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Blake was still trying to consume all the memories that were flooding into his mind. He was doing as Lillia told him and allowing it all to happen to make the process as smooth as possible. His sense of time was all gone. He had no idea how long he had been in this state. It was as if he was watching many different instructional videos over and over. The information was so much that he never thought it would be possible for a being to even have so much knowledge. The only thing he could compare it all to was those movies and novels that had things like birth inheritances where a dragon would inherit their ancestors’ memories and know everything straight from birth. It was the same concept, except he was not being born in a sense. But when he thought about it, he was actually being reborn as a drakani, so maybe he truly was being reborn.

Days continued to pass, and Blake now looked much different from before. While his face stayed pretty much the same, he now had a set of wings on his back that seemed like a cross between a dragon’s and a bat’s. But it did not end there. He also now had a black, thin pointed tail and a pair of horns on his head. From his mouth, you could see two new fangs that had sprouted at some point. “Lillia, is this normal?”

“Should be…. Drakani had no real shape or form. They have the blood of all races within them, so he would probably take on a few of their traits. The horns, wings, and tail are just part of that.” Lillia explained.

“I think it makes him look cuter,” Tina mumbled as she looked at Blake’s face, that, although pale, looked much more handsome than before.

“It’s either that or his charm has already begun to take effect. It will attract the opposite sex like magnets.” Lillia also felt that Blake looked more handsome, but she did not want to say it out loud. She always thought Blake was the most handsome!

As the days passed, the more the girls worried. Destiny would beg to see her Papa every day but sadly, every time she did she would cry and ask him to wake up. It was not that Blake wanted to make those he loved worried and sad. It was just that too much information was going on in his head.

Finally, after almost a year, Blake felt the information flow stop and that things were now normal. He could feel the power inside him was so much more compared to before. Blake looked around the dark space that was once filled with many images and frowned: “I am still stuck in this memory space. But I guess it’s fine since I have had to digest all of that information. But I did learn one thing, and that was that evolution is the same for all races. If you do not count my evolution into a Drakani, the people of this world will slowly evolve and become more attuned with mana with each evolution. I have undergone two. This means my third evolution will be even grander and break my body down, even more, allowing me to become even more powerful.

“It’s like cultivation from fantasy novels but not since to even get to a point of evolution, you must expand your mana pool to its breaking point but casting spells. Each phase will continue on until you finally break the binds of mortality. What this means, I do not know, but I am also not sure if this is some kind of godhood thing or not either. Maybe a new phase, like the body becoming energy or something? That would kind of suck. ” Blake sighed as he pondered. He did not wish to turn into some kind of higher being that was made of energy. Otherwise, his girls would definitely be sad! But he also knew this last step did not seem like someone could always cross with ease. But those at the peak were terrifying existences.

Blake had no idea what year the drakani lived in, or if Lillia was even born at the time, but he knew one thing, Lillia was basically the closest anyone had gotten to godhood. And even with all her power, she is still unable to reach the next stage of evolution.

“Now, how do I get out of here? I am feeling very, very hungry.” As this thought came to mind. Blake’s eyes suddenly shot open. But instead of seeing a room with different colors, he only saw blood red before his eyes. He looked around and saw Mona tidying things up. But what was strange was he could see the veins in her body. Without any control, his body disappeared, and he appeared next to Mona and wrapped his arms around her, and tossed her on the bed. Before she could even react, she was stripped naked, and Blake’s new fangs were jabbed into her neck.


The feeling that followed was nothing Mona had ever experienced before. Her entire body felt like it was burning up, and her juices began to leak from her secret garden. Her breathing became heavy, and then she felt something big press up against her pussy. Before she could think of what was happening, a sharp pain was felt as something tore inside her. That sharp pain only lasted a second before She felt the big thing sliding in and out of her, ravaging her pussy non-stop.

But she was not scared. The scent of the one doing this to her was the man she had been waiting for. Her bull. “Blake~!” her head spun as she felt as if her blood was all being drained from her body. As she got dizzy from both pleasure and blood loss, she felt the fangs in her neck release, and then two hands held her large udders on her chest. Her milk sprayed as Blake squeezed them as he continued to move his hips back and forth.

Moha was frozen in place and looked at Mona with envy! Their bull had taken Mona first! She was so lucky! Of course, Moha had no issues with this and quickly remembered what Lillia had said. She took off her clothes and slipped onto the bed after setting off the alarm and exposed her neck to Blake.

Blake seeing a new vein, chomped down and began sucking Moha’s blood with relish. He released one hand from Mona’s udders and used it to play with Moha’s pussy. Blake’s state of mind was that he was very hungry, but he still seemed to have some control over his blood lust that he would not drain them completely. He was being careful and watching for any signs of too much consumption. But this came at the cost of not being able to control his sexual lust. He had always wanted to take these girls, and now he was doing just that.


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