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With Clance’s forceful entry into the party due to her new slave contract, Blake ordered her to follow him and to help protect everyone in their group which she happily accepted her new task. She was also bound by another contract that Mina put on her as well.

When they returned to the group, all eyes were on Clance. Princess Josline’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the dragonic girl walking up with a small skip in her step. “Lord Blake, why is she here!?”

“She is….” Blake went to explain, but Clance walked forward and took Princess Josline’s hand into hers, and said: “I am here to protect you all and follow my new master. I have submitted to Blake and will do his bidding from now on. Anything he wishes, I will do. From protecting all of you to servicing him in bed I will do it all!”

“Ahem!” Blake cleared his throat. “Clance I do not remember saying anything about anything that deals with the bed. Behave yourself. You are currently here to help protect everyone and to speak with Faana, from there we will see how things go.”

“Yes, Master~!” Clance replied with a bright smile as she let go of Princess Josline’s hands. As to why she was suddenly calling him master, Blake decided to ignore it. He did not wish to deal with this girl for the time being. She has had this weird light in her eyes ever since she had made the slave contract with him.

“Anyway, let’s get moving. We will need to make a lot of ground before reaching the base.” Blake yelled out his order, and everyone began gathering together as they did before.

Blake never imagined that he would be returning to the base with so many. They would definitely need to expand the base now. He would have given the order to do so if he had known this would happen, but it was a bit too late now. He hoped the girls were not too worried about him either.

While Blake was making his way back to the base, at the base itself, it had undergone some drastic changes. It was no longer confined to the small area it was in before. Lillia had the walls expanded to the current location of the outposts and had those outposts moved out even further. So the current base location was now a mile wide in all directions with the outposts another mile out. There were also a few buildings made of stone sprouted up here and there within the base. The barrier had also been expanded to cover the new range of the base as well. The underground palace had also expanded to allow for new personal rooms for when Blake took in more wives.

Everything was being done quickly due to magic, and everyone was pushing things along steadily. The biggest surprise was that three people reached their second evolution thanks to the mana cleansing herb and a bit of help from Noa and Lillia. Tina, Erica, and Sam were now second evolution humans. They all began their evolution around the same time, and it took them a full month to complete. This was due to Lillia and Noa’s help during their evolution process. They were now currently undergoing harsher training than before. And could also now cast many medium-level spells.

“Lillia, do you think we went overboard?” Noa asked as she looked at the now town-looking base.

“Nope! We would need to expand like this sooner or later, so this is nothing. Right now, we have enough strength to create a base this big. If we can get even more strength, then we will be able to expand for miles.” Lillia was proud of her handy work. She hoped Blake would like what she accomplished.

“That is true, With just the fairies alone, we have enough magic strength to fight against a large group of dragonic. If you add the rest of us, we have basically become a faction with the same strength as one of the small-sized clans.” Noa couldn’t help but feel slightly amazed at how quickly they were growing. “I guess when you got a leader like Blake, you will see the base grow quickly, although we might have an issue.”

“You noticed it too?” Lillia nudged Noa’s shoulder. Noa nodded and said: “We are mostly women.”

“Yes, But I am sure they will change in the future.” Lillia felt once word began to spread of a settlement like this, many more would begin to show up on their own. “We just need to wait.”

“Mm…. So how much did you bet?” Noa asked.

“Two solo nights that he would bring two princesses!” Lillia had this gut feeling! She did not know why but she felt maybe it was a special link between her and her fated one.

“Two princesses!? I said zero, but he would also bring home at least ten females. Sam and Erica said one princess, and Moha just said she missed Blake.” Noa sighed. She also missed Blake!

“Hehe! Looks like I will get two solo nights soon!” Lillia had a big grin on her face. He couldn’t wait for Blake to return!


Inside a small sealed-off barrier, Blake stood in front of Mona, who had her lips wrapped around his dick. Her head moved back and forth as she sucked on his dick, wanting to drain him of his milk. Mina was currently hugging his face as his tongue swirled around deep inside her, causing her to let out cute little moans. Every time she had an orgasm, her wings would flutter rapidly before more juices flowed into Blake’s mouth.

Blake found it quite interesting that if he kissed Mina, his tongue would slip into her little mouth the same way that his dick would. Even now, as he licked the entirety of her insides, his tongue was shrinking down at the contact point, allowing free entry.

Blake looked down at Mona, who was squeezing her breast causing milk to squirt out, and had an idea come to mind. He slipped his tongue out of Mina’s pussy and pulled the little fairy off his face, and gently placed her on top of Mona’s huge melons. He then pulled his dick from Mona’s mouth and pushed Mona back before slipping his dick between her breasts. When it reached the top of her breast and hit Mina’s pussy it slipped inside her, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

Like this, he squeezed Mona’s breasts as he moved his dick back and forth within them. His dick seemed to grow and shrink to accommodate for what he was trying to do. Blake felt that becoming a Drakani was the best thing in the entire world! To be able to do all these things was quite amazing.

Mona’s fingers worked her own secret garden while Blake stabbed his dick in and out of her huge breasts and, at the same time, was fucking Mina. The moans of both girls filled the barrier they were making it hard for Blake to hold back. When he felt he was reaching his breaking point, he shoved his dick deep into Mina and released everything he had. Her little stomach began to expand rapidly before it all leaked out as he pulled out of her. A flood of his milk slipped down between Mona’s breasts, mixing in with the breast milk she had already been squirting out. He took in this sight for a second before pushing his dick into Mona’s mouth for her to clean up before he moved down to her secret garden.

Outside the barrier. Although no one could see in or hear anything, both Princess Josline and Clance stood there staring at the space before them with looks of envy. Not too far away by a tree, the foxkin leader was also looking at the barrier with a bit of sadness in her eyes.

A few hours later, Blake walked out of the barrier leaving behind two exhausted girls. He had already fed on Mona’s blood earlier, but he was still hungry. He was afraid of draining the poor girl too much. Not to mention his own lust had yet to be fully satisfied. But he did not wish to break the two, so he was really restraining himself at this time.

Blake walked away from the group and sat down behind a tree as he tried to calm himself down. “If I knew it was going to be this bad, I would have brought Moha as well….” Blake held his head as he tried to calm himself down.


The sound of a stick breaking snapped Blake out of his thoughts. He turned to see the foxkin leader standing there looking at him with a worried look. “Blake?”

Blake looked at the girl who was wearing leaves as clothing and gulped a mouth full of saliva. His breath began to grow heavy as he looked at the vein pulsating on her neck. The foxkin leader slowly walked over and stood in front of Blake. She leaned down and went to reach out to touch him, only for her to let out a yelp as she was pulled into his arms. His fangs grew out more as he swept her hair to the side and bit down on her neck. The sudden sensation of Blake’s hot breath on her neck and then the feeling of him sucking her blood caused the foxkin leader’s body to turn hot as she wrapped her arms around him.

Blake felt her blood tasted very sweet. He stood up, carrying the foxkin leader in his arms, and marched back to the barrier and entered it. Princess Josline and Clance both stared at the scene in envy! “I should have gone over!” Clance bit her lip. She knew her master was different! His eyes just now were stuck in her mind. They were sexy and seductive. She wanted him to look at her like that!

Princess Josline was biting her lower lip. She had felt this strange attraction to Blake this entire time, and her own father told her to try to become one with Blake if he took a fancy to her. She was more than willing, but she felt a slight wall. And she had yet to overcome that wall. But now. If she had had the courage to go over to Blake just now, she might have been the one carried into the barrier!


Inside the barrier, Mina and Mona were passed out. Blake sat on the ground holding the foxkin leader in his arms, sucking her blood. At this point, she was already softly moaning. Her thighs rubbed together as she had no idea what was going on with her. When Blake felt he had drunk enough, he raised his head and looked down at the girl whose eyes were glazed over, looking back up at him.

His dick twitched as he leaned down and kissed her lips, causing the foxkin leader’s lips to curl up into a smile as she closed her eyes, enjoying her first kiss with Blake. When their lips parted, Blake looked at the cute fox girl and decided to give her a name. “You will be Yui.”

“Yui~” Yui let out a soft moan as she said her new name. She swung her arms around Blake’s neck and pushed her lips against his trying to mimic what he had done earlier. It was very sloppy at first, but she soon got the hang of it as she felt his tongue begin to swirl around inside her mouth.

Blake’s hands moved about her body massaging her perky mounds and pinching her already hard nipples before slipping down between her thighs and stroking the already wet virgin garden.

This small stroke caused Yui to cry out as she felt a bolt of lightning flow through her body. She couldn’t control herself and even peed right there. But this did not stop her from lifting her hips to press it against Blake’s hand, and Blake did not mind what had just happened. Instead, he continued to stroke the fox girl while reaching around and stroking her tail, tugging on it gently, which seemed to make her go crazy.


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