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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 16.1: Taking Action Before The Apocalypse Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake slept until noon the next day. When he woke up, he found his head lying on a soft thigh and a certain dragon girl running her fingers through his hair, smiling down at him. “You are awake?”

“Mm… Sorry for turning you into a pillow.” Blake yawned and slowly sat up.

“It’s fine. I am the one who offered. You must not have slept that much since you returned.” Lillia looked at the hand that had been playing with Blake’s hair feeling a bit sad that he woke up.

“I guess you can say that. I only slept a few hours each night. To be honest, this was the best sleep I have had in many years….” Blake stretched and stood up. He had many things he needed to accomplish today. “Lillia, we will be heading out. So we will need to avoid cops as much as possible.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. The cops still have yet to catch a single one of my golems.” Lillia stated proudly.

“Oh? Are they that fast?” Blake asked. He was quite curious about this. He did not know the exact capabilities of the golems just yet.

“Mmm… They can run faster than those moving car things.” Lillia replied with a smile. “So what do you need to go out for so early? It is still light out.”

“I still need to track down a few of Darrel’s minions and Dylan’s friends and make them tell me where they are.” Blake had to do a bit of recon to find out exactly where everyone would be. Otherwise, it would be hard to kill both of them before the clock strikes twelve.

“Then what are we waiting for!?” Lillia smiled as she pulled on Blake’s arm, wanting to leave right away. Blake could only shake his head as he let the dragon girl pull him along.

In a tall building on the top floor penthouse, a glass flew across the room and smashed into the wall right next to a man in a black suit. “What the fuck are you all doing!? I asked you to arrest that little shit! Why is it taking you so damn long!?”

“Sir, it’s really not their fault! There seems to be over one hundred people posing as Blake Harris running around the city. The police department has every man out there working overnight, trying to find the real one. It is just that….” The man paused. He had no idea how to explain that no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to catch any of the Blakes that are running around.

“Just what!? Fucking spit it out!” The young man around Blake’s age yelled. His eyes were burning with rage. Out of everyone, he hated Blake the most. All because of a single girl he wanted to make his. Even after he made the girl do as he wanted, she still said she would only ever have Blake in her heart. Since then, Blake had become an eye sore and wanted nothing more than to ruin that damn kid’s life. But he still seems to be hanging on. He had done everything to the bitch besides kill him. He just wanted the kid to commit suicide and get out of his line of sight. But after he beat Darrel, his plans changed. Now he just wanted to get rid of him for good.

“Sir, they can’t catch the Blakes who are running around. They are all too fast!” The man replied finally while lowering his head.

“Are you fucking kidding me!? Is he fucking super man!? What do you mean he is too fast!? Cut the shit and get that bastard here for me by midnight tonight, or you can forget about living to see another day!” The young man yelled, sending the man in the black suit running out of the room.

“Now, now, Dylan, you shouldn’t get so worked up over a nobody.” Another young man walked into the room with a slight smile on his face.

“Brad, I don’t want to hear that shit from you. What the hell is up with your father’s police force?” Dylan leaned back and looked at Brad with narrowed eyes.

“Wha! Scary! If you keep looking at me like that, I just might wet myself.” Brad said with a laugh. Out of everyone Dylan knew, only Brad could say such things to him and get away with it.

“Humph! Just get those bitches to catch that prick. If I don’t get rid of him once and for all, then my name is not Dylan Morgan!” Dylan yelled as he picked up the wine bottle on the table and took a sip.

“They are working on it. Just let them be. What are a few days going to do? Just relax and drink. Anyway, I will go down to the station myself and see if I can find anything out.” Brad replied before walking towards the door.

“Let me know what you find out.” Dylan could only listen to Brad for the time being.

After leaving the room, Brad’s eyes turned cold. “You should be lucky that your father is who he is, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to even think of killing others.”

Brad got into the elevator and pressed the button. He then took out his phone and made a call. “Yeah, it’s me. Reduce the number of officers chasing the target. Yeah, I know what I said before, but I changed my mind, just do it!” After hanging up, Brad looked up at the ceiling of the elevator and sighed. “Blake Harris, huh? I wonder. What will you do next? And what was it that you used to turn a building into swiss cheese….”

Blake and Lillia walked through the streets of the city. They were currently headed to one of the places Blake hated to go to the most. Since the apocalypse was right around the corner, Blake saw no reason not to make a big scene. Blake walked onto campus and made his way toward the computer science building. The place he had come to every weekday to take classes and sadly got bullied in the process.

He remembered those days. Lowering his head, never daring to look people in the eye. He had not planned to come back to this place, but he had no choice as he had to get the information that he needed. “Lillia, I plan to disable the person’s hands and make them mute when I am done getting the information I need.”

“Oh? Well, I guess it does make sense. After all, if they run and contact the people in question, it will make things harder to deal with, especially if you want to kill both of them. I will disable them for you. They won’t be able to move after I am finished with them.” Lillia offered.

Blake was happy that she would offer to do such a thing, but he still shook his head. “There is no need for you to dirty your beautiful hands. I have done this quite a few times, so I know how to deal with it.”

“Okay!” Lillia smiled as she looked at her hands. She was giddy because Blake called her hands beautiful.

They walked into the computer science building, getting a lot of stares and whispers from the side. Lillia, who had keen ears, could hear every word and wanted to kill everyone talking about her Blake. Blake had told her a lot about himself last night before he slept. He wanted her to know who he was before he was reborn. When she heard everything that had happened to him, her anger flared, and it took almost an hour before Blake could calm her down so that she wouldn’t destroy the entire city.

Sensing Lillia’s aura changing, he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Ignore them. If they dare talk crap, I will just hit them until they can’t speak anymore. None of these people here are able to do anything to me anymore, so it is fine.”

Even without evolving, Blake would have said the same thing because he had years of experience fighting life and death battles. He had no idea what happened to half the people here after the apocalypse, but he did know that it did not matter to him as he only cared about three things at this time. Killing the two people who ruined his life, growing stronger, and keeping Lillia happy. He would work hard and become someone strong enough to truly stand at her side. While he was still not in love with her. He had come to like the cute dragon girl quite a bit.

“Blake Harris, what the hell are you doing here!? Didn’t you die!?” A young man with an arrogant look yelled out as he stomped over to Blake with a mocking smile on his face. His gaze slowly moved to Lillia, causing him to be slightly shocked. “Oh? You actually dare bring a girl here? Are you not afraid of her finding out what you have done?”

Blake did not even reply to the young man’s words. Instead, his lips curled up into a big grin as he stepped forward and grabbed the young man by the neck. “So glad to see you here, David! I just happened to want to talk with you. Come, let’s have a nice chat, shall we?”


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