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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 172.2: Returning Home Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake looked up to see a young woman with black hair and purple eyes standing in the sky. She wore a belly shirt with torn shorts and chains hooked onto her waist. On her back were a set of dragon wings, and by her butt was a black-scaled dragon tail. On her head was a set of black horns. She stood there with her eyes locked on Blake as if he was a piece of meat.

“Clance!” Mina suddenly yelled out and arrived in front of Blake. Her little hand pointed at the dragonic in the air. “What do you want?”

“Hmmm? If it is not the Tyrant Fairy’s daughter. Princess Mina, why are you here with so many dwarfets and beastkin? And this man….” Clance asked. Her curiosity about Blake was not hidden at all. She found herself attracted to this man. She, for some reason, wanted to go down and get this man to pamper her.

Blake, on the other hand, turned to look at Mina and asked. “Who is this Clance woman?”

Mina gritted her teeth as she leaned over and whispered: “She is Faana’s sister!”

“Oh?” Blake’s eyes turned cold as he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Clance. “You are Faana’s sister?”

Clance was surprised at the sudden speed of this man. He was fast, so fast she had not been able to see him when he moved. But his question surprised her even more. This made her wrinkle her brow as she asked. “I am…. Why do you ask?”

“Oh?” Blake looked down at Mina and said: “Bring them along. I will catch up soon. Clance here, and I need to talk.”

“Blake, no!” Mina was immediately frightened and wanted to stay and help Blake, but when she saw his stern look as he gazed at her, she lowered her head and nodded. “You better return.”

“Don’t worry. I will just be having a nice chat with her.” Blake gave Mina a smile. This smile caused Clance to stare at him dumbly. He was so close to her that his charm had already begun working on her a hundred times greater than it was before.

Mina glanced at Blake once more before quickly taking everyone away. Blake stood there in the air and watched them leave. Only when they disappeared under the cover of the trees did he turn his attention back to Clance. “So, are you sure you are Faana’s sister? The one who bad mouths her and degrades her?”

“Huh? Faana? She is the trash of my roya….”


Blake raised his hand and slapped Clance across the face. His eyes began glowing red. His anger had suddenly skyrocketed. This was the first time he had felt so angry. But his thoughts went to the story that Faana told him about how the poor girl just wanted someone to be with her and not to be alone. A girl who had been searching for some family affection. Blake was one to never hit women but this woman….

Clance had not expected to be slapped by Blake and was sent flying into the ground creating a small crater. The trees had been blown away by the impact leaving only Clance laying there staring up at Blake in confusion. As she stared at him, her vision blurred as Blake suddenly disappeared again and reappeared in front of her. He raised his hand once more and smacked her again, forcing her entire body to be pushed deeper into the soil under her. “You tormented a girl who had no one. And for what!? She never harmed a soul, but you tortured her and ripped her self-esteem away. What did she do to you and the people of your royal family? You called her trash just because she was small? How was that her fault!? She can not help the way she was born! Faana only ever wanted attention and to be loved by someone. But you people!”

Clance was even more dumbfounded, but she was starting to understand. This man…. This man must have taken her sister in! She was getting revenge for the treatment they had given her sister! But for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to be mad. That was because her heart wouldn’t stop pounding, she had been slapped silly, but she could only see this man as very handsome and gallant! He was a true man! Nothing like the other she had met thus far!

Mina, who had brought the other away, put them under a barrier once they were far enough away when she heard the sound of an explosion. She panicked and raced back to where Blake was, and what she saw shocked her! Blake was standing over the dragonic princess and even slapped her straight into the ground! She had witnessed Blake’s second slap and wondered what was going on!

In the crater, Clance looked up at Blake with a strange light in her eyes. “I….. I’m sorry….”

“Huh?” Blake was confused. Did this girl just apologize!? Why was she apologizing? Blake did not understand! Were all dragonic this strange!?

“I should not have treated Faana that way. I should have been a better sister. But our clan looks down on the weak. That was how I was raised. But now… I see the error of my ways. So please don’t be mad at me anymore…. I will be kinder to Faana from now on.” Clance had tears in her eyes. For some reason, she did not want this man to be mad at her. She wanted him to hold her and treat her like a precious gem. Seeing his angered expression and feeling the killing intent that was coming from him, she could tell this was a man who stood up for those he cared about. She wanted to experience this too. She was jealous! She was actually jealous of Faana! Her little sister that she looked down on!

Blake did not know what to make of this situation. He had no idea why this woman was suddenly apologizing. Blake scratched his head and looked around. He lost all momentum. He should kill this girl while he still had the chance, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when she was in tears apologizing to him. It made the whole killing someone thing a bit tasteless.

Blake rubbed his head and flew up in the air. He decided he would just leave it at that. Clance saw Blake leaving and quickly jumped up and hugged his leg. “Don’t leave yet!”

“Let go!” Blake yelled out and kicked her away. ‘What the hell!?’ Blake’s mind was cursing this stupid girl. Did she want to be slapped again!? “What do you want?”

“Do you forgive me!?” Clance asked in all seriousness.

Blake’s expression turned cold once more. “Why the hell would I forgive you!? It is not my place to forgive you, it is Faana’s place, and only she can say whether or not she forgives you. Whether I forgive you are not does not matter. If you want to apologize, then you need to apologize to Faana!”

“But I don’t know where she is!” Clance yelled out before saying: “Ah! I will just follow you then!”

“Huh!? You do realize I just slapped the shit out of you! Your cheeks are puffed up and swollen!” Blake yelled out. He was starting to think that this woman was truly an idiot! “Plus I am not about to let a dragonic just roam up to where I am going. I have my people to protect.”

“It’s fine! I will sever all ties with my clan! I will even sign a slave contract!” Clance said excitedly and began forming a magic circle. Blake quickly went on guard, but he was too slow to react. Before he could figure out what was going on, he saw white transparent shackles form around Clance’s wrists, ankles, and neck. A white light shot from her body into Blake’s before the magic circle disappeared. At the same time, he saw a strange runic marking form on the top side of his hand. “This!?”

“It’s a slave mark! What the hell, you damn princess picker! Do you not realize you just made Clance, the princess of the dragonic, the only space mage of her generation, willingly become your slave!? What did you say to her!?” Mina suddenly appeared and started yelling. Even she was surprised by this sudden turn of events.

“What the hell! Remove it!” Blake yelled out. He did not want this girl following him around!

“You can’t! Maybe Sister Lillia can, but she can’t since she is the slave, nor can you since she is stronger than you.” Mina sighed as she looked at the love-struck fool of a dragonic and wondered just how strong Blake’s charm was. It did not affect the ones he was already with. But it seemed to affect everyone else!

“Hehe! Now I can go with you!” Clance smiled as if what she did was a normal thing. Blake, on the other hand, wanted to just tell the girl to go die. But he figured maybe this might help Faana as well. Faana could finally get revenge for some of the things she had to deal with.

“Stay here a second,” Blake ordered before pulling Mina aside. “I will be taking her back.”

“What, why!?’ Mina did not understand. While yes, another powerful person would be good but this was like having a hot potato! The dragonic royal family would not sit by if she went missing.

“One, we can use her as a means of deterrence. Second, it might help Faana. If she can face one of the people who used to pick on her all the time, it might help her mentally.” In truth, Blake cared for Faana and wanted her to have a normal life. He just had no way of really helping a girl who had been tormented for so many years. This was a chance he could not pass up if it would help her some, even if it was only a tiny bit.

“Hah~!” Mina let a long breath as she stared at Blake. She really couldn’t argue with his reasoning. “Alright. I will not talk you out of it anymore, but I want to reinforce the slave contract with a contract like Sister Lillia’s. While it might be a bit weaker, it will still help. When we get to the base Sister Lillia and also put hers on as well.”

“That’s fine. It will also be good to have another person protecting the others…. Speaking of which, where did you leave the others?” Blake asked worriedly.

“They are in a barrier I made with an illusion wrapping around them. We can hurry over now to get them and continue our journey.” Mina explained. She realized having a drakani husband was exhausting! Blake nodded and said: “Okay, do your thing first, and then we will leave.”


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