get caught up in anything too big for another year or two. Once the higher-ups of the dragonic begin to move, we will end up in a massive war that will engulf this world.” Blake explained. He remembered clearly the way things panned out. People slowly got used to the new way of life and began using magic. Once magic slowly became the norm, more powerful human factions began to form, and people began to move to reclaim what they believed was rightfully theirs.

“But are we not going to expand as well?” Tina asked in confusion. She thought they were going to build a place for everyone.

“Of course!” Blake replied without any hesitation. “But I will only fight when needed. I do not want to be a leader to willfully allow the people I am supposed to be protecting to die in a meaningless fight. We will expand, but that doesn’t mean we can not form borders around others. If someone decides to be hostile, then we make them submit. But if they do not mind us taking up the land around them, then there is no need to start a fight for no reason. Meaningless bloodshed is just pointless. But even now, we have two miles of space around our original base. There is enough space for a small city to begin to rise up. We do not need to expand quickly. We will expand as needed.”

“Alright. Once things begin to fill up here, we will push outwards more. But what do we do when we are blocked on all sides?” Lillia asked. She was curious as to how Blake would handle such a situation.

“Hmmm. Provoke until the attack?” Blake replied with a big grin. “All we need to do is make them turn hostile towards us.”

“Blake, that is called being a hypocrite!” Tina yelled out as she rolled her eyes.

“When the time comes, I will just turn a blind eye. After all, our people are more important.” Blake could care less if he came across as a hypocrite. But if he was truly blocked on both sides by other people, he would just need to push into their territories. If they decided to attack, then so be it.

“By the way, Blake, I have been meaning to ask this for a while, but…. What’s up with the fox girl who is hugging your waist?” Lillia asked. She had been wondering why this entire time, a fox girl had been hugging Blake and refusing to let go. So much had been happening since his return that she was only now being able to ask about it. Not only that, two other sets of eyes were locked onto him as well. She knew very well what they wanted, but they seemed to be holding back.


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