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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 164: The True Start To The Magic Age Bahasa Indonesia

After everyone got changed, a base wide meeting was called. This was to allow everyone to see the new Blake. The entire yard outside the base was decorated and filled with tables and grills as people cooked food and drank beer and a watered down conversion of Dwarven ale. Although Thardra complained about it, he still did as he asked and made the ale much weaker so you couldn’t get drunk off one sip.

There was a stage set up near the gate where Blake and the girls all stood. This was only so everyone could see him better and so that people could come up and perform. Blake took center stage and looked out over the crowd that was having fun chatting and playing around and smiled. This was the scene he had been hoping for and hoped he would continue to see. He tapped his glass, getting everyone’s attention, and quieting down the whole area.

“First, I want to thank you all for coming to this little get together. As you can see, I have a new look.” Blake spun around, letting everyone take a good look at him. A few of the girls in the crowd whistled at him while some of the men yelled at him for being a show off.

Blake chuckled as he continued: “As you all know, I wish to make a place for everyone. I want everyone to be able to live freely and live a good life. Of course, to gain anything, one must work since there is no free ride in any world, whether it is the old, the modern, or the new. Everyone must work in order to achieve anything. And I want to thank you all for being there and helping prove that we can all work in harmony without issue. Arguments may happen, and we will all get mad at some point, but that does not change the fact that, in the end, when things are settled, we can still get along as long as we will it.

“Race means nothing. I am the perfect example of that. I have many wives, most of which are from different races, but that does not change how much I love each and every one of them. My plans for the future are simple. Expand and build a kingdom that matches these same ideals. A place where we can restart and rebuild what was once lost. Humans have always been a resourceful species, and so are the other races as well. With our combined knowledge of the old and new, we will be able to bring forth a world where we will no longer need to fear the dragonic. I do not wish to wipe them out, either. Faana is a very good example of this because there is always bad and good in all races.

“Today we celebrate not only my successful evolution into a Drakani but also my little girl’s first birthday. Destiny officially turns one year old today.” Blake seemed to have timed it just right. “Today was the day that Destiny was born. The day my wife Lillia gave me a baby girl. The day she broke out of her shell and called me Papa. It is a day I will always remember. And while it may be slightly early, also please wish my other daughter, Hope, whose birthday will be in the next few days, a happy birthday as well. She is also turning one. When I first saw her cute little face, I myself, as a man, almost melted by her cuteness. I love both my girls dearly and hope you all can enjoy this festive day with them.”

The crowd all cheered, and some people began singing happy birthday. Soon even the fairies and elves began to sing as they caught on to the song. Blake held both Destiny and Hope in his arms and sat at the edge of the stage and swayed back and forth and sang along with the crowd. The birthday song was sung three times before everyone began cheering again.

While Blake and his people were having a good time and enjoying their new lives, many miles away, a group of humans were running for their lives. “What the hell! I thought we escaped. How did they track us down!?”

“Those green men only care about the women! We should just throw them all back to them.” A man yelled out.

“Are you insane!? There are only so many humans, and you want to give them up to save your own life!?” Another man yelled.

“Then what do we do!?”

“What if I try the thing that suddenly appeared in my mind? It is better than just sitting here. We all heard the voice!” A young woman suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned toward the little green men that were rushing toward her.

“Are you crazy!? It was just some weird voice. It was probably a trap!” one of the other girls yelled out.

But this did not stop the young woman’s determination. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she raised her hand and yelled out words that made no sense to anyone there. But as everyone was getting ready to run once more, a strange light began to form in front of the young woman’s hand a magic circle appeared, and a flaming orange ball formed and shot toward the little green men. The green men were all running too fast and could not stop in time, never mind dodge, when the orange ball slammed into them, blowing up the entire area and setting the forest on fire.

“Holy shit! What the fuck was that!?” One of the men yelled out.

“The words in my head that had appeared! Magic!” The young woman suddenly yelled. She gazed at the little green men who halted their steps and acted a bit more cautiously before suddenly charging again, but the young woman was already ready as she quickly jumped back and aimed for the little green men once more, blowing up a few more of them. Only then did she turn and begin running. “It takes time to cast, so we need to rush out of here.”

“Grace, that was insane!” A girl the same age as Grace, the girl who had just cast a fireball, smiled and patted her back. “We will have to rely on you.”

“Let’s just hope I don’t need to keep casting so many. I felt like my energy was being drained when I cast those spells.”


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