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Because of the day’s events, Blake and the two girls made their way back to the base even after the sun had set. They did not wish to linger any longer. On the way though Blake looked at Noa suspiciously as he asked: “How did you know where I was?”

“I….” Noa lowered her head as she answered: “I put a tracker inside your mouth when we kissed just in case something happened to you. If you don’t want it on you, I can take it off…”

“No, it’s fine. But you should teach me this spell as well, so I can do the same for you girls. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also…. When we get to the base, stay with Faana outside the gates. Let me speak with Lillia first.” Right now, he knew Lillia would probably blow up the entire base to kill Faana if she was brought directly in. So it was better to talk to her first.

“Mmm…. Good luck….” Noa knew Blake was in for it. So she could only wish him luck.

“I will need it….” Blake let out a sigh.

Listening to their conversation from the side. Faana felt like she was becoming a huge problem for Blake. “Sorry…. If you need me to go I w….”

“No. It’s fine. It is a fact that you saved my life. I will not allow a friend who was willing to fight to protect me to go out on the lam and always being worried about when you will be attacked and killed. You will come with us.” Blake knew once Lillia heard the entire story, she would probably take pity on Faana, but how much pity would be another story.

They quickly arrived at the base. Faana and Noa stayed outside while the people on watch let Blake through the gate. He only took a step into the base when he heard his name being called. “Blllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lillia jumped right on top of him, hugging him tightly. “You are sa….”

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

“Why do I smell a dragonic on you!? What did they do to you!?” Lillia’s eyes glowed with anger as her arms transformed. She was having a hard time controlling her anger.

Blake leaned forward and kissed her angry lips, causing her eyes to slowly soften and as she return back to normal. This seemed the best way to deal with her. When their lips parted, he pulled Lillia into a side room and began explaining things to her. “And that was how things happened.”

“So this dragonic Princess Faana protected you against her own people….. She really did go against her own clan just for you.” Lillia’s brow wrinkled. She did not know what to do about this. “For now, let me meet her. I will put a contract on her, which will keep her bound to this base. As long as she agrees to this, she is free to stay here. I will not toss out someone who protected you.”

Blake smiled and pulled Lillia into his embrace. She snuggled into his arms. She was so worried this entire time, so now all the stress buildup had been washed away. “Sorry for worrying you. I just could not allow Faana to follow me back to the base until I understood her intentions. But as I said, she seems to be someone who wants companionship.”

“Mm…. Plus, having another powerful ally is also good. I know all of this, which is why I am allowing her to be here. As long as she behaves, all is well.” Lillia understood Blake well. He would not make rash decisions that would harm anyone around him. He was crude with his words but warm-hearted to those he wished to protect, like this event. He could have returned to the base and had her take care of the dragonic, but to keep her safe and those of the base safe, he wandered around in hopes of trying to get rid of the dragonic. This showed just how loyal he was.

“Alright. I will bring her in. Noa is outside with her.” Blake kissed Lillia’s lips before setting her to the side. She pouted but still nodded her head. She couldn’t make her sister stand outside for too long.

Not long later, a certain dragonic stood frozen in place as she gazed at the woman sitting in the chair in front of her. The woman’s orange eyes seemed to glow as they gazed upon her. Faana would have never expected to see an ather dragon. While she had never got to see one, even on the day they were shoved through the portal, she knew who they were. They were beings even the elders of her clan feared. “You are Faana? Blake told me your story. As you have been told to stay here, you will be under a strict contract. You will not be able to leave the base grounds. And you will need to help defend it in case of an attack.”

“Ye-yes…. I have no problems with that….” Faana lowered her head. Her whole body trembled. She did not dare look at Lillia anymore. Lillia was not even doing anything, and she felt a great weight on her mind weighing her down as if she was going to be crushed.

“Good.” Lillia walked over and set up the contract, and in no time at all, the whole thing was done. Lillia looked at the trembling girl in front of her and sighed. After listening to what Blake said about this girl, she couldn’t help but have a small soft spot for someone who was basically disowned by her family and was left alone all by herself. And after protecting Blake, she had no place to call home anymore. Even if she was an unwanted princess, she still had a roof over her head and a place to call home, even if it was a lonely one, but now….

Lillia stepped forward and pulled Faana into a hug. “Blake is right….” Lillia mumbled. Blake had told her how there are good and bad in all races, and she felt he was very right. “I have decided! You will be my little sister!”

Faana was already stiff and did not understand what was going on. First, she was being pressured, and now she was being squeezed to death. She wondered, am I going to die? Two melons were pressing on her face making it hard to breathe!

“Lillia, you’re going to smother her to death.” Blake chuckled. He did not expect this, but it was the best outcome.

Lillia released Faana and pursed her lips. She turned and pinched Blake. “No, I wasn’t! Anyway! I will have someone clear out a room for Faana in the palace. You, Blake, have another job to do.” Lillia walked up and whispered in Blake’s ear.

Blake nodded. He knew this too. “Then I will see you girls in the morning.”

“Blake?” Faana saw Blake about to leave and began to panic slightly. But Lillia placed her hand on her head and said: “You will be fine now. Do not worry. With us around, you will no longer need to feel lonely. You are now a part of our family.”

Blake gave Lillia and Noa a kiss before hurrying off. He would be lying if he said he was not excited right now. He hurried through the halls of the base and made his way to the palace. But stopped when he saw a figure running towards him. He could see tears in Tina’s eyes as she ran into his embrace and hugged him tightly. “I wanted to come see you sooner, but I was hung up. I am so glad you are back safe and sound.”

“I was lucky this time. I met someone who was willing to help me. Lillia will introduce you later.” Blake rubbed Tina’s back. He saw Erica and Sam both walking over as well and smiled. “I won’t be able to be with you and the others tonight as I will be officially taking Erica and Sam as my wives.”

“Mmm…” Tina smiled and stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips. “Go. Go and do what you should have done a long time ago. Those girls have been waiting too long because of your stubbornness.”

“I know. I won’t let this happen anymore.” Blake hugged and kissed Tina once more before wiping her eyes and letting her go. He felt her give him a push as he walked over to the two girls. He scoped them both up by their waist and put them on his shoulder as he walked down the hall. “Blake!?” “Hey, let me down!” The two girls protested, but Blake didn’t care. He did not plan to let either of these girls rest tonight.

Back in the room, Noa and Lillia sat with Faana, who was trying to take everything in. “So you plan to fight against my family?”

“Mm…. We will try not to wipe them out, but we will not allow them to lord over this planet as they wish. Blake has made it quite clear that he wants all races to be able to live peacefully. He is someone who does not wish to go to war if he can help it. But he will not fear war either. As such, he has already angered the orcs and elves.” Tina replied with a chuckle.

“You are lucky.” Lillia rubbed Faana’s head. “You were lucky that the one you decided to take an interest in at that time was Blake. If it was another human and you let your guard down around them, you might have come to hate all humans. As Blake said to me, there are good and bad in all races, and I have clearly seen the bad in humans as well as many other races.”

“Oh…. Blake is nice. He did not look down on me and treated me normally. He also makes good meat.” Faana started to drool just thinking about it.

“Right!? He really does make good meat! If he was not my fated one, I would have succumbed to his meat trap!”


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