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“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Blake cried out. He had no way of acting cool at this moment. The pain of having your body changed was not something any human can just silently endure. Blake’s brow was dripping in sweat, and it had only just begun. Last time it took him an entire night to actually evolve. He hoped now, with Lillia’s help, this would only last half that.

Lillia looked at Blake’s furrowed brow with a blank expression. She did not feel sorry for Blake having to go through so much pain as this was nothing when compared to what he will endure when he completely changes races. She knew he could endure this moment. He had endured it once before. So there is no reason for him not to be able to endure it again. She could only try to make things go as quickly as possible.

Minutes turned to hours, and Blake could feel his muscles and bones beginning to absorb the mana and gradually fusing with them. He could also feel the new organ that would hold his mana pool forming and pushing around his other organs to make room for it.

Six hours later, Blake’s brow slowly eased up. Lillia also stopped injecting mana into him. She allowed him to lean back and rest his head on her chest as he panted in exhaustion. Blake slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the two eyes that were looking down at him and smiled. “It’s done.”

Lillia smiled and nodded her head. “Mmm… You worked hard.”

During this time that Blake was working on his evolution deep in the Rocky Mountains, a large distortion in space appeared. From it, a tanned young woman with red hair, orange eyes, black horns, and a dragon tail stepped through it and took a deep breath. “Peh!” She instantly spat on the ground. “Damn place stinks. Why the hell do the elders want to take this place over again?”

“Trian, don’t question the elders.” Another young woman stepped out of the portal. She was also tanned skinned with red hair, orange eyes, black horns, and a dragon tail.

“But Elder Sister Frean, think about it. Why are we here to take over a world that has no mana whatsoever? They didn’t even explain anything and just told us to come and find the points for our forces to begin their invasion. It just makes no sense, not to mention this world stinks!” Trian yelled out. She couldn’t stand the smell of this place.

“It is not up to us to question their motive, but if you had paid attention to the things you learned upon birth, you would know that this place used to be our domain. We are only retaking what belongs to us after being sealed in the void. Plus, once we let the flow of mana back into this world, it will change into a haven for us. As Dragonic, when have we ever allowed others to try to take what rightfully belongs to us?” The Frean replied as she stretched her arms.

“Boo! Fine. If Elder Sister Frean says so…. Then I will be off. I will take the east coast.”

“Alright, and remember, do not attack anything yet. We are only here to find perfect locations to start our invasion. Just like the others. If you attack, you will suffer punishment straight from the elders.” Frean Warned.

“Punishment from the elders….” Trian shivered at the thought. “Don’t worry, Elder Sister Frean. I will do my job perfectly!” With that, she quickly flew off, leaving behind Frean, who had a slight smile on her lips.

Back where Lillia was, she looked up towards the stone ceiling above her and furrowed her brow slightly. “It seems things will really start soon….”

“Lillia, did you say something?” Blake asked.

“Just talking to myself. Blake, keep taking in mana until you can take in no more. You need to take in as much mana as possible now that you have evolved. Your mana pool needs to be filled, so it will take time.” Lillia said as she patted the top of Blake’s head. She kinda liked being with her boyfriend in name only like this.

Blake nodded his head and went back to taking in as much mana as possible. If this was a cultivation novel, he would be working towards breaking through to the next realm but sadly, this is not how mana worked. Using mana and replenishing it was all that his mana pool was used for. Only by gradually making it bigger would you finally get a chance to evolve. But just taking in mana would do nothing. It was the same concept as if you were pouring water into a pot that was already full. The excess would just leak out. It does nothing to the pot. Blake would need to keep using magic and refill his mana, then continue to repeat the process until his entire body finally became saturated with mana.

“While you are taking in mana, let’s start your lessons on golem creation.” Lillia finally stood up and stretched her arms before walking to stand in front of Blake.

Blake’s eyes lit up. He had been wanting to learn this since he saw it in action earlier.

“Tina, what the hell do you mean fifty or more Blake’s are running around the city?” Steve yelled over his cell phone. He had dropped all his paperwork when he had heard what happened, but none of it made sense. He had no idea how so many ‘Blakes’ suddenly appeared.

“Sergeant, I am not lying to you! ” Tina felt depressed. Her sergeant did not seem to understand the situation. “Sergeant, right now we have every squad at our disposal chasing after Blake in all directions across the city!”

“What do you….” The phone in Steve’s hand fell to the floor of his car as he watched five Blakes running right by him. “What in god’s name….”

“Sergeant!? Sergeant!? Damnit!” Tina threw her phone to the ground. She was sick of all of this. She had no idea what the hell was going on and no help from her superiors. She then used her radio and yelled into it. “Capture and arrest every Blake Harris you find!”

The real Blake was currently watching the dragon girl in front of him write out a magic circle in the air. His gaze was locked on the magic circle as he tried to memorize it the best he could.

“Each rune in the magic circle represents the spell type and what you plan to do it. As this is what is considered a null spell that has no actual set element, it is a little more complex. To start, I will have you make a small rock golem the size of your hand. It is much simpler than trying to take on more complex shapes. The rock golem you will make will look like nothing more than a rock, but it will at least be able to move around by rolling here and there.” Lillia explained as she pointed to the floor, creating another magic circle, and from that, a small rock the size of a fist appeared and began rolling around.

While it was nothing grand, it still made Blake excited as it was like building an automaton. If he got good at it, he could create hundreds, maybe even thousands of such automata and create an army of golems to fight for him. How long it would take to reach such a height, he did not know, but he was willing to slowly learn things one step at a time.

“Now, as you can see, the magic circle was not changed in any way, but it still created an earth element based golem. If I had used it on fire, it would have made a small floating fireball golem. Water would have resulted in a water ball. I am sure you understand what I am getting at.

“But the key to it all is how the magic circle works as it is different from normal magic. Null element spells are rare, and this is why golem creation is something you will not learn about unless you are taught by an Ather dragon.

“For now, let’s just start with the magic circle. Use the mana from the mana crystal to weave your magic circle in the air.” Lillia asked as she once more began creating a magic circle in the air.

Blake was no stranger to moving mana. So writing a magic circle in the air was easy for him. He had done it many times. But what he did not understand was why there was no incantation. “Lillia, there is no incantation for this?”

“Incantation? No. Null spells are magic circle based only. While things like casting a flame based attack would need an incantation in order to use it. But even then, it can be done with silent casting. But it takes time to learn how to project your thoughts into your mana. I will eventually teach you how to do that so you can cast spells without needing to speak your incantations out loud.” Hearing Lillia’s explanation Blake nodded his head. He actually hated speaking those stupid incantations outloud. If he can do this silent casting he would be happy. Blake took a deep breath as he continued writing his magic circle. He knew things had to be done one step at a time. Rushing would get him nowhere especially when it came to magic.


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