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After Blake and Lillia left, the one hundred Blakes ran in all directions making the cops who were showing up at the scene to stand there feeling helpless. Tina, who had decided to lead the small team, parked her car and got out of it. She looked at the building that now looked like swiss cheese in shock. “What the hell is he?”

“Captain! Jeff is fine, he was just knocked out, but all of his weapons are gone.” An officer informed after checking Jeff’s condition. While Tina was new to the force, she was already a captain due to her abilities in the academy. This was why she worked directly under steve.

“Alright, get him to the hospital to be sure. I want everyone else to begin searching for survivors! After we get everyone out of the building, we will begin our investigation. We need to know what the hell caused this.” Tina yelled out. She had already sent a few people to chase after the people who looked like Blake. But none of this made sense. When she first saw four Blakes running past her, she almost crashed her car. She had no idea how or why so many people were trying to pretend to be Blake. But now, after seeing the building, she felt something more was going on. While she really wanted to start investigating the building to see how it ended up like this, she knew that saving the people in danger came first.

Meanwhile, Blake and Lillia landed at the abandoned house that was surrounded by woods. The whole place was a mess and covered in graffiti. “This place is worse than I thought….”

“It’s not that bad.” Lillia looked at the place and felt that while it was nothing to write home about, it was definitely still livable, at least from the outside.

“We will have to wait and see. If the inside smells, then we can find a new place.” Blake did not want to subject himself or Lillia to living in a place that was filled with fecal matter.

“Well, why don’t we go deeper into the woods? I will take a mana crystal out, and I can create a small dungeon for us to stay in for the time being.” Lillia suggested. She saw no reason to keep running around when she could just create a temporary abode for them.

Blake thought for a moment before nodding his head. Her suggestion made sense, and it would be safer as well. “Alright, let’s do that then.”

The two flew deeper into the woods. Lillia landed softly and let go of Blake’s arm. She walked over to an area near a large tree, took out a mana crystal, and waved her hand. The ground began to shake slightly before a hole appeared in the ground.

What surprised Blake was that instead of the walls inside, from what he could see being made of dirt or mud, they were actually smooth stone. He had no idea what she did or what kind of spell she used, but it was truly a fascinating sight. He wondered when he would ever reach her level in magic.

Lillia seemed to be enjoying herself as she rose the earth near the entrance and made some stone windows and a set of stairs leading down. She then created a stone door with a handle. With a flick of her finger, a few light balls soared through the air and into the open door of the new home they would be staying in for the next day.

“You are truly amazing. It looks beautiful.” The room was still made of the forest floor, which revealed two stone windows and a door leading in. It looked like something from the movie Master of the Ring, where the hoobits lived in earthen homes.

“Hehe, come, let’s take a look.” Lillia grabbed Blake’s hand and pulled him forward. They walked down the stone steps and into a small dwelling about ten feet underground. It has two rooms, a large sitting area, and a small bedroom. Inside the bedroom was a small bathroom area with a stone toilet. “I made sure to add one of these since you humans still need to do your business to get rid of your bodily waste. Once you reach your second evolution and merge with the Drakani blood, you will no longer need to worry about things like bathrooms or even aging.”

“Thank you for thinking of it. I was just planning to use the outdoors..” Blake replied with a smile. He had no choice but to go to the bathroom outside in his previous life. There was no longer running water or anything of the sort, so toilets became useless tools of a life they could not return back to until the Magic Age.

“I figured it would be too dangerous when this apocalypse thing first happens. Isn’t this why you got so much water and other items? To hang back and let things play out for a few days?” Lillia asked.

“Yeah, that is true. However, I do plan to run to the supermarket as soon as the power goes out to grab everything I can. Although I am not sure how you will feel about stealing a bunch of things.” Blake was not going to hold back since he would know what was going to happen.

“Oh! We are going to do a raid!?” Lillia asked excitedly. She liked things like this.

Blake chuckled as he said: “I guess you could call it that. Power should go out around three in the morning tomorrow night. We will leave here early to take care of those two people and then head straight for the supermarket.” He had it already planned out. Take care of the two idiots and then reach the supermarket just before the power goes out. Then when the power goes out, he would wipe out everything he could.

“Okay. But I should ask. I can just shove it all into my space, right?” Lillia asked.

“Yeah, if you do not mind.” Blake was going to ask this, but he did not know if he should or not. So he was glad she brought it up.

“Then that will make things easier. While the carts were quite entertaining, they were not very practical for large amounts of things.” Lillia found them to be more of a novelty item. She did not mind paying for things as that was how things worked before the world was reset but to have to push a cart around was a bit of a hassle.

“Then I will leave that part to you.” Blake walked over and sat in the middle of the room and looked up at the ball of light lighting the room and felt slightly relaxed, knowing things would be much easier this time around.

Lillia reached into her space and pulled out a large mana crystal. “This should be just about enough….” Lillia mumbled as she placed it down next to Blake. “Blake, I need you to take your shirt off. Mana transfer is best done through skin to skin contact.”

Blake nodded and pulled his shirt off. While he was on the skinny side, he still had some okay muscles. Lillia took a long look at her boyfriend in name only’s current physique and knew it would definitely get better as she trained him. She planned to make Blake as powerful as her or even more. But in order to do that, he would need to stop being human altogether.

Which was why she needed him to grow quicker and reach his second evolution, only then would the real training begin. She smiled, just thinking of how her man will become someone other girls could only dream about having. She did not tell Blake that while the Drakani were an ancient race, they were also a race of some of the most beautiful beings. And had a natural aura that attracted the opposite sex. It was just that this race had one flaw. They needed blood to survive.

But because they were also very powerful and a race that was practically immortal, she would never have to worry about losing Blake to things like old age or sickness. She knew just how lonely an immortal life was. This was why she was happy to have met Blake and that he was indeed her fated one. Otherwise, he would never have even had a chance to meet her.

“Okay, let’s get started. Blake, it might hurt.” Lillia warned.

“I know. I have lived through it once before. The whole process is basically changing how the body works. And even adds a new organ that holds mana. ” Blake had learned a lot about the human body changes after evolution. While it was painful, it was all worth it.

“Then let’s begin…..” Lillia knelt down behind Blake and placed her hands on his broad back. She closed her eyes and willed the mana in the air coming from the mana crystal to come to her hands. Her eyes lit up as took a deep breath and slowly let it out before slowly beginning to inject Blake’s body with mana.


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