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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 162: Sacrifices Bahasa Indonesia


Moan and Moha were currently lying on top of each other with their breasts pushed together and their tongues intertwining as Blake fingered one and filled the other with this dick. All three of them were lost in their lust and the two cow girls seemed to be just fine with being rammed for hours on end.

Behind them, Lillia, Tina, Erica, Mina, Sam, and, surprisingly Faana were watching the whole scene. They all had walked in on the live porn and, instead of leaving like they should have, they stood there and watched. This was not because they wanted to witness the scene but because they would soon have to join if Blake did not stop anytime soon. Lillia pulled Faana to the side, whose eyes were locked on the things going on in front of them, and asked: “Are you sure? Once you do this, there is no going back.”

“I am not too sure…..” Faana was very nervous she thought she was ready but now seeing things in real time she was not sure. She had lived for so long, and this was her first time seeing such things, so it was scary yet intriguing at the same time.

“Then just watch for now. There will be plenty of chances in the future, and to be honest, I do not think it will be a good idea to rush things between you two.” Lillia rubbed Faana’s head. “But I know he cares about you.”

“Mm…. I haven’t talked to him much, so I think we should slowly build things up. Big Sister, I need to go wait outside….” Faana’s cheeks were bright red, and she felt like her nose was about to burst with blood at any moment. She needed to leave! This was all too stimulating!

“Alright, go ahead. Use the room across from us if you get tired.” Lillia did not push her to stay any longer. After Faana left, Lillia looked back at the bed where Blake was biting Moha’s shoulder. But something seemed off when she looked between Blake’s legs. He had two dicks?

Lillia walked over and looked at the spot where both Moha’s and Mona’s pussies were pressed against each other, and sure enough, he had two dicks! Each one was stabbed into the girls under him.

“What….” Lillia wrinkled her brow. She had never heard of any of this! She wondered if this was one of the Drakani’s traits she had never read about! Both girls were being slammed so hard at the same time. Lillia watched as Blake’s dick swelled and suddenly began to pulsate inside the two girls filling them both with his milk.

Their own milk sprayed all over as Blake released inside them. It was as if they were cumming from their breasts. Just as Lillia thought Blake would be done, he suddenly laid back on the bed bringing both girls to sit on top of him still pressed together, and began slamming his dicks into them once more.

Tina’s eyes glowed with excitement when she saw this. “Sister Lillia, this is kind of amazing…”

“Mm….” Lillia nodded. But this also meant more trouble! They would not get as much rest between rounds!

Blake and the cow girls fucked for another few hours before they were finally spent. The bed was soaked in their milk, leaving a strange smell in the air. Their huge breasts had many love bites all over them, and even their nipples were swollen from being bitten and sucked on so much. Fang marks also covered their bodies.

But for Blake, this was still not enough. He turned and looked at Lillia, who was standing closest to him, and reached out and grabbed her. His dick turned back into a single dick, and before Lillia could say a word, she too, was nude and being toyed with. But she had already expected this. Blake’s teeth sank into her neck, and she felt as if she had been hit with a strong aphrodisiac. Her entire body shuddered as she felt a wave of pleasure fill her. Her pussy was instantly wet and then quickly plugged by Blake’s dick.

Lillia, Tina, Erica, and Sam, none of the girls could escape Blake’s sexual lust and blood lust. When it came to Mina, who was last on the list, her body trembled slightly, but when she thought she might be beaten to death by the man who was her husband, she felt him gently hold her and slowly lower her down to his waist and before she knew what was going on a pinch came from the lower part of her body making her bite her lip as she felt herself being filled up! She looked down to see Blake’s dick was still the same size except for what was in her pussy! It had actually shape shifted to fit her small body! It was then that she realized she could finally make love properly with Blake. This thought alone brought tears to her eyes as she held onto Blake’s hand as he pumped his dick in and out of her. The little fairy finally realized what sex truly was and, after a few minutes of pain, recovered quickly and fell into the wondrous world of lust.

Two days passed, and all the girls were lying on the bed. Fang marks, hickeys, and cum covered their bodies. The only one still standing was Blake as he stood up and stretched. He looked at the world around him and felt a lot better. His body felt light as a feather.

He arranged the girls on the bed and floor since the bed was too small. Using his clothes and their clothes that were stripped from them as blankets, he gently set them down so they could sleep off all the excessive exercise.

He sat up against the bed and clenched his fists. “Not bad. The power within me is truly something I have never felt before. I wonder how much I merged with the Drakani bloodline.” Blake reached out with his hand and used a healing spell on the girls to heal their love bites and sighed in relief. If he did not have some control over his blood lust, he would definitely have drained them all of their blood.


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