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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 163: Changes Bahasa Indonesia

Blake sat there and looked at the girls sleeping peacefully and smiled. He had no clothes so he was kind of stuck in here. But one thing he did notice was that his dick seemed like some kind of magical item now. When he had Mona and Moha pinned together, his dick split into two. When he was with just one of his girls, it went back to normal. For Mina, it allowed him to enter her without hurting her. He was…. Very satisfied.

But besides that, the next thing he understood was that he now had a lot of information not only about the races but their magical abilities and many different spells. How old these spells were he did not know so he would need to speak to Lillia about it and draw out all the magic circles for her so she can take a look.

He had somehow digested all this information. Although he had no idea how long it had taken him to do so. Blake sighed as he stood up once again and walked to the bathroom to wash off. His first goal had finally been reached. He was now a Drakani. He was no longer human. He did find it a little awkward to have wings and a tail now, but the horns did not bother him as much. As he stood in front of the mirror and inspected himself, he realized that even his muscles had become more toned, making him look more like one of those male models girls would swoon over on tv.

His face looked the same, at least, which allowed him to feel a little better. He did not want to change too much. The only real difference was his eyes. His pupils were now slitted, but his eyes were still just as blue as before. Other than that and his new appendages, he was only paler than before, which he was also fine with.

After bathing and getting refreshed, he walked back out to see that Lillia was the first to wake up. When she saw Blake, she disappeared and then reappeared in front of him, hugging him tightly. “I am glad you are back.”

“Mm….” Blake’s lips curled up into a warm smile. “I have no idea how strong I am or how much of the bloodline I was able to fuse into my body, but I do know that no matter what, I will grow stronger and stronger. I have gained many, I guess, bloodline memories and have, well, as you can see, changed quite a bit.”

“You are still you, though, right?” Lillia hooked her arms around Blake’s neck and looked him in the eye. Blake smiled and hugged her waist tighter. “Mmm… I am still me. I know this for a fact. The bloodline only gave me the knowledge and bodily changes. No changes to my mind.”

“Good!” Lillia’s lips curled up into a blooming smile as she buried her head into Blake’s neck. Her scent filled his nose, and the veins on her neck began to appear in Blake’s vision. His fangs began to extend on their own as he edged even closer to her neck. Blake suddenly realized what he was doing and went to pull away, but Lillia pressed his head to her neck. “Drink. Do not resist your cravings.”

Blake nodded and sunk his teeth into Lillia’s neck. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning. Luckily this time, he was controlling his lust and only drank her blood. He drank for only a few minutes before letting her go and holding her in his arms. “I will need to get used to this.”

“It’s fine. This is why I allowed you to have a harem. You will need to be able to drink at any time. Just do not sink your teeth into Mina. It would not be good if you sucked her dry on the first go. She will die.” Lillia warned Blake. She did not want him to be hurt due to his new race.

After a while, the girls slowly woke up. Mona and Moha were the ones who slept the longest. When they woke up and saw everyone staring at them, they both blushed from ear to ear as they lowered their heads, getting ready to be yelled at. “Sister Moha, Sister Mona, welcome to the sisterhood!”

But instead of being yelled at, they were fully welcomed by the girls, which made them surprised yet happy. They were now part of the main group and could lie with their bull as they pleased now.

“I will get Faana to get us clothes. The rest of you stay here.” Lillia used her scales as a dress, something she had not done in a long time, and walked out of the room. When she exited, she saw Faana sitting down by the door, staring off into space. “Faana?”

“Big Sister…. Will I ever grow up?” Faana’s eyes became teary-eyed. Out of everyone who wished to be by Blake’s side, only she did not have a place. She was taken in by Lillia to be her sister, but there was no place for her next to Blake’s side like the others. She felt like an outsider who had to stand at the side during parties since no one cared about her presence. Her body was stuck at its current size and did not seem like it would grow up any time soon. She had been like this for so long, and this was the reason she was looked down upon. And now she really wished she could have a more adult body. Even something like Erica’s and Sam’s bodies was good enough. Everything she saw that night had been ingrained in her head. She knew what was going on in there, and each one of the girls was able to lie on the same bed as Blake.

“Faana, give it more time. I will speak with Blake and see if he can make more time for you. So you two can begin making a connection. I will work on the other part. But…. I can not make any promises….” Lillia sighed as she rubbed her little sister’s head gently. “Let’s go grab some clothes together….”

“Okay…” Faana nodded and followed Lillia to get clothes.


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